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Social Engineering 101

I was never one for conspiracy theories and even this, it isn’t a conspiracy theory – this is based on observation and a knowledge of history, of humanity, and psychology.

Just as the poor farmers and citizens of Ukraine were not the enemy of Soviet Russia, just as Judaism was not the enemy in World War II, people of colour – not the enemy of the U.S….Islam is not the enemy of global peace.

The enemy sits in government – the enemy sits in corporate offices, engineering the movement of society. Removing the focus of what they are doing, using media, using the internet and using the need for the dull witted to find a cause of their poverty, of their feelings of helplessness. Pitting one man/woman/child against another; fueling hatred and fostering ignorance all for their own protection from the masses.

The only time that true chance comes to government and it is always temporary change, is when the masses have reached their breaking point – when the masses realize who and where their true enemies hide – when the masses take to the streets and threaten to dismantle the seats of power. Then there is change but we get complacent very quickly and the disease that is greed, megalomania returns like the cancer it is.

The success of the recent social engineering is no different. Islam is not a threat to anyone – the threat comes from the various seats of government – the main tumours, the center of the disease is in Russia and the U.S, from the oligarchs, to the corporate offices in New York and L.A. Society has turned on each other, from Black Lives Matter to the White Supremist to the Isis camps. The enemy is not found in the suburbs, the enemy is not in Pakistan or in a one room apartment in Moscow – the enemy is right in front of us, playing us like chess pieces.

This world is a small place – it gets smaller with every keystroke on a keyboard – with every Tweet – with every online comment. Anger, fear, poverty and disease are not your fault, these are not the fault of some man trying to survive in Afghanistan. The fault is on your flickering television screens and monitors – the faces you elected. The faces of the boards of directors of those corporations who drive our economy, telling us what we need to be happy.

It is time to open our eyes and minds – to use common sense and to understand that we have been hoodwinked. People are dying because of the monsters who we appointed to protect us. Liars, cheats and killers all. Should war break out? It won’t be their sons and daughters ordered to the slaughter. It will be yours.

Change happened in the sixties and early seventies BECAUSE the great unwashed, the serfs – common every day people, took to the streets and burned that motherfucker down. They are afraid of us and work, very hard, to maintain division because united? We are their worst nightmare.

There isn’t much time left before we have been completely brainwashed – it is evident every time we open our computers. Men aren’t the enemy – women are not trying to destroy men; black people are not a gang of murdering drug dealers and Muslims are not terrorists.

Take a moment and think of who benefits from this divisive society we have become; it isn’t you, it isn’t me – it isn’t your Muslim neighbour or native on a reserve. The people who benefit are the ones who sit in seats of power and have chosen to misuse it for their own end. We’ve been suckered…again.

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Weinstein, Trump and Clinton

Unless you are living in a cave, the current uproar over Harvey Weinstein and his assaults on women, is making the news. The hypocrisy is almost, not quite but almost laughable. The president elect – Donald J. Trump has been accused and has paid off his victims, I would guess scaring others into silence. The Jeffrey Epstein connection is the most troubling of all, connecting Trump to the assault of a 13 year old girl. Clinton was accused, then there is Bill Cosby. Lou Pearlman, Jeffrey Epstein and the list goes on and on and on. Look to the glass towers and the boardrooms are, more than likely, filled with clones of these gropers and rapists.

If you are without power, looking for work or in fact, working? You are a potential victim – male as well as female but the odds of being molested and/or raped if you are a woman, are far higher.

You aren’t safe in the workplace, you aren’t safe in the streets and you aren’t safe in the religious building of your choice. Why? Nobody will believe you. Or, your career, your livelihood, your family will be punished for your audacity at standing up for your rights as a human being.

I’m sure there are millions upon millions of people with their own survivor story. More than likely, more than one instance, by more than one perpetrator. These people are innocent until proven guilty but their victims are guilty until proven even more guilty. These bottom feeders should no longer be protected by their toadies and sycophants – in fact, maybe the people who protect them should be charged as well. They are just as culpable, just as guilty.

