Weinstein, Trump and Clinton

Unless you are living in a cave, the current uproar over Harvey Weinstein and his assaults on women, is making the news. The hypocrisy is almost, not quite but almost laughable. The president elect – Donald J. Trump has been accused and has paid off his victims, I would guess scaring others into silence. The Jeffrey Epstein connection is the most troubling of all, connecting Trump to the assault of a 13 year old girl. Clinton was accused, then there is Bill Cosby. Lou Pearlman, Jeffrey Epstein and the list goes on and on and on. Look to the glass towers and the boardrooms are, more than likely, filled with clones of these gropers and rapists.

If you are without power, looking for work or in fact, working? You are a potential victim – male as well as female but the odds of being molested and/or raped if you are a woman, are far higher.

You aren’t safe in the workplace, you aren’t safe in the streets and you aren’t safe in the religious building of your choice. Why? Nobody will believe you. Or, your career, your livelihood, your family will be punished for your audacity at standing up for your rights as a human being.

I’m sure there are millions upon millions of people with their own survivor story. More than likely, more than one instance, by more than one perpetrator. These people are innocent until proven guilty but their victims are guilty until proven even more guilty. These bottom feeders should no longer be protected by their toadies and sycophants – in fact, maybe the people who protect them should be charged as well. They are just as culpable, just as guilty.

The survivors of these file room gropes, hotel room assaults and frat-like party rapes make up a formidable army. It is time to bring these people down. Time to make them accountable for their actions. No more half-assed Ben Affleck style apologies; these acts are criminal acts and should be treated as such, regardless of who-is-who. Power and wealth is not license to molest. Regardless of what the “pussy grabber” in the White House opines.

Bosses, supervisors, colleagues need to be held accountable. Human Resource departments need to start doing their jobs and enforcing the law.

An example? After a particularly nasty assault in a copy room; I reported the individual and I was told to “Forget it. They will fire you before they will fire him. He’s a supervisor.” As a single mother, I was scared into…well, not exactly silence but I did let the assault drop. My boyfriend, at the time, luckily for me, worked in the same facility and made it quite clear to the supervisor that any further behaviour, of that nature, would not be a healthy choice.

Not the only example but in each case, I had to call on a male friend to obtain rough justice. There were no other options available. A victim is guilty until proven even more guilty.


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Revenue Canada Fraud/Scams and Other Bottom Feeders

Much to my chagrin, I realize that I was far too flippant, with regard to scammers and other such low lives. I treated a serious topic a little too lightly, yesterday, on Facebook.

I do forget that many people do not have my background when it comes to the internet and computers. I admit, I did have a great time laughing at the scammers but a friend brought something to my attention – she knew of someone who had fallen victim to these bastards, the end result being a fraud in the thousands.

What we need to do, as friends, neighbours, co-workers is to get the word out, particularly to older Canadians, new Canadians and friends who may not be as scam/fraud savvy as ourselves. Talk – open a conversation – discuss it – explain the types of scams and how to avoid them. Keep the dialogue going.

Here are some resources: https://www.canada.ca/…/security/protect-yourself-against-f…

While it isn’t income tax season; the scammers who called me yesterday used Revenu Canada as their masquerade:




It isn’t just the individual at risk; while working, I ran up against a number of scams. There was the toner scam – where a fraudster would obtain the type of printer used in the office – a seemingly innocuous question and then obtain the name of an employee, an invoice would then be sent, using the employee’s name as the reference for the order. Luckily, our company had a strict purchasing policy and as I was the purchaser for most of the supplies/equipment used in our locations, I knew that the toner was not ordered and the fraud uncovered immediately. Some companies do have a more laissez-faire attitude toward office/warehouse supplies and this is where the fraudsters win and they win big.

The other fraud that I ran up against targeted the highly competitive sales market; there is an offer for a “directory” of sales leads. This comes in the form of a CD, an almost entirely useless compilation of businesses that is easily, and FREELY available online. This company managed to fool an employee and the CD arrived. It was sent back immediately but that didn’t stop harassing phone calls for payment, that went on for months.

There is little that law enforcement can do; these scammers are insulated and sometimes, as is the case with the Revenue Canada crooks; they are not even based in the country. A Canadian area code is not an indicator of the location of the call. For example: the call I received yesterday was from area code 705 and the full number was 705-530-9783. According to my little investigation, this is a landline phone number operated by Fibernetics Corporation and is located in the city of Alliston, Ontario. This means nothing however – the number and area code have been hijacked either unknowingly by Fibernetics or with their complicity. I don’t know. I reported it to Fibernetics; it remains to be seen if anything is done. There is big money in defrauding the unsuspecting and if Fibernetics is simply being duped? There are other telecommunication companies more than willing to take over.

