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No One is taking your freedom of speech via M103

Before anybody gets their white sheets in a knot; the news is bogus. M103 was presented back at the beginning of December, 2016. It is simply a motion – hence the “M”.  (http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members/Iqra-Khalid(88849)/Motions?sessionId=152&documentId=8661986)

Before believing the likes of the Toronto Sun or Levant; informing yourself is a step in the right direction and it won’t be long before your knuckles will cease to have road rash.

These types take advantage of your ignorance; they know you are uneducated and prey on you for that reason. You are their dupes.

Here – this is how it works and again – M103 is not a freaking bill.


(OH!! And by the way?  Those Soldiers of Odin in the picture?  They are in violation of Bill 101 – a bill entirely devoted to removing freedom of speech to any language other than French in Quebec.)

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A Secret for Men/Boys

Saw this article this morning : http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/women-harassment-washington-1.3587568?cmp=fbtl

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Seriously? This is addressed to the guys: this method has never worked and will never work. I’m going to let you in on a secret, something women know and keep from you; the only outcome is your total loss of dignity and providing comedic relief the next time your intended victim gets together with her homies. We do an “asshole” comparison. We discuss who was harassed by the biggest dickhead and we laugh at you. We make comments about compensating for the lack of standard sized equipment and intellectual capacity. Women/girls laugh AT you, not with you but AT you.

The only females that this method may attract are the females that end up costing you the price of a restraining order and a lawyer. No sane woman finds public harassment a trait of sexual attraction. And it is harassment. This behaviour is not complimentary. Women are not flattered. They are insulted, embarrassed and sometimes, depending on the number of knuckle draggers in your group – she will be fearful. You will have all the personal magnetism of a dung beetle.

Engage your brain before opening your mouth. How would you feel if this behaviour was directed at your sister, your mother, YOUR girlfriend? I know you can think, okay, I’ll qualify that, MOST of you have that ability, although when you’re on the street, in herds, you hide it well. Catcalling and comments regarding a woman’s body is sexual HARASSMENT. It isn’t welcomed attention. It is crass, rude and is actually against the law. It is unacceptable.

Where did you ever get the idea that invading the person space of a fellow human being is going to attract a mating partner to you?

Did your mothers’ drop you on your head? Did that action create a distain for all females? In my opinion, she didn’t drop you hard enough.

Take a look at this video – it illustrates the behaviour, see if you don’t recognize yourself and if you do? CUT IT OUT. It is disgusting.

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