You Don’t Have The RIGHT To Have An Animal

No. You don’t. Just because you want one or your kids want one, doesn’t mean you have the “right” to have one.

  1. If you can’t afford good food, vet bills (usually in the hundreds and sometimes, thousands of dollars), you don’t have the right to own another living being.
  2. If you rent and aren’t absolutely assured of moving to a place that permits pets? You don’t have the right to put a living being at risk.
  3. If want a dog and you aren’t willing to enroll in training classes? You don’t have the right to own a dog.
  4. If you can’t afford to spay or neuter, you don’t have the right to an animal.
  5. If you think allowing your cat to wander in the suburbs or city is, perfectly, acceptable? You don’t have the right to own one.
  6. Animals require responsibility, they require money and they require unconditional love, even when they poop on your rug or scratch the crap out of your new couch.
  7. It is NEVER acceptable to strike a dog or cat. NEVER.
  8. It is NEVER acceptable to allow kids free-range with your animals. NEVER. Pets and children require constant monitoring, if you can’t or aren’t willing to do this? You don’t have the right to own an animal (& IMO, probably shouldn’t be breeding anyway).

I have family members who foster cast-away dogs; their stories are heartbreaking and enraging. Cast aside, no idea what they did wrong, why they were abandoned, why they were abused, neglected.

Our buddy is in his Golden Years and whether human or animal, those Golden Years present unique issues, health, behaviour, nutrition.

Chico became ill; he was very lethargic; he developed a cough and was obviously, unwell. We took him to a university animal hospital. Over a 3 day period? The tests, the stay, the medications cost over $3 000.00. His meds cost us $300.00 every few weeks. Let me tell you, there is a lot of belt tightening.

And then my husband and I had a conversation, how could someone, with children or less income afford to treat their animal, when he/she became ill? Easy answer, they couldn’t, and the animal would be permitted to die or live in pain/sickness.

July 1st is an official moving day, in my province; our local shelters become inundated with unwanted pets. Inconveniences because the new place doesn’t permit them. What kind of thinking process do people have?

Animals have life spans and you don’t have the right to end those life spans just because you are too stupid to figure out the logistics and financial responsibility involved.

People complain about the pet adoption process and cost – if you can’t afford the adoption fee? You can’t afford the animal, by a long shot.

Responsible pet owners, the people who understand the commitment of owning an animal, understand that you don’t go to Kijiji or reasonable facsimile. You don’t sell an animal on social or marketplace media.

And you do not buy a pet to teach your loin spawn responsibility. Give them chores to do; don’t put an animal’s life in the balance because parenting is too complicated a process for you, to understand.

No. Owning an animal is not your “right” – it is a responsibility and commitment. If you don’t have a stable residence, if you don’t have the money to afford care, medications, spay or neutering; then you don’t have the right to own an animal. Period.

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English Media Divides Quebecois Again…

Well, once again, English media in Quebec proves their disconnect from the province and the Quebecois people from their insulated little elitist world. And I refer to Quebecois of all stripes, unlike the tone of this article which seems to paint French Quebec with a brush dipped in prejudice.

Let’s break this down, starting with the topic sentence, full of unsubstantiated vitriol and proverbial pot-stirring;

“Thursday was a sad and shameful day. In a move rooted in traumas of the past and unjustified fears in the present, the Legault government introduced legislation that is toxic to Quebec’s future.”

If we do not learn from the past, then we are doomed to repeat it. Quebecois know, full well, what happens when religion – any religion – gains a foothold in government. The traumas are still occurring as a result of the unreasonable authority given to individuals who believe in imaginary father figures.

Bill 21, “An act respecting the laicity of the state,” bans the wearing of “religious symbols” by certain public officials. Its application is broader and its terms harsher than expected.

While it ostensibly applies to adherents of all religions, the practical impact will be on observant Muslims, Jews and Sikhs for whom wearing hijabs, kippahs or turbans is not just religious expression, but religious practice.”

No, wearing of items is a cultural and therefore personal choice. Not religious practice.

