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Women Blogger Group – MeWe

I’m still getting used to the MeWe platform but from what I see, it IS preferable to Facebook. I love the “No Ad” and the group concept. The chat feature is easier to use and preferable to freaking “Messenger”.

I started a couple of groups – one is based on spirituality outside the confines of organized religion and the second is for Women Bloggers. No “dick” pics or female nether regions. Just a place to exchange links, discuss concepts, best blogging sites, marketing your blog and general chit chat; I hope it takes off, in time.

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Flogging a New Social Platform

New or rather, new to me, social platform that has real potential. MeWe. Okay, the name is kind of dumb; I’ll grant you that but don’t let the name deter you.

It is a good social platform, based on the groups method – much like Multiply. I love the no ads or apparent data mining, on MeWe.

The learning curve is, relatively, easy particularly if you’ve used group-based platforms before, this one is super easy in comparison to the old school group options.

I’ve created a Women’s blogging group: should you be interested in sharing your own blog link, the frustrations, rewards and the inevitable attack of “writer’s block”.

I think this platform has potential and Facebook may be their greatest asset, as users get fed up with the abuse, the ads and general tomfoolery of the company.

Give it a shot – they deserve a shot. The graphic is linked and there is an embedded link in the text as well as the obvious flogging of the Women’s Blogger group. Please note: The Women’s Blogger group is exclusive to women members.

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  Because I do not believe, after  being released on a bond, with a promise to appear on Dec. 31st. I would like to make this a searchable story, that follows this psychopath for as long as possible.

His name is Kyle Springer and he, willfully, starved this dog to death. He was wanted on a warrant in New Brunswick and fled. He was found and arrested, as mentioned, they released him with a “promise to appear” on Dec. 31st.

Ridiculous courts – sure, he’ll be there. Bright and early on Dec. 31st riding his unicorn, with his trusted leprechaun at his side.

Remember the face, remember the name, although he’ll probably change it. Don’t cut this guy any breaks; give him as much caring and empathy as he gave Diesel.


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Corporate Cancer – Employees are not the enemy

An article appeared in LinkedIn – out of the UK; it was regarding a controversial move by a corporation to have microchips inserted into employees. It really doesn’t matter what kind of a spin a corporation chooses to use; it is a total violation of the right to privacy and of the most intimate source, the human body.

This particular scenario is multi-leveled and none of it is positive from the corporate culture perspective. Microchips are, of course, the extreme end of the issue. The issue of corporate mistrust of its employees, very foundation upon which the corporation has been built, is a cancer that is spreading throughout businesses, small and large. More and more companies seem to be taking on the “Us vs Them” policy because the alternative seems to require too much thought, effort.

Most serious breaches of confidentiality, of value-based information, products, services weren’t by the common worker, but rather by supervisors, middle managers and yes, even in the boardroom. Yet, it is not that group being victimized vis a vis the “Big Brother” surveillance methods; key fobs, fingerprint/retina scans and the above-mentioned travesty – microchips. It is the plebes…the everyday folk who bear the brunt of corporate deceit.

Some sort of removal of ethics, common sense and responsibility seems to occur as an employee rises through the ranks. Or perhaps it is a transference.

Corporations are built from the bottom up, not the other way around; to forget this, is to, seriously, impede corporate growth and functionality.

When a corporate culture, whether knowingly or unwittingly, creates an atmosphere where employees feel devalued, mistrusted, there will be a degradation of service and productivity. A sense of being of no more importance than a key scan or bar code. This removal of their humanity impacts productivity – impacts job performance, removing any motivation toward initiative.

The goal of the corporation is a collection of happy stockholders – happy stockholders are created by corporate successes. Corporate successes, whether the boardrooms wish to admit it or not, come as a result of successful employees. People wishing, wanting to go that extra mile toward excellence. Big Brothering destroys the will, stomps on the “want”, replacing it with apathy and a mentality of “Here’s my 8 hours – I did what was expected. You don’t deserve anything more.”

Business needs an about-face. It is time to examine the Human Resource departments – make them earn their money. Human Resources has become code for “Protect the Corporate Image”. It is, now, an oxymoron in most places of business and don’t fool yourselves, the employees are fully aware of what HR has become. They can play your game and that isn’t a concept any place of business should be fostering.

If employees can’t be trusted then, the fault does not lie with the staff as a whole. The fault lies with the hiring and mentoring processes. The fault lies within the upper corporate structures. Initiative and creativity are, summarily, suppressed by the micromanaging atmosphere and the key to any success is initiative and creativity, along with a very large helping of respect.

