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The White in the Canadian Flag is Just a Colour.

I started this piece this earlier this morning when I was overtaken by a terrible and overwhelming sense of apathy; a dark “Why bother? You’re beating your head against a wall far denser than brick. It’s a wall of willful ignorance.”

I leashed the dog and went out for some fresh air.

My dog is 100 + pounds of love. He has introduced me to people I would never have met before. Today we met a lovely lady, obviously in the beginning of dementia; we had a terrific conversation…which repeated several times. I met a young boy with his dad, I met another lady, at the bus stop, from the U.S – who told me how she loved Canada and wished that she could stay here because, “Well…Trump.” Chico is friends with a great guy who owns the local television repair shop – he’s Rastafarian. He is a man of colour. Chico doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

He was all over a boy in the park, a few weeks ago; the boy was accompanied by his parents. They were from the Middle East and Muslim. The mom wore a hijab. Chico didn’t care.

He has met people of all race, creeds and colour – he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care which god or lack thereof these people worship. He sees them for what they are – people. Two-legged creatures who either are good to him or ignore him.

Lately, I’ve seen hateful posts from those champions of douchebaggery – the Canadian Patriot and…pardon, but even the typing the following name makes me gag “Rebel Media”. These butt nuggets were around before but since the Great Cheeto to the south was elected? These rags feel, somehow, vindicated and emboldened to spread their brand of Nazi-style hatred and propaganda. They take molesting and rape charges levied against men with names, obviously, not Anglo Saxon and enhance the story. The man may be a Muslim but suddenly, he is a “MIGRANT”! They try and it doesn’t take much effort, to enrage their troglodyte followers into believing that the virtue of white-Canadian womanhood is at risk from hordes of salivating Muslim men. Yes, there are men who rape and are Muslim. There are also Asian men who rape and are Hindu. There are Black men who rape. There are First Nation men who rape. There are white men who rape. In fact, some of the most infamous sexual sadists are, in fact, white. John Wayne Gacy, Clifford Olsen, Ted Bundy, Andrei Chikatilo, Paul Bernardo, Fred West.

My ancestors were immigrants to this country. Europeans, fleeing their own countries due to famine, political unrest and racism.

The settlers at Plymouth Rock, to the south of our nation, were immigrants fleeing religious persecution. They brought their own sort of religious justice with them – the Salem witch trials, which included torture and death by rocks.

None of us have histories that are without guilt, without murder, without…if I must …”sin”.

To those “proud” members of Sons of Odin…first, I dare say few of you are of Norse ancestry. If Norse is part of your heritage, then you are part of a heritage that invaded, murdered, raped and pillaged. If you believe otherwise? You watch too much television. Put the remote and/or the mouse down and go take an actual course in real history, not the History Channel – don’t confuse the two.

Will people enter our country who really should not be permitted here? Sure. We did it with the Nazis, we did it with Vietnam war criminals, we did it with Rwandan genocidal maniacs. The government, the CBSA have to step up their game. Requirements for citizenship needs to be re-examined and the information, sent out, to refugees, immigrants and migrant worker should be more explicit in how/what Canada represents. Freedom, absolutely but a secular society with the obligation to all who step on our shores the understanding that to obey secular law is not optional.

I don’t care what race, creed or colour my neighbour happens to sport; I don’t care if they worship a god, many gods or no gods. I care if they are good citizens. I care if they donate time, goodwill and honesty to my community.

I have lived a relatively long time and in comparison, to the life expectancy, in the lands where many of these new hopeful Canadians hail, I have been blessed to have met people from all walks of life, all hues of colour, almost every religion ever created and in this time frame, I have learned that it SIMPLY DOESN’T MATTER what is on the outside of a human being; it is what is in their heart that matters. I have met more than one “WHITE AND PROUD” Canadian who should be taken to the nearest harbour and launched out into the open sea…with apologies to Neptune and Poseidon for dirtying up the waters…

Bottom line? My dog has more sense than bigots.

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Oh Please, Just Separate. Nobody Wants You.

I am a Québécoise, so is my husband, my kids and my parents. It breaks my heart and makes me, physically, ill to watch what is going on in this province. Watching my fellow citizens being lied to, being extorted of their future by criminals and racists.

In my personal opinion, what the world realized in retrospect, when the De Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) was examined, is history repeating itself in Québéc, albeit on a less violent scale, for now.  This is glaringly evident for anyone wishing to take a good, honest look. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest nonsense from the Brown shirted racists at the OQLF:

Quebec’s language watchdog targets store’s use of English on Facebook

Social media is the new frontier for Quebec’s language agency, which is investigating a small, retail boutique for its use of English on a Facebook page.

 eva_cooper.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoCHELSEA, QUE.—The agency in charge of enforcing the primacy of the French language in Quebec apparently has a new target — social media.

Eva Cooper, the owner of a small retail boutique in Chelsea, Que., has been notified by the language agency that if she doesn’t translate the shop’s Facebook page into French, she will face an injunction that will carry consequences such as a fine.