“And these are not easily tucked behind a shirt, as a cross or crucifix might be. The government’s disturbing recourse to the notwithstanding clause to override the guarantees in the Canadian and Quebec rights charters testifies to the fact that fundamental rights are being abrogated, as does the insertion of laicity into the Quebec charter as something for which a proper regard must be maintained in exercising other rights.”

Nice try, but again, no. Fundamental rights are not being abrogated. No one is forbidden from religious adherence but are requested to refrain from obvious religious affiliation during their 8-hour work day, funded by the state. A secular body and Quebec tax payers who, by virtue of their majority, request that their desire for freedom from religion, be respected.

The bill’s language is nothing short of Orwellian. Introduced by the minister of “immigration, diversity and inclusiveness,” it undermines all of those things. It declares that the laicity of the state is based on four elements: “the separation of state and religions” (while in fact the state is meddling in religion); “the religious neutrality of the state” (while the law’s effect is anything but religiously neutral); on the “equality of all citizens” (yet only some citizens’ rights will be trampled); and, most astoundingly of all, on “freedom of conscience and freedom of religion.”

The above statement is nothing short of histrionics. If I were to offer the author of the opinion piece some advice? It would be to actually read and understand Orwell’s novels and not use them to justify overriding the right of Quebecois to determine their future, which includes, a culture where religion is placed where it belongs, in the home or house of worship, not in the public domain. The state is not meddling in anyone’s religion. Nobody’s rights are being trampled, except perhaps, the rights of Quebecois who elected a majority government that never made secret of their desire to create a secular public service environment. Majority government. Freedom of religion is not being touched, in any way, shape or form. We are all free to believe in a fairy godfather/mother as we choose, we are simply being asked to not endorse one faith, one way or another, during our time in a work environment. This is not trampling on rights, it is showing respect to the province and the drive toward secularity.

“Bill 21 is as outrageous as it is unnecessary. No one in Quebec is calling for this province to be anything other than secular, a place where religion holds no sway over our government and public institutions. In any case, previous legislation had already enshrined state religious neutrality. However, what lurk beneath the surface of this bill are unwarranted fears that Muslim immigrants will somehow impose their religion on a Quebec society that not so long ago rejected religious domination by the Roman Catholic church.”

My, my…we do love our adjectives. Outrageous!! Oh my, the breast beating, rending of clothes. “Won’t somebody think of the children!!!” As for, “No one in Quebec is calling for this province to be anything other than secular”? I have to wonder if the author of this piece actually read his/her own work. This is, exactly, what the hysterical minority is demanding. Secular but representing all religions. Secular government demands that no religion be given “special dispensation”. Secular is more than a word, it is an environment free from religion or religious icons, cultural choice in apparel which indicates religion.

“However, what lurk beneath the surface of this bill are unwarranted fears that Muslim immigrants will somehow impose their religion on a Quebec society that not so long ago rejected religious domination by the Roman Catholic church.”

First, the words should be, “is lurking”, not lurk. So, this individual has the ability to see into the hearts and minds of the Quebecois people. Some sort of holier-than-thou Anglo trait? Or just the usual elitism of journalism or reasonable facsimile.

Quebecois are very aware of what happens when religion enters the state. As Quebecois we have learned from our history. Religion has no place in government. Worried about Muslims imposing their religion, but he/she already stated, the Bill also vilifies Jews and Sikhs. I would add that all of this controversy is, in fact, a very small minority imposing their religions on Quebec.

Quebec prides itself on being welcoming and open, and for the most part it is. This is a vibrant, dynamic, progressive society.”

That’s right. We are. And, we wish to remain a vibrant, dynamic and above all, progressive society. A progressive society is a secular society. A society that not only allows freedom of religion, it permits freedom from religion. Religion has proven, without argument, that it is a regressive facet of any society. And again, the right to believe in some sort of ethereal place and superiority of invisible buddies, is not under attack. Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues are not being closed down. We simply ask that these practices be kept where they belong and not in the public domain.