So how do we fight back? By being vigilant. By checking and then double-checking and then triple checking credentials. By discussing the issue, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, in coffee shops, at the bus stop, in doctor or hospital waiting rooms; by bringing up the conversation at family events, community events – sharing with friends, with friends of friends.

Banks should be asked to post fraud information as our elderly and the newer Canadians may not be online savvy.

There needs to be more attention focused on these crimes – while I found the attempt by “Officer Greg Williams” hysterically funny; it is only because of knowledge spread online. It was through notification and an understanding of how government works, as well as how fraudsters work. I am fortunate – thousands upon thousands of Canadians are not.

Open up the discussion – get the information out there and drain the scammers pool of unsuspecting victims!!!

Be aware, be vigilant, share what you know, the scammer landscape is ever changing as they look for more ways to steal your money.


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1 – 705-530-9783  SCAMMERS!!!   Not Revenu Canada.  Call them if you like and have some fun; ask for Officer Greg Williams.

Please remember – Revenu Canada does not make calls like this nor do they send you e-mails if you owe money.

NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE OR VIA EMAIL – not your phone number, not your date of birth, not your social security number, nada.  NEVER.  Just don’t.

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Uber vs Montreal Taxis – Uber wins hands down


   “It argued the pilot project created two parallel systems of taxis in Quebec that amounted to “unfair competition” against traditional drivers and permit holders.”

   Then, perhaps it is time to remove the tradition method because the traditional method sucks. Unfair competition? That is a load of lies. How many permit holders allow friends, relatives and some dude they hired through Kijiji to drive their cars? Individuals who have not gone through the week’s worth of “orientation” or worse, criminal background checks. The Montreal taxi industry is an expensive version and dangerous (to the user) version of Uber.

Had the industry been responsive to the safety and needs of the consumer? Uber would not have been as successful as has been, in Montreal.

Personal anecdote: on the way to a hockey game, while passing through NDG, we were the victims of an aggressive and dangerous taxi driver on Sherbrooke Street. He hit us and my husband motioned him to pull over; the taxi driver, was obviously at fault – he hit us from behind when we slowed due to traffic. He sprang out of his car and began to attempt to verbally assault my husband. I also exited the car, initially to view the damage but when I heard what this animal was saying? I told him to watch his mouth, he told my husband to “shut his woman up”. It was at this point my husband informed him that he would be calling the police. The driver of the taxi said “Call the police! Call the police!” My husband told the driver to pull ahead so that we could remove our vehicles and not block/endanger other drivers. We returned to our vehicles, while we pulled ahead, to park in a safer area – the taxi driver took off. Luckily, we had another passenger, in our vehicle, who had the presence of mind to jot down the license number. It was now a hit and run. As it turned out, the driver was not the holder of the permit and was simply someone hired to drive the vehicle.

This isn’t an unusual occurrence. How often does the permit, displayed in the vehicle, not reflect the driver of the cab? It is virtually impossible to track down these guys should something happen, an accident or as in this case – a criminal action.


For almost a year, I took a cab to my office so I was able to get a pretty good overview of the level (lack thereof) of this “profession”. Often the vehicles were filthy, with the stench of body odour. The stench, on more than one occasion, stayed with me, long after I had exited the cab. Time and time again, I had to instruct the driver with regard to the directions; my office was on a main thoroughfare – there was no labyrinth of streets to navigate. I had one completely ignore my directions or he simply did not understand them, in French or in English. It is necessary, in this city, to understand one of the two languages. I always gave the directions in both, just to ensure that we were on the same page.

Drivers on cell phones; I had one get pulled over, by the police, and issued a ticket for the offense. I was late for work, as a result. Thank heavens I applied for and received my driver’s license so that I no longer must submit myself to this crapshoot. In fact, should anything happen to my vehicle – I will or would prefer to call Uber. At least I am assured of the cleanliness and security of having a safe ride. Security is a major issue for women and something that is not offered by the Montreal taxi pseudo-monopoly.


This is not an unusual story – any woman who has taken taxis in Montreal probably has her own story of inappropriate comments, lewd suggestions and as in this case, outright assault. Due to the practice of renting out or lending vehicles by Montreal taxi permit holders, there is virtually no way of knowing who is driving the cab. At least with Uber, the driver’s personal information is on file, with the company and should there be an action against a user; the information is readily available to police.

Uber uses the credit card system; another convenience for riders that the Montreal taxi industry took far too long to implement. In fact, even now, some drivers refuse to permit the use of debit cards or credit cards.


I think it is pretty safe to assume that drivers are refusing credit/debit cards, in order to hide income.

The Montreal taxi industry is out of control and if the only way a rider can be, relatively, assured of his/her safety and security is Uber? Then rather than hold riders hostage; its time for the taxi industry to scrap their current system because the consumer doesn’t want it and the traditional model, obviously, doesn’t work anymore.

The taxi industry has no right to infringe on the consumer and their choice to obtain a superior product.