“Ultimately, to me, Facebook has nothing to do with Quebec,” said Cooper, who uses the social media site to inform customers of new products in her boutique north of Ottawa. The shop — Delilah in the Parc —has an all-bilingual staff of fewer than 10 people.

“I’m happy to mix it up, but I’m not going to do every post half in French, half in English. I think that that defeats the whole purpose of Facebook,” said Cooper, who has requested the agency send her their demands in English.

Cooper’s case represents a new frontier for the language agency, the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). The agency says probes of social media complaints, which started only recently, are “not frequent.”

This all comes amid election talk in the province. Diane De Courcy, Quebec minister of immigration and cultural communities, said earlier this week that if her party wins the next election, they will toughen language laws for small businesses. In particular, the Parti Québécois will crack down on bilingualism, such as the “Bonjour-Hi” greeting used in many areas, including Chelsea and Montreal.

Traditionally, the language agency has targeted non-francophone businesses that have signs or promotional material in a language other than French, but there have been some instances of small businesses’ websites being targeted as well.

In 2011, a smokehouse in Chelsea was threatened with a $1,000 fine if they didn’t translate their website into French, and earlier this month, a Montreal-based website called “Provocateur Communications” was told they must comply with the French language charter by translating their page.

Still, the question of how the agency is able to dictate what goes on social media in particular is “really murky,” said Cooper.

“Would I be able to do my text in English on (Pinterest or) Twitter?”

The notice to Cooper comes almost a year to the day when the “pastagate” scandal made international headlines after a Montreal restaurant was investigated for having the word “pasta” on the menu instead of the French word “pâtes.”

The fallout led to the resignation of the language agency’s president and the launch of a “triage system” for complaints to prioritize cases that had the most impact.

“This is not consistent with what the OQLF said after they evaluated their approach last spring around complaints,” said Sylvia Martin-Laforge, director general of the Quebec Community Groups Network, which represents 41 English organizations.

“She’s in Chelsea, (her Facebook page) has only 602 likes. There is no gravity to this. This is ridiculous,” said Martin-Laforge.

Jean-Pierre Le Blanc, spokesperson for the language agency, wouldn’t comment on Cooper’s notice but explained how Quebec’s language law applies to Facebook.

Cooper has until March 10 to respond to the notice before she is hit with the injunction that could lead to a fine.

The rest of Canada (ROC) has had enough of Québéc and its drain on the financial resources. Québéc has destroyed itself; Canada had nothing to do with the business exodus, with the continuing economic downfall. The “English” have nothing to do with this. This is all laid at the feet of the Parti Québécois and their racist agenda. Just as Germany was bankrupt, so too is Québéc – morally and financially. To wit: the disgusting Charter of “Values”. We are watching the Charbonneau Commission as it investigates the rampant culture of corruption in all our levels of government, including the Prime Minister and her husband. How, absolutely, stupid does one have to be to figure out the lifestyle enjoyed by Marois, her husband and family and the reported income simply don’t add up.

Let’s say that this idiotic social experiment of separation takes place (There will be no plea from ROC for Québéc to stay within Canada, this time around – they are sick of us.) and Quebec becomes the little Have-Not country that it desires to be. Well, for starters, a lot of Québécois would be in for a major shock when it comes down to what does and does not belong to them. Let’s start with the International Airport – Pierre Elliot – that is Federal land, not provincial. The bridges – Federal. The seaway – Federal. The Indian Land, the reserves, belongs to the Aboriginals, not Québéc. You best believe Newfoundland won’t be handing over Churchill Falls to the banana republic of Québéc.

I am old enough to remember a vibrant Québéc; Montréal as the financial and economic hub of the country. I remember the excitement and the pride in the air, back then. Then the FLQ and their trumped up bullshit. The murders and the maiming; the threats against children. The bombing of mailboxes. Business took notice as well. Plans began to move the financial resources out of Montréal, out of Québéc. Parti Québécois gets in under the charismatic and generally well-liked by all, René Lévesque. Businesses began leaving under the dark cloud of the concept of separation. Business was fully aware that a separate Québéc would be economic suicide for them. The separatistes love to say that business was the enemy of French culture but this was so far from the truth as is everything else out of the mouths. A separate Québéc would be adrift in a global economy. The culture of corruption is not a new thing in this province; how many people have heard of Duplessis? As crooked as they come; immoral, unethical, criminal and just plain nuts.

Québéc as a country would quickly die a painful, strife ridden death. The criminal element already runs the place; it would simply worsen and soon, the only people left will be those without the right to learn the language of business – English. Stuck here, under the thumb of crippling extortion, euphemistically called “taxes”. The health system would collapse without the money made available through transfer payments from the rest of Canada. Unemployment insurance would disappear as would social welfare payments (paid by the Federal government). The education system would disintegrate more than it has to date. There would be no cheap tuition, not without the money from taxes which would disappear along with the majority of tax payers. Infrastructure? Please. We can’t afford it now; we’ll be driving on gravel roads and paying premium for water. (How much does Québéc leech from the rest of Canada? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equalization_payments_in_Canada)

And for those who disbelieve? Take a look, if the numbers aren’t too confusing for you; then ask yourself – where is that money going? Equalization payments + tax levels = ???  Then?  Take a look at Marois’s residence and investigate the lifestyles of her party members, their families and friends.  You’ll find your answers.