“But Bill 21 brings darker days. As the result of misguided efforts to address non-existent problems, members of religious minorities, be they native born or immigrants, are being made to feel like second-class citizens. This law is divisive, abusive and unfair.”

No. Bill 21 augers a new age, hopefully, free from religious constraints, the hatred and bigotry, subjugation and abuse as the result of the various religious doctrines littering our society.

There is no problem. If these religious minorities feel that this Bill makes them second class citizens, then they have no one to thank other than media looking for a soapbox. The only division is from those who always look for racism in any decision made by Quebec to secure the future of the province and its people. This bill is not unfair; it applies across the board. In the private sector, most of us sign an employment contract; we signify that we will abide by company/corporate policy. Sometimes those policies include personal attire or body modifications. The same is true for public service. The civil servant is working for Quebec and as Quebec is demanding secularity, then the individual has the same right as someone in the private sector, to refuse the position. There is discrimination for sure, but it is discrimination against Quebec, against Quebecois people and a dismissal of the lessons we, as Quebecois, have learned, through our past.

“And it seems certain to have many negative consequences. If the experience of the never-enacted Charter of Values is any indication, bigots will take it as licence to target hijab-wearing women. Quebec will become a less attractive place to the immigrants whose skills it so badly needs. At least some Muslims, Sikhs and Jews will wonder whether their children’s futures lie elsewhere. In the affected fields, Quebecers will be deprived of the talents of a section of the population.”

Oh, definitely negative consequences. Anyone supporting this bill, or the concept of secular government is, as is so clearly illustrated in this piece, a bigot. If someone feels that a secular government and society will impact their children’s future then, absolutely, Quebec is not a place to be. We value progression, not regression. Quebec will not be deprived of anything. People who value a logical and rational future, based on fact, will remain, will thrive and help us to grow. Those who feel that rooting themselves in superstition and mythology is of paramount importance, will move on. Quebec will continue to grow, regardless of the constant barrage of epithets from those who would see our society regress.

“Premier François Legault calls this bill a compromise; it’s one between bad and worse. And if Legault thinks Bill 21 will allow Quebecers to move on and focus on other subjects, he is apt to be sorely disappointed. It does the precisely the opposite. Now, instead of a baseless concern, we have a real problem to talk about.”

No. He won’t be disappointed. The majority of Quebecois have spoken. The real problem is emanating from “journalists” and media with, sadly, no concept of what a progressive society is, by definition. The real problem is a small minority imposing their “want” over the “need” of society. The real problem would be those who insist on calling anyone with a contrary opinion, “bigot”.

The real problem is the lack of respect for the Quebecois people. Perhaps it is time to separate, to determine our own future as Quebecois.


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Bill 21 “An Act respecting the laicity of the State

The scream, cries and beating of breasts simply reinforces the obvious; people are, woefully, ignorant of Québec history, particularly regarding religion. And even more importantly, the Quiet Revolution.

I agree with Bill 21; no public servant should be sporting religious symbols in the workplace. None. Not the hijab, not the crucifix, not the pentagram or the yarmulke. Religion has, absolutely, no place in public service. No one’s right to practice is being impacted. Nobody’s religion is being banned, unlike what occurred when the Catholic church ran this province. Under an iron fist. The people of Québec have the right to demand religion be kept out of the state, out of public service, out of provincial positions of authority.

This bill applies to everyone, contrary to what the media and agenda groups would have you think. No one is forced to work for the Québec civil service. If the Bill 21 is so abhorrent, find a job in the private sector. Yes, it really is that simple.

I have worked for companies that demanded tattoos not be visible; okay, fine. I covered mine up. I wear a symbol which is associated with a religion and if a company required that I not wear it? I would remove it and wear it, at home, on the weekends.

The hijab is the current red flag. The hijab is not a requirement of Islam; it is a cultural choice. A crucifix, is not a requirement of Christianity, to sport one is also a cultural choice.

