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The Ukrainian 100

While Trump and the laughter from the Canadian Conservative party, at the working class (see: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/02/18/in-what-world-is-it-laughable-to-drive-a-bus-for-a-living-mallick.html ) make a mockery of democracy?

3 years ago, in Ukraine, people were fighting and dying for the concept. The late fall of 2013 to February 2014, the people of Ukraine – ordinary people, the you and me, the bus drivers, the store clerks, the office workers, took to the streets to protest the actions of the criminal Victor Yanukovych and his equally corrupt cronies.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, on February of 2014, they marched. They were demanding freedom, justice and to be treated with the dignity they deserved as citizens of Ukraine.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, against its own citizens – Yanukovych ordered the army to open fire on the demonstrators. The citizens of Ukraine.

Over 100 Ukrainian men and women were cut down and died. They sacrificed themselves in the fight against political corruption.

This Revolution of Dignity continues. Thousands of Ukrainians – men, women and little children are being maimed and dying as a result of Putin’s megalomaniacal clawing for the old Soviet. He wants what isn’t his and murders to attain it.

Ukraine is fighting for her sovereignty. History repeats itself.

A small musing: What will it take for North Americans to take back their dignity? Or has it been lost forever in the search for the next iPhone, the next video game, cardboard cupped coffee or the next overpriced, useless athlete?

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Bad Week

Sith LordsIt has been a rough week, all the way around. A daughter lost her mother, a mother lost a daughter, a brother lost a sister and I’ve lost a good friend. She passed away on Monday. Sudden and unexpected. It is hardest on the younger staff members of my office because the cold hard fact is that when you hit a certain age, death has introduced itself, it forces you to find a way to deal and maintain. I have to admit that my Pagan belief system serves me well in times like this; while I have eschewed most of dogma and whatnot, there is a certain amount of common sense approaches that I’ve retained as useful. The philosophy toward death is one of them. It will happen to everyone; it is the eternal cycle of life. I grieve but the grief is limited to my understanding and acceptance that the emotion is, basically, selfish. In essence, we grieve what WE have lost, what WE will miss, as individuals.

My friend was spiritual but not religious. I just have this feeling that this is a whole new adventure for her. I am happy that she will not have the incredible burdens of worry anymore. And a part of me does believe that I may well see her on the other side. This may be a coping mechanism, I am aware of that but as no one has, of yet, been able to prove unequivocally that we cease to exist, absolutely, I will retain that bit of comfort.

Lyne and I are/were the same age. We shared a lot of the same experiences, opinions and knowledge. We have been there, done that. It was good. Conversations in the kitchen, away from prying eyes and listening ears. Honesty, in a workplace, is a hard thing to find. We found it. A couple of middle aged broads sharing. I am going to miss that. She was more sensitive than am I. She was hurt easily. I like to think that our conversations eased that hurt a bit. Put things in perspective. Again, this may stem from the selfish nature of grief but hey, it’s my psyche.

Politics drove me mad this week as well; Quebec is a lot of things…boring is not one of those things. A 15 year old girl, strip searched by a principal (female) and a teacher (also female) and for what? They suspected her of holding pot. POT!! Not crack, not acid, not X…weed. In living rooms and bedrooms all around this big world, Moms and Dads are having a toke after a long day. Colorado and Washington have legalized the stuff. It is for sale in Holland, in stores! And this girl is strip searched, without her parents present nor were they called – no cops…just two morons who felt they were above the law or above the Canadian Charter of Rights.

There would have been no sanctuary for any school employee who attempted to strip search one of my kids. The apocalypse would have seemed like a Disney World vacation in comparison to my reaction. To compound the issue, the Minister of Education, Yves Bolduc, came out and said that there was nothing wrong with it…as long as it was done in a respectful manner. The mind just boggles and hurts a whole bunch. The parents are going to sue. I hope they do and I really do believe criminal charges should be laid. Abuse of authority. Fire their butts. Nobody that stupid should be in charge of educating children.

Then the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau broke the straw on my back. They welcomed two despicable human beings into the party. Prior to this, I was none too happy with the Liberals but I figured, I would give them a chance to prove themselves worthy of a vote. Disappointment. So I wrote my local MNA and advised him that I was cancelling my membership. Francis Scarpaleggia. As with other e-mails – I’ve written to this man – no response. Then I wrote the Liberal Party and requested my membership be cancelled and all donations were to cease. No response.