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We Failed Them.

We failed our kids, we failed our grandkids. For all our rhetoric, demonstrations and even riots for change; we failed. Las Vegas, another example of our failure. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando – all of them, glaring examples of our failure. The election of that giant Cheeto to the south of us. The election of that privileged Gen X-er in our parliament. Further examples of failure.

What happened? Did we get too busy trying to achieve that suburban dream? We wanted our kids to live in a world of peace, of brotherhood. Did we come to accept, albeit, bitterly, that this was an unattainable pie-in-the-sky ideal?

Why are we still fighting for equality of the genders, of race, of creed, of religion? Why are our veterans, our elderly suffering and dying due to lack of funding? Why are there aboriginals without access to clean water? Why are there children going to bed hungry in countries of such massive excess? Why is there a debate or even a question regarding equal taxation?

Because, we failed. We tried, we wandered off and ultimately failed. The United States, once the beacon for the world, has fallen, with lightspeed, into a global joke. Relegated by a giant Cheeto to the junk food aisle in the global marketplace.

Canada is lead by a pretty boy, with no notion of what Canadians want and need to move ahead. He’ll go, next election – with his million-dollar smile and vapid comments. Then what? Who is there with the economical and social savvy to govern? Insert the sound of crickets. There is no one. There are no more leaders of true social change; if there ever were. Time has a way of colouring memory.

Why do my children feel that they require firearms? What happened? When did it get this bad?

We failed, my friends. We became tired, we became preoccupied with attaining the media dream of that house with the fence. We fell for the image and we walked away. We failed and now, our kids are paying the price.


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A True American Hero – Lt. General J. B. Silveria


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Beyond The Myth, the Media Garbage and Public Ignorance.

And now…the truth about Merritt Clifton and his dogbite dot org and related sites.


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Time to Shout, Time to Protest


It is time for the rest of us; the dull normals, to take to the streets. If windows are to be broken, if public places are to be destroyed; it should be “us” doing the whole riot thing because, well…it is our dime footing the bill.

What idiot came up with this idea? While our elderly, our mentally ill, our veterans and lower income, CONTRIBUTING, members of our society, go without the basics they need to survive? Money is spent on the dregs of society? Lower HIV and Hep C rates? Bullshit. How about providing real members of our communities with what they need, FIRST, before contributing to criminal behaviours?

Our elderly didn’t choose to get old; they didn’t choose to have their bodies disintegrate, develop illnesses yet far too many of them are forced to choose between food/rent and life altering medicines.

Children don’t choose to be poor and have parents who, although, actually work – unlike addicts – are unable to afford school supplies and medicine.

Veterans don’t choose to develop PTSD, or end up maimed while serving our country. Unlike addicts, who do nothing but attach themselves as parasites.

This is a disgusting misuse of tax payer money. We – the silent majority of this country, need to start doing some shouting of our own. Perhaps stage our own protests over the total disregard given to the employed citizens of Canada. We, the people who struggle out of bed, fly out the door, coffee and offspring in hand….to battle yet another work day. Meanwhile, an addict hangs in the streets, steals – indulges in prostitution, panhandles for that next fix. Does not contribute, in any way, toward the ministries/healthcare that ends up looking after them – that bill is ours to pay and ours alone. I’m tired of it. You want to stick a needle in your body? That’s your choice. Why should I pay for it? Why should my neighbours, my kids and my co-workers? I don’t buy that it’s a sickness anymore. It’s a choice and there are alternatives. Don’t want to take advantage of the alternative? Again, your choice. City morgues are never without customers who made wrong choices.

Enough with sending messages that drug addiction is somehow acceptable, on any level. Enough with this being a “sickness”. It is a choice. The options are out there but addicts choose, of their own volition, to eschew those options in favour of drugs. Drug abuse is something that is open to everyone but few of us choose to put our lives in jeopardy by using. Drug abuse is a choice. A choice. And society should not be held financially accountable for it. Enough.

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David Duke, KKK and Other Racist Genetic Mutations

I think you would be either be an idiot or an ostrich not to make the connection between the events in Virginia and that moron masquerading as a president.

Don’t think so? Watch this sorry excuse for a human being.


Make America great again? Here’s a thought; instead of murdering innocent people, rioting and wearing symbols of oppression, subjugation and genocide – why don’t you find a way to improve yourself? Go back to school, read a book, clean up a park, volunteer. How about showing your “patriotism” by joining the army or are you following in the footsteps of your mentors – Trump and Duke – examples of how privilege keeps you out of the military. Obviously, you have far too much time and not enough functioning brain cells, happening in your life. I shudder to think that you have the capacity to reproduce, further polluting our gene pool.