Québec and the majority of the people in Québec, do not want to see religion in publicly funded institutions. It is up to those who choose to scream about discrimination to educate themselves on our history, in Québec. Understand the abuse, the subjugation that took place as a result of religion in the public domain, in our political process. If someone truly wishes to call themselves a Québecois, then understanding our history, should be their first goal.

Understand tithing, understand abuse of women, understand the abuse of children, understand Duplessis and true discrimination and if this is not enough, then as your freedom in the province dictates, you can avoid public service employment or leave the province. Understand the history, understand why this Bill is important to Quebec, to the people and to the culture.


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Can’t help myself…

Maybe you have to be Canadian to “get this”.  So reminds me of so many of my Canadian family and friends…


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SRA, Satanic Abuse and False Memories

grey factionI read a few of Lucien Greaves’ essays this morning and I started thinking…always a dangerous thing 😊 When I get the urge to write, I have to write.  It is a compulsion.

I am “older”, a real life “Grey Faction” individual, although thanks to L’Oreal, you won’t see a physical manifestation.

Back in my youth, I wanted to enter social work.  I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to help people with less advantages than life had gifted to me.

Well, it soon became obvious that I lacked the absolute requirement of disassociation.   Could have been my youth or the external social change that was going on, in the end, the reason is irrelevant.  I simply could not distance myself from the misery, sadness and tragedy of the human condition in that kind of an up close and personal milieu.

I contented myself by studying psychology.  I read everything I could get my hands on and then, in the 80’s, the world of BBS’ing and then…THE INTERNET.  It was in the late 70’s and early 80’s that I noticed a very disturbing trend within psychology.  Publish or Perish took on a very dark and powerful persona.

Escalation of controversial therapies and just outright bullshit became the norm.  Repressed memories, hypnotic regression and of course, SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse.  I was no theologian but even I knew, sitting there, in front of my Zenith/Amstrad/E-Machine/Compaq/HP/Dell/Alienware that this was absolute nonsense.  It made no logical sense, none.

I’m embarrassed to say, that the SRA hysterical nonsense saw some of its beginnings in Canada, through the drivel of an actual psychiatrist – Lawrence Pazder.  (

But, the USA, as it is wont to do…decided to take it bigger, more sensational and the nightmare for so many innocent people began.  The nightmare belongs to all of us.  The victims of the accusations, the children who were used as pawns and society.

I kept waiting for someone, anyone, responsible for the licensing, the control of these psychologists, the social workers, law enforcement and indeed, the very judicial system, to wake up and realize the total insanity of what was going on.  I am still waiting, by the way.

This isn’t to say that there is not abuse at the hands of misguided Satanists or any other religious group.  Of course there is, one only needs to open a news paper and see which bishop/priest/televangelist/rabbi or reverend has been busted for abusing a sacred trust.

Predators are a fact of life.  What is not a “fact” of life is the absurd claim that there are clandestine bands of Satanists dragging children through tunnels, flying them to secret destinations on airplanes and chowing down on infants.  This is insanity.  It is delusional and yet?  There are “professionals” out there, spreading these fabrications for, I assume, the notoriety, fame and bucks that it brings them.

People love a good conspiracy and if it involves sex, drugs and abuse?  All the better.  Critical thinking (if possessed) is tucked away, for another day.

The human psyche is a wonderful, complex, terrifying thing.  We can convince ourselves of anything, consciously or subconsciously.  Playing at or with the psyche of an individual is a dangerous thing and only someone with absolute integrity should ever think of attempting it.  Unfortunately, the world of psychology is chock full of practitioners without even an iota of that human quality.

I have no doubt, whatsoever, that if I were to undergo a regression, at the hands of one of these misguided “professionals”, I would show terrifying memories of childhood.  No Satanic abuse but perhaps alien abduction or the memory of Godzilla tearing up my neighbourhood or perhaps, some memory extremely close to the events experienced by character played by Barbara Hershey, in The Entity.

We retain these memories, they imprint themselves.  Every movie, book, news story, comic strip, is imprinted somewhere in our brain.  The imprint is deeper the more we think about it.  As toddlers, seeing a movie poster or in a foray to the kitchen for a drink, we catch a bit of a horror movie.  It imprints, it stays there.