All the construction would continue for a while; as long as the kickbacks were coming in but there will be no businesses to fill those buildings as they fall apart. Condos will empty and lie vacant. The only real money would be from the vices and again, the criminal organizations come out on top in Québéc.

The majority of urban and suburban dwellers know full well that it is so absolutely ridiculously easy to get along, regardless of culture. The PQ’s prey on the ignorance of those outside the urban areas. Scaring them and feeding their prejudices, just as the Nazis did to the people of Germany.

A separate Québéc, in its death throes, may have the gall to ask Canada for relief. The open Canadian door would be shut and bolted by the people of that country; disgusted and fed up with the myth of Québéc as some sort of victim. The United States would be interested, there are all kinds of natural resources to rape, to pillage and you better know that it would be done in American English. Québéc would be sold to the States; a victim of corrupt politicians and racists. A fitting end to country birthed on hatred.  And you could look up the members of the Parti Quebecois elite in the Caribbean or some other sunny locale as they live off the blood, sweat and tears of a separate Québéc, one they flee like the cowards they are when their gravy train derails.

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I’m Anti-White

Apparently….I’m anti-white, according to a Sodahead denizen. Anyone, it appears, who does not object to the immigration of individuals, not Caucasian, to a predominately white/European country is anti-white. Anyone who does not object to mixed marriages is – you guessed it, anti-white.

One of the major problems that I have with people like this man (I assume, of course, that this is a man as whomever this is uses the name of “Larry”), is the total lack of rationale and logic in their assessments prior to making statements such as “You (meaning me) anti-whites…(insert usual racist diatribe)”. Anti-white. Me. Yeah, okay.

I’m white. I’m very white. I’m whiter than white until I stand out in the sun and then I’m freckled white. I don’t tan. Of course, I am being a bit facetious, it’s a survival skill when faced with such stupidity. My poor brain refuses to accept that a fellow human being can be so obtuse.

I am very proud to be who I am. I’m exceedingly proud of my ancestors and their deeds. I’m proud to be “White” if that’s what I am. I am not of a particular culture – I’m not pure anything, except, I guess, technically Canadian. In my blood runs a very European heritage, a very white European heritage; Irish, Ukrainian and Austrian with a smattering of French. There’s some Scottish and Welsh in there as well. All those cultures adhering to each other in my DNA…happy as little clams. My husband is also White – French and Scottish with some native Canadian in there, a few generations back and his original maternal ancestor to Quebec was German. We have produced 3 sons – all very white as well, mind you, unlike their mother, they have the melanin required to tan.

I’ve been strolling this street of life for more than a few decades; I’ve run into people like Larry before and they always leave me feeling, well – dirty, as if I need to give my poor brain a good washing to remove any of the dirt, that I’ve read, from sticking.

I have friends from all walks of life, from all races, from all cultures. They don’t fault me for being white any more than I would fault them for their melanin levels. In fact, it isn’t even a topic of discussion because it is so irrelevant.

Am I proud to be white? Depends on the interpretation of “white.” Am I proud that my skin colour is white or am I proud of my cultural heritage? Skin colour is simply a physiological effect of the migration of my, long, long, long ago, ancestors. It certainly has no bearing on who I am. My cultural background is responsible for that. My parents and their parents and their parents, are responsible for that. My education is also responsible for who I am and I don’t simply refer to formal – I refer to the school of life, where I have learned no skin colour, no culture, race or creed is more worthy than another. Everyone has their share of asshats; it is a global problem.

Old Larry claims that if one professes a pride in being white, then one is labeled as a racist. I guess I missed the memo as have my friends, acquaintances and co-workers; none of us interprets being proud of one’s heritage as being racist. Pride in skin colour seems rather silly to me. Pride in cultural accomplishments makes more sense. Pride in family, in jobs well done, in living well – living ethically and morally seems to be more of a reason for pride than the amount of pigment in the skin. Skin is a simply a covering. It doesn’t dictate who is more worthy of pride. I would have thought that nonsense died in a bunker in the forties but it would appear, in Larry’s case anyway, that there are still a few stragglers clinging to the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder of civilization.

Take a look at the picture up there; kind of ironic, isn’t it? Proud to be white, yet disguise their faces. KKK, proud to be white, yet ensure that their Halloween styled costumes conceal their identities. Well, I’m proud to be who I am and I don’t feel any need to hide behind a false beard, a balaclava or a sheet. So, truly – who is less proud – one who walks without a disguise or one who walks with one?

Mantra: All men are created equal.


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