So now I have to contact my financial institution, at my cost, to cancel any further withdrawals to the Liberal Party. It isn’t much; $10.00 a month but the Liberals do not deserve my hard earned money, regardless of the amount.
Looks like I am left with no choice this election – I will have to go Conservative. I don’t like Harper but he is the lesser of a whack of evils. It won’t make much of a difference; I live in a community of sheep – they always vote for Scarpaleggia. As the sun rises…so does Lac St. Louis vote Liberal. The party could parachute Eve Adams in here and she’d win…it is rather sad, actually.

Worries about Ukraine; Putin terrifies me. He is a psychotic despot, disguised as a legitimate leader. He was raised on Stalinist propaganda and seems to apply the same theories and practices. He should terrify the world. A 3rd World War will not begin because of the Middle East; it will again, be ignited in Europe. And I have no doubt, the designer will be Putin.  I wouldn’t be surprised, in the least, to learn he was Stalin’s lovechild…the man is insane.

A tiny human being lost his life due to our Canadian weather; he managed to get out of an apartment, at 4:00 am and wander outside, in nothing more than a shirt, diaper and boots.  He froze to death.  There is no fault to be assigned, although the armchair critics are all over this one.  It is a tragedy, plain and simple.  3 year old children are very resourceful. I’ve raised 3 of them, myself and I was one, once.  My mother caught me sitting on top of a fridge.  To the day she died, she had no idea how I managed this.  Perhaps it is a false memory but I remember climbing on the handles of drawers to the counter and then hitching a step up on a kitchen shelf.  3 year olds are little human beings, with minds, and the ability to figure out problems.  This could have been anyone’s child.

It has not been a stellar week.


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Assad, Syria and Sarin

sarinThere is no doubt in many people’s minds that the deadly nerve gas, Sarin, was used on innocent civilians in Syria. I don’t think there is a thinking person, on this planet, that doesn’t condemn this action as horrific, as insane, as inhuman.

Right, well – the world is in agreement that this was wrong, inexcusable, and unacceptable. Except for Putin, of course; he refuses to believe Sarin was used, regardless of evidence. Dictators need to stick together.

For a look at what Sarin is and what it does:
Pretty terrifying stuff. In fact, as a chemical weapon, it is outlawed as per the 1925 Geneva Protocol and in 1997, the Geneva Protocol was replaced by the Chemical Weapons Convention, which demanded that chemical weapons be destroyed. 188 state parties signed the document, except for North Korea and … surprise, surprise, Syria.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/sarin-gas-a-look-at-the-deadly-chemical-weapon-1.1435991#ixzz2djyJffuD

So, now what? Do U.N. security troops march in? Should the U.S. take unilateral action, and march on in? Toss a few bombs, deploy some ground troops? Syria is a sovereign nation and this is not something that would do the global view of the United States, any good at all. Besides, they are spread thin in other sovereign nations as it is.

The Western world does not understand the Middle East. Let’s be honest. We know what we hear, what we read in the media. Few of us understand the history, the culture and definitely don’t understand the politics but damn, if we don’t have an opinion.

Here’s what I assume to be true based on the information available to me; Assad is a dictator from a line of dictators. There’s no democracy as we understand it to be, in Syria. Actually, there isn’t much democracy going on in the Middle East at all. Assad is just one of the club members.

There is a group, in Syria, who don’t like Assad and want him gone. Assad’s family line were not elected – they arrived via a coup d’état in 1963. This Assad’s dad – Hafez el-Assad was not adverse to using force to repress opposition either. It seems to be a family trait. The group forming an anti-Assad coalition is pretty diverse and complicated. On the chance that they manage to de-throne Assad? The ensuing chaos may well be worse than what is happening now, as hard as that is to believe. Here’s a link that can show you what I mean:

It could prove to be Afghanistan all over again; what if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, should Assad be ousted? Fundamentalist Islamists in power. We know how that works for human rights, particularly women’s rights. For the Syrian people, this would be out of one frying pan and into another. Neither pan concerned with freedom.

So, what does the West do? Stand back and watch as families are wiped out by nerve gas? Sadly watch the flickering images of ancient cities get blown to bits, along with their inhabitants? Innocent people, simply trying to survive?

And those are the questions facing Western democracies, facing the United Nations – what to do? I know I have no clue. The people of Syria have no clue. I don’t think the Obama administration knows what to do either. Putin? Well, we all know what he would advocate; suppression, violence and slap a little more nerve gas on ’em, if they won’t shut up.

Do we turn away? Allow Syria to sort out its one internal strife? Send medical aid and food but keep out of their politics? Or march on in there and try to clean up a mess that has been festering for decades? Giving Middle Eastern militants just another reason to hate the West, just another justification for a bombing, an attack, an assassination?

Makes you glad that you aren’t a politician around now, doesn’t it?

Our hearts go out to the people of Syria but a solution is not ours to find, not yet anyway.


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