Then, perhaps life throws us a curve-ball, or we develop a mental disruption/illness.  The Serotonin levels take a dip or spike and we seek “professional” help.  We are at the mercy of the therapist, at our most vulnerable.  How do you know if you are dealing with a reputable therapist, one who is not out to line their pockets, use you as a vehicle to recognition or suffering from their own delusions?

Well, currently – there is no way to know because the various licensing boards refuse to take a stand against their members, refuse to speak out on behalf of the truly vulnerable among us.

What began as a science, in the last century and into this one, has become pseudoscience all in the name of “Publish or Perish”.  It takes no prisoners and leaves the casualties to writhe on the side of the road.

It is up to us to take a stand and demand these boards stop standing idly by and call these charlatans out as the clear and present danger that they are.  Call out the ISSTD.  Call out these frauds.  Put them before courts of law, professional disciplinary boards and the courts of public opinion.

To quote, a very wise young man: “Everyone has a right to effective, evidence-based mental health care devoid of dangerous, long-debunked conspiracy theories.”


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You’ve won – Morons and Bigots and Idiots

You’ve won. I am waving my white flag, deactivating my Facebook account and turning away from open social media. I just can’t stomach the degradation of society. All societies, here – Europe, Asia, the Middle East…the globe.

I can’t take the hatred and fear mongering. I can’t take the cruelty, the insanity masquerading as righteousness.

I can’t take watching my neighbours to the south, a once proud country, allow themselves to be turned into drooling idiots by a man in the throes of dementia. A criminal, a liar, a cheat. And yet, they elected him. The U.S.A. once such a symbol of success, of diligence, of pride is a global laughing stock, a symbol of criminality, of excess, of elitism. Their constitution is nothing more than scrap paper stepped upon by that ridiculous excuse for a president.

No religion is worth the lives of innocents. None. There is no God. No Jesus. No Allah or Mohamed, no Yahweh or Odin or Herne. There are no gods. No deity would allow such shame to be perpetrated in their name; that should be all the proof required to any thinking human being.

Skin colour doesn’t determine worth, humanity or intelligence. White skin and blue eyes are simply mutations of nature, not symbols of superiority. White skin, blue eyes and fair hair are accidents.

Religion does not impart righteousness; they are all ridiculous lies, long past their best-before dates.

Who was on a piece of dirt first, doesn’t allow for a right to exclude.

There is no heaven. No hell. When you die – you are dead. Gone. Get over yourself. Your only job is to provide comfort, shelter and love to your friends and family. Make someone else’s life journey a little lighter.

In short – the only thing required of you is to not be an asshole. The higher of the species? Top of the ecological ladder? Act like it. Own it. Although, looking around; I don’t believe we will be the top rung for much longer.

Stop believing that money, that two cars and designer underdrawers are the way to happiness. Look at those scabs in Hollywood, are they happy? Two, three, four times divorced, rehabs with revolving doors, suicides and overdoses. So miserable with themselves that they pay more than most of this world will see in their lifetimes, to have bags put in their chests and arses. Actual botulism shot into their ridiculous faces and yet, they are still ugly. Their narcissism, their sociopathy leaks from their pores.

Cohen, Manaford and that asshole in the white house (I refuse to afford the building capitalization until that scum is gone.) They have money. Do they appear happy? No. They appear pathetic. Grasping and clawing, unable to ever be satisfied or even understand how it feels to be proud, in their own skins.

Hatred and malice, creeping into our homes. Oozing through monitors and television screens. Our elders locked away from sight, beaten, abused and forgotten, our veterans on the streets, dying alone after pledging their very lives for their countries.

Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism (directed at men and women); homophobia and their opposites. No one sector, no one group can claim immunity from hatred. Just as whites hate blacks, blacks hate whites, Christians hate Muslims, Muslims hate Jews. Gays hate straights and straights hate transgender. Women hate men and men hate women. Face it, we all have assholes among us.