Getting rid of Lee’s statue is not changing American history; it is relegating institutionalized slavery and murder to the dustbins of memory, where it belongs, unless, of course – rape, murder, mutilation and torture are American ideals of which you are proud – in that case, erect your own statue…where it belongs, in your outhouse. It belongs with the statues of Stalin, Lenin and that pompous Nazi eagle; pulled down, pulverized and dumped with the other embarrassing human exploits in our history.

STOP calling yourselves Aryan – you aren’t. You aren’t the master race – you are hicks with no discernable IQ. I do have Norse and Eastern European DNA in my veins, probably more than do you and as a Caucasian – I say to you, remove those ridiculous symbols off your arms, burn the t-shirts because you don’t have Clue 1 as to what they really represent. You wouldn’t have been part of the Master Race under Hitler – you would have been out shoveling manure or something similarly geared toward your abilities.

While we are on the topic of criminal behaviours? The anti-Fascist groups are no better. You use high ideals as an excuse to behave like animals. Stop it. You aren’t fighting the good fight; you are behaving as badly, sometimes worse, than those you “claim” to be fighting against.

There is no excuse for the kinds of violence and removal of rights that we are seeing in our streets.

By the same token, blame has to stop. I am not responsible for the subjugation of minorities; I am not responsible for residential schools. My freakin’ family was still in Europe. I am to blame because my skin is white? No. I don’t think so. Racism and scapegoating is on all sides of this issue.

I expect to be judged on who I am, not whether I freckle in the sun. Assholes have no colour. They are who they are – INSIDE. The outside is just a product of nature protecting itself through the ages.

I’ve known asshole white people, asshole black people, asshole Asian and Aboriginal – to me, they were assholes, their skin colour didn’t change their behaviour – it never does. The truth is under the skin. The truth is what goes on between the ears, not the colour of the epidermis covering those ears.

Refusal to accept a global reality and the gains to be made for humanity is nothing short of criminal ignorance; sure, there will be problems but with education and some common sense, as well as decency; we – as a species, are up for the challenge, regardless of hue.

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Letter to Justin

I voted for you; recent decisions and blatant inaction has made me, deeply, regret my decision. Okay, granted – there weren’t any acceptable options at the time and your speech writers, definitely, struck a chord but you are proving the adage, “Talk is cheap.”

I understand budgets and I know that money is allotted to various departments. I understand that if that money is not utilized, the following year, those budgets get cut. This is not license for fiscal irresponsibility. After years of Harper, social spending should have been one of the priorities – NATIONAL social spending. While I support the Clinton Foundation and its numerous good works; the world can wait while your government puts our own house in order.

The decision, by the courts, to award Khadr 10 million Canadian tax dollars is beyond absurd. Is this a pay off for information? Is it a pay off for some sort of silence? While his rights were violated; it was not by the Canadian people, yet it is us that are footing this bill, created by the Canadian Human Rights Commission – in this case, a title best described as an oxymoron. If financial compensation was to be awarded; why was it not compensation, in Khadr’s name to Amnesty International or some other global Human Rights organization? An apology on behalf of the government is fine.

There are too many victims of human rights abuse in Canada to have a man, who was involved in a war action, to be handed over my money for behaviour directed against the West and as Canada is in the West – against Canadians. He has been granted the privilege of the chance for a new life; that is compensation enough.

How many indigenous communities could have been helped with that 10 million dollars? How many veterans who fought for our beliefs could have benefited from this kind of windfall?

Sunny Ways, Mr. Trudeau? No. These are not sunny ways for Canadians. We struggle, daily, to maintain our standards of living and you? You aid in the process of throwing our tax dollars away. Your “sunny ways” are a sham; behind your picture of sun and happy times, the truth will, eventually, rip through. For all Harper’s cold-hearted cuts to social networks, for all his protection of corporate Canada, you and your government are not better, perhaps worse.

Your government’s donation to the Clinton Foundation is a glaring example of your disconnect with this country. While the Foundation provides opportunities for education in foreign lands, we have communities in your own country that need those opportunities. While the Clinton Foundation helps to provide support for women in the world; there are women in your own country that need those opportunities. Support for artisans in foreign lands – your own country has artisans that need support to help their own communities thrive.

When an indigenous child dies because there is no access to an ambulance, or sickens because of a lack of access to clean water, safe living quarters and over 10 million dollars is shoveled over to a soldier of an enemy?  $10.39 for 4 litres of milk in Nunavut?  And you give an enemy operative 10 million dollars?  How about using Khadr’s name on a Hercules, sent up north with food – create a government store and render the parasites at Northern Stores impotent.  Look after your own people first.

milk in Nunavut

When a veteran must struggle to make ends meet, when a veteran cannot afford food and proper housing? You have failed. Your sun has set and the dark clouds are moving in.


Are you that blind? Are your handlers that successful in insulating you from Canadian reality?

You are failing Canada, you are failing your constituents – you are failing Canadians and in a very negative but spectacular fashion.  You make me ashamed.

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