The survivors of these file room gropes, hotel room assaults and frat-like party rapes make up a formidable army. It is time to bring these people down. Time to make them accountable for their actions. No more half-assed Ben Affleck style apologies; these acts are criminal acts and should be treated as such, regardless of who-is-who. Power and wealth is not license to molest. Regardless of what the “pussy grabber” in the White House opines.

Bosses, supervisors, colleagues need to be held accountable. Human Resource departments need to start doing their jobs and enforcing the law.

An example? After a particularly nasty assault in a copy room; I reported the individual and I was told to “Forget it. They will fire you before they will fire him. He’s a supervisor.” As a single mother, I was scared into…well, not exactly silence but I did let the assault drop. My boyfriend, at the time, luckily for me, worked in the same facility and made it quite clear to the supervisor that any further behaviour, of that nature, would not be a healthy choice.

Not the only example but in each case, I had to call on a male friend to obtain rough justice. There were no other options available. A victim is guilty until proven even more guilty.


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We Failed Them.

We failed our kids, we failed our grandkids. For all our rhetoric, demonstrations and even riots for change; we failed. Las Vegas, another example of our failure. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando – all of them, glaring examples of our failure. The election of that giant Cheeto to the south of us. The election of that privileged Gen X-er in our parliament. Further examples of failure.

What happened? Did we get too busy trying to achieve that suburban dream? We wanted our kids to live in a world of peace, of brotherhood. Did we come to accept, albeit, bitterly, that this was an unattainable pie-in-the-sky ideal?

Why are we still fighting for equality of the genders, of race, of creed, of religion? Why are our veterans, our elderly suffering and dying due to lack of funding? Why are there aboriginals without access to clean water? Why are there children going to bed hungry in countries of such massive excess? Why is there a debate or even a question regarding equal taxation?

Because, we failed. We tried, we wandered off and ultimately failed. The United States, once the beacon for the world, has fallen, with lightspeed, into a global joke. Relegated by a giant Cheeto to the junk food aisle in the global marketplace.

Canada is lead by a pretty boy, with no notion of what Canadians want and need to move ahead. He’ll go, next election – with his million-dollar smile and vapid comments. Then what? Who is there with the economical and social savvy to govern? Insert the sound of crickets. There is no one. There are no more leaders of true social change; if there ever were. Time has a way of colouring memory.

Why do my children feel that they require firearms? What happened? When did it get this bad?

We failed, my friends. We became tired, we became preoccupied with attaining the media dream of that house with the fence. We fell for the image and we walked away. We failed and now, our kids are paying the price.


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The Ukrainian 100

While Trump and the laughter from the Canadian Conservative party, at the working class (see: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/02/18/in-what-world-is-it-laughable-to-drive-a-bus-for-a-living-mallick.html ) make a mockery of democracy?

3 years ago, in Ukraine, people were fighting and dying for the concept. The late fall of 2013 to February 2014, the people of Ukraine – ordinary people, the you and me, the bus drivers, the store clerks, the office workers, took to the streets to protest the actions of the criminal Victor Yanukovych and his equally corrupt cronies.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, on February of 2014, they marched. They were demanding freedom, justice and to be treated with the dignity they deserved as citizens of Ukraine.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, against its own citizens – Yanukovych ordered the army to open fire on the demonstrators. The citizens of Ukraine.

Over 100 Ukrainian men and women were cut down and died. They sacrificed themselves in the fight against political corruption.

This Revolution of Dignity continues. Thousands of Ukrainians – men, women and little children are being maimed and dying as a result of Putin’s megalomaniacal clawing for the old Soviet. He wants what isn’t his and murders to attain it.

Ukraine is fighting for her sovereignty. History repeats itself.

A small musing: What will it take for North Americans to take back their dignity? Or has it been lost forever in the search for the next iPhone, the next video game, cardboard cupped coffee or the next overpriced, useless athlete?

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