No. I’ve had enough. I resign. I am handing in my membership card. You can keep any refund. You are all welcome to your dark creation. I want none of it.

I have decided, I am going to live what is left of my life, doing my best not to be an asshole. I am going to try to do my best for my family, remind them that they are the most important things in my life. I will smile at a neighbour. I will compliment a stranger. I will even try to behave at Wal-Mart.

So, if this can be an effect of the rot that is social media; I hope it is catching and more people walk away, look out their doors and see what has been happening under their noses. Our society is being destroyed. There is no one enemy, there are many and the only way to defeat them is to not give them a second of our time, our thoughts. Live your life in such a way that when it is your time to leave, you can be proud of yourself. You can leave, comfortable in the knowledge that you loved, you cared, and you supported. Nothing else matters.

He who dies with the most toys? Is none the less dead.


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Life in the new millennium. Victimhood. Excuses. Change the goal posts. Men are bad, throw rocks at them. Take their testes and give them manbuns. Agenda. Me Too. Black, red, olive, white “Lives matter”. Go Fund Me.

Everyone has a cause. Everyone has a tag line. And there are so many people, rubbing their hands in glee, on the sidelines. “Pay no attention to the man/woman behind the curtain.” No, I’m not referring to any “conspiracy!!” People are too damn stupid to maintain any conspiracy for an extended period.

The person behind the curtain runs on simple base human conditions – greed, recognition, fame or infamy.

I saw the epitome of ridiculous, not too long ago; “Teach boys not to rape.” Okay, seriously? Teach boys not to rape. You know – I think we had that one covered when we first emerged from a cave. Back then, the female of the species, no doubt, developed a skill set to avoid the potential. We lost that skill set along the way.

The Me Too thing; at first – yup, great idea – allow society to see an issue. To highlight it and to learn from it. And then, as social media, predictably goes…it ballooned out of all proportion and became something dangerous. It has lost credibility for me. It turned into vitriol, it turned into male bashing.

The Harvey Weinstein thing? His reputation, according to all the proponents of “Me Too” as well as interviews with those who encountered him, was well known. The guy was a bully and a slime. Used his position to obtain among other things – sex. His reputation was WELL KNOWN. The industry was aware of his behaviour and chose to ignore it because he made money. People, men and women clamoured to work for him, knowing full well, the price. Women/girls chose to ignore his reputation because he made stars. Or gave them a vehicle to the Hollywood universe but the ride wasn’t free. There was a price to be paid at the gate. I dare say, no one was unaware of the cost to take that bus to fame.

I read the stories and at first, I was shocked. Then I started to pick the tales apart. You know…walk in their shoes and some very uncomfortable facts came to light. Facts that causes some real shade to the story of Big Bad Wolf and Little Miss Riding Hood.

  1. Everyone knew he was less than pond scum, as far as behaviour.
  2. Everyone knew how he did business.
  3. He wanted interviews in his hotel room…Wait – WHAT? I don’t know about you, but no way would I attend a job interview in a hotel room. Regardless of how much I wanted a job. I’d recommend meeting in the hotel lobby, in the coffee shop, the restaurant or the damn parking lot but no way, in hell, would I agree to meet in a hotel room. Not when I was 18, not when I was 25…would not happen. No.

Bill “Benadryl” Cosby. Okay, so these women met with a very well known and MARRIED man. No, poor judgment and lack of ethics is not license to be raped but again, the rumour around Hollywood and the entertainment industry was a “well known secret” regarding Cosby. Let me make this perfectly clear – he is EXACTLY where he should be and should have been, long before this. But in the “Hang Him High” hysteria, a valuable lesson was skipped over. We, as women, need to smarten the fuck up. You don’t go out to dinner, with a married man, with a reputation. You just don’t do it. It is stupid, it is unethical, and I guess, immoral. The person I feel the most pity toward, is Mrs. Cosby. Although, surely, she must have suspected old Bill was stepping out of the marriage vows. Meh, who is to say? Maybe she didn’t know. I kind of doubt that.

