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Label This, Asshole.

Sighh…okay, so – I feel the need to put a few actual facts out there as opposed to the “so-called” or “alternative” variety.


  1. I am not a Liberal, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  2. I am not a Conservative, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  3. I think Trump is a lying pile of human effluent.
  4. I am anti-racist. Not just anti-white racist; anti-religious racism, anti-any colour racism.
  5. I am not a feminist.
  6. I am Pro-choice on all issues.
  7. I am an equalist. I believe in equality for everyone, race – creed – colour – gender – religion.
  8. I believe politics and religion, like farts, are best kept hidden and out of the workplace or classroom (except the obvious exclusions, before some nitpicking asshole feels clever by saying “WHAT ABOUT POLITICAL SCIENCE?!”) People in the possession of common sense would get that right away…
  9. I think Justin needs to walk away from the spotlight long enough to fulfil a few of his campaign promises and allow his cell phone battery to recharge from Selfie and Twitter feeds.
  10. I believe in allowing current immigrants and refugees the same opportunities given to my ancestors.
  11. I believe our criminal code needs to have its rotting teeth pulled and some new chompers put in.
  12. I believe lying and crooked politicians need to be imprisoned and special lengthy sentencing is needed. No parole.
  13. I believe in gun licensing – not outlawing guns but licensing owners, requiring background checks every 2 years.
  14. I believe Putin is a psychopath.
  15. I believe in workfare. No one should be paid to sit at home, unless there are EXTENUATING circumstances involving illness.
  16. I believe that if a corporate entity is making money in a sovereign nation then all business dealings must remain within that nation – no more outsourcing jobs.
  17. I believe drugs – all drugs should be legalized and regulated.
  18. I believe prostitution should be legalized and regulated.
  19. I believe in freedom of speech – regardless of how hateful it may be. Better to keep poison in the light than allow it to rest in the darkness, putrefying.
  20. I believe that the purveyors of fake news should be called out and prosecuted. Fake news is not freedom of speech. Lying is not freedom of speech. Inciting hatred through fake news is not freedom of speech.
  21. I believe that news is only news when supported by facts – actual facts. Provable facts. Recorded facts.
  22. I believe I will go get a cup of coffee now.

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I’m Anti-White

Apparently….I’m anti-white, according to a Sodahead denizen. Anyone, it appears, who does not object to the immigration of individuals, not Caucasian, to a predominately white/European country is anti-white. Anyone who does not object to mixed marriages is – you guessed it, anti-white.

One of the major problems that I have with people like this man (I assume, of course, that this is a man as whomever this is uses the name of “Larry”), is the total lack of rationale and logic in their assessments prior to making statements such as “You (meaning me) anti-whites…(insert usual racist diatribe)”. Anti-white. Me. Yeah, okay.

I’m white. I’m very white. I’m whiter than white until I stand out in the sun and then I’m freckled white. I don’t tan. Of course, I am being a bit facetious, it’s a survival skill when faced with such stupidity. My poor brain refuses to accept that a fellow human being can be so obtuse.

I am very proud to be who I am. I’m exceedingly proud of my ancestors and their deeds. I’m proud to be “White” if that’s what I am. I am not of a particular culture – I’m not pure anything, except, I guess, technically Canadian. In my blood runs a very European heritage, a very white European heritage; Irish, Ukrainian and Austrian with a smattering of French. There’s some Scottish and Welsh in there as well. All those cultures adhering to each other in my DNA…happy as little clams. My husband is also White – French and Scottish with some native Canadian in there, a few generations back and his original maternal ancestor to Quebec was German. We have produced 3 sons – all very white as well, mind you, unlike their mother, they have the melanin required to tan.

I’ve been strolling this street of life for more than a few decades; I’ve run into people like Larry before and they always leave me feeling, well – dirty, as if I need to give my poor brain a good washing to remove any of the dirt, that I’ve read, from sticking.

I have friends from all walks of life, from all races, from all cultures. They don’t fault me for being white any more than I would fault them for their melanin levels. In fact, it isn’t even a topic of discussion because it is so irrelevant.

Am I proud to be white? Depends on the interpretation of “white.” Am I proud that my skin colour is white or am I proud of my cultural heritage? Skin colour is simply a physiological effect of the migration of my, long, long, long ago, ancestors. It certainly has no bearing on who I am. My cultural background is responsible for that. My parents and their parents and their parents, are responsible for that. My education is also responsible for who I am and I don’t simply refer to formal – I refer to the school of life, where I have learned no skin colour, no culture, race or creed is more worthy than another. Everyone has their share of asshats; it is a global problem.

Old Larry claims that if one professes a pride in being white, then one is labeled as a racist. I guess I missed the memo as have my friends, acquaintances and co-workers; none of us interprets being proud of one’s heritage as being racist. Pride in skin colour seems rather silly to me. Pride in cultural accomplishments makes more sense. Pride in family, in jobs well done, in living well – living ethically and morally seems to be more of a reason for pride than the amount of pigment in the skin. Skin is a simply a covering. It doesn’t dictate who is more worthy of pride. I would have thought that nonsense died in a bunker in the forties but it would appear, in Larry’s case anyway, that there are still a few stragglers clinging to the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder of civilization.

Take a look at the picture up there; kind of ironic, isn’t it? Proud to be white, yet disguise their faces. KKK, proud to be white, yet ensure that their Halloween styled costumes conceal their identities. Well, I’m proud to be who I am and I don’t feel any need to hide behind a false beard, a balaclava or a sheet. So, truly – who is less proud – one who walks without a disguise or one who walks with one?

Mantra: All men are created equal.


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