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The Ukrainian 100

While Trump and the laughter from the Canadian Conservative party, at the working class (see: https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2017/02/18/in-what-world-is-it-laughable-to-drive-a-bus-for-a-living-mallick.html ) make a mockery of democracy?

3 years ago, in Ukraine, people were fighting and dying for the concept. The late fall of 2013 to February 2014, the people of Ukraine – ordinary people, the you and me, the bus drivers, the store clerks, the office workers, took to the streets to protest the actions of the criminal Victor Yanukovych and his equally corrupt cronies.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, on February of 2014, they marched. They were demanding freedom, justice and to be treated with the dignity they deserved as citizens of Ukraine.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, against its own citizens – Yanukovych ordered the army to open fire on the demonstrators. The citizens of Ukraine.

Over 100 Ukrainian men and women were cut down and died. They sacrificed themselves in the fight against political corruption.

This Revolution of Dignity continues. Thousands of Ukrainians – men, women and little children are being maimed and dying as a result of Putin’s megalomaniacal clawing for the old Soviet. He wants what isn’t his and murders to attain it.

Ukraine is fighting for her sovereignty. History repeats itself.

A small musing: What will it take for North Americans to take back their dignity? Or has it been lost forever in the search for the next iPhone, the next video game, cardboard cupped coffee or the next overpriced, useless athlete?

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Democratic Process Hi-Jacked; Dr. Sapa and Lisa D’Amico

Two, in my opinion, hysterical and misinformed individuals have managed to hi-jack the democratic process in Québec, robbing citizens of, what is, the most personal decision that an individual may ever have to make, for themselves; the right to die with dignity.

D’Amico, a disabled woman, seems to believe that Bill 52 will result in the wholesale slaughter of the disabled. Dr. Sapa, seems to have been pulled into her dark, hysterical, fantasy. And a judge seems to feel they have a point…..but then again, judges have been known to make grievous errors all too often.

To D’Amico, Sapa and Quebec Superior Court Justice Michel Pinsonnault, I would say; “How dare you! How dare any of you try to circumvent my right to die with dignity?”

To Dr. Sapa; I’ve watched beloved family members and friends, die while receiving this “end of life care” of which you speak. I’ve seen them suffer in agony because no pharmaceutical can still the pain. Is that “end of life care” to you? Forcing the terminal to suffer, to lie in their own excrement, to not be aware that they are alive because their whole being is in agony, dying while drowning in their own fluids?

End of life care; ah, you mean, tubes in the urethras, I.V needles hanging out of emaciated arms, breathing tubes or oxygen masks, unconscious due to heavy medications – is that what you wish to impose on me, this wonderful end of life care? Get stuffed. This is none of your business, it is none of Lisa D’Amico’s business. And now, it is none of Quebec Superior Court Justice Michel Pinsonnault’s business although you two have made it so.

I have the right to die as I choose, not as you choose. The government gave me that right – members who seem to be far more cognizant of the content of Bill 52 than are either of you, voted and according to the democratic process, allowed me that choice.

You don’t want to die with dignity? You don’t choose this method, then don’t opt for it but you have no right to take that choice from me. How dare you even attempt to remove that right based on hysterical assumption?!

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