Don’t try to tell me that either of these men didn’t know rape was wrong. Don’t try to tell me that they weren’t predators, fully aware of their actions. Premeditated actions. By the same token, don’t tell me these women didn’t know that they were indulging in stupid, self-serving behaviours that backfired in the face of a true predator

Teach boys not to rape. I’ve yet to meet a parent that has taught the opposite but okay. Never mind that its in the criminal code but okay.

Alright, so we’re all going to teach our Neanderthal gender – the male, that rape is wrong.

Now, how about expanding on that lesson and teach both boys and girls that there are predators out there and no amount of “edu-ma-cation” is going to alter a psychotic mind. No treatment, no therapy, no classroom lecture will change a psychopath.

We need to teach boys and girls that predators don’t wear raincoats and hide behind bushes. Predators are you, and me. Male and female. They are experts at their craft and as such, we need to be on guard, all the time. They are Moms and Dads, they are aunts, uncles, cousins. Predators are neighbours, teachers, priests, coaches, bosses and co-workers. Your mechanic, your librarian, your buddy from the gym. That really hot looking number at the bar. And they don’t care about Me Too. MacArthur was a gardener, for crying out loud. Elizabeth Wettlaufer was nurse. David Wadsworth was a principal. Mount Cashel was an orphanage. Dahmer worked in a chocolate factory. Susan Smith was a postal worker.

We need to teach our kids to balance paranoia with common sense.

A good, no, an excellent example of how a predator plies their trade is found, easily, throughout news stories, testimony and even film. Ted Bundy fakes a broken arm – a technique illustrated in Silence of the Lambs. Who among us, male or female would not run to the aid of someone in physical difficulty or pain? I watched the senator’s daughter run to the aid of Buffalo Bill and thought to myself, “Yeah, I would have done the same.” Uncomfortably eye opening.

Or the John Wayne Gacy ploy of offering young, innocent teens jobs and then torturing them, raping them and ultimately, killing them. Wadsworth – calling vulnerable children into his office, closing the door.

We need to teach our offspring survival techniques. We all need refresher courses in those techniques and common sense.

No, don’t accept a job interview in a hotel room, or after hours.

No, you don’t walk along a deserted street, alone.

No, you don’t go jogging, power walking wearing ear buds.

No, you do not get into your vehicle without looking in the backseat.

No, you do not get into your vehicle without, immediately, locking the doors.

No, you don’t leave a drink unattended, for any reason.

No, you don’t accept lifts home from the cute guy/girl you met at the bar/gym/restaurant.

No, you don’t go on an internet date, without an escape plan and notifying friends/relatives where you will be. (Good idea to screen shot any arrangements).

No, do not let strangers into your house.

No, you don’t get stumble drunk at a party.

No, do not share your personal information, online – it doesn’t matter how nice they seem or how cute their photo may be.  The reality may be a 300 lb loser, living in a basement, with Cheeto stains on his undershirt.

Decades ago, minus the internet thing, these were all rules taught to us by our authority figures. Somehow, along the way, the messages have been lost or skewered by agendas. “We have the right to walk the streets.” Well, yeah – sure you do but always be aware that you are sharing the streets with predators and they don’t much care about your “rights”.

Smarten up. Seriously, smarten up. Stop listening to what you have the “right” to do and start learning to survive.

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Abortion or None of Your Business

1 in 4 women will have an abortion in their lifetime.

Maybe your mother, sister, cousin, best friend, etc. While they may not shout it out from the rooftops or wear it, emblazoned, on a t-shirt; they are reading your posts, your comments regarding how you think women who have abortions are garbage human beings, for making a choice. A choice they agonized over.


If it is not your pregnancy, it is not your business. Your lack of compassion does not go unnoticed.


Mind your own uterus, stop worrying about something that has zero to do with you.

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Year Zero – Uncensored

Ghost: Year Zero (NSFW). from Nostromo on Vimeo.

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Don’t believe in monsters? You’re wrong, they exist and here is one, April Dawn Irving. I hope general population takes care of this bitch.

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