The most successful corporations are those that go the extra mile toward ensuring employees feel welcomed, feel as if they make a difference, whether in the mailroom, on the road or in the corner office. The run-of-the-mill business and the business destined to underperform are the ones who install fingerprint/retina scans or even consider microchips. These “tools” impede and may even remove, any sense of loyalty because in order to benefit from loyalty, it is necessary to create an environment that reinforces this quality.

Take a look at where the real problems lie, and those problems are not from an employee coming back to their cubicle, 5 minutes late. The problem is with policies and departments that do not afford the foundations of business, the non-managerial staff, respect and trust. The problem is devalued human beings. It has become a cancer and it is spreading; it is time for some serious surgery.

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Jailed, solicitor who starved dog to death in locked room: Boxer tried to claw its way out of kitchen before dying in agony


(I hope to keep this traceable for as long as there is an internet; this thing is not a human being, she is a monster. Web rumour is that she has actually given birth. I can only hope that the U.K’s version of Child Protective Services has her on their radar. This kind of wanton cruelty is an indicator of a sociopathic personality.)


    • Katy Gammon, 27, tied up her pet boxer Roxy and left home for a week
    • Solicitor returned to a stench so strong she could not face going inside
    • Boxer was eventually found 10 weeks later after complaints about flies
    • RSPCA inspectors had to scrape dead Roxy off the floor with a shovel
    • Gammon, from Bristol, has been jailed for 18 weeks today
    • Magistrate says cruelty was ‘deliberate’ and ‘most serious court has seen’
    • Shockingly, Gammon had piled tins of dog food and dog treats outside the kitchen – just feet away from where Roxy was
      locked inside.
    • RSPCA Inspector Albinson added: “This is one of the worst cases we have ever come across. “The police who attended the scene were genuinely upset by it and they investigate human murders. “She showed no remorse whatsoever in interview.”

A trainee solicitor was jailed yesterday for locking her dog in the kitchen and starving it to death.

Roxy, a five-year-old Boxer, died in agony after she was trapped without food or water for more than a week.

Her owner, Katy Gammon, 27, who had moved in with her mother at the time, continued going to work while her pet slowly perished.



Roxy’s body lay undiscovered for another eight weeks, by which time it was so decomposed an RSPCA inspector had to use a snow shovel to pick it up.

Bristol Magistrates’ Court had previously heard that Gammon had confined the dog by tying a rope to the kitchen door handle and fixing it to a hook in the hall.

Roxy had frantically clawed at the door, leaving fragments on the floor, as she tried to escape before her death, which would have taken around six days.

Gammon is thought to have confined Roxy to one room because she was not house trained.

Her body was found after Gammon started staying with her mother nearby.

She returned to feed Roxy until she dislocated her knee and was unable to get to the house, then falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend was feeding her pet.

Gammon told RSPCA inspector Miranda Albinson she had left Roxy without food for a week in August, and returned to find an awful smell, adding: ‘I assumed she was dead. I never went back.’

Asked if she had deliberately locked her in the kitchen and left her to die, Gammon replied: ‘Yes, basically.’

A number of items had desperately been pulled out of cupboards. We believe this was a desperate attempt at searching for food or water.

‘Roxy suffered a slow, painful death which could have been prevented.’

Farah Rashid, defending, said Gammon ‘hated herself’ for the suffering she had caused, adding: ‘There is no excuse. This conviction has ended the career she has been working for ten years.’ (She doesn’t hate herself as much as the rest of the world will hate her, as word continues to spread. It is my fervent wish that she never has a happy day for the rest of her miserable life.)

An online petition had collected 100,000 signatures for ‘justice for Roxy the boxer dog’, and protesters campaigning for tougher sentencing for animal cruelty gathered outside the court and chanted.

Sentencing, magistrate Rod Mayall said: ‘You have shown limited remorse. You failed to behave as any normal person would have. This is the most serious case of animal cruelty encountered in these courts.’


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It Is Always About Perspective.

Heads up; it doesn’t matter who you are – it doesn’t matter if you’re an Atheist, a Christian, Hindi, Jewish, Muslim. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you believe. There is just so much to take away from this video. It is not simply about a survivor; Dr. Eger makes sure of that. This is one of the most important learning tools, you will ever be given. I know you’re all busy; looking to score that next big deal, perhaps looking for new employment, of dealing with yet another, disaster at work. Take a few minutes, I implore you.

You see, perception is our greatest tool for understanding, dealing and overcoming obstacles, regardless of how large they may seem at the time. Dr. Eger’s examples are extreme, of course but her methods, her tools of emotional/psychological survival and conquering whatever demons prevent us from growing, are universal. Unfortunately, this video seems to be available through Facebook only; I’ve created a shortlink which appears to work. You will get a pop-up asking if you wish to create an account; simply click on “Not Now” which appears at the bottom of that pop-up; you will then be able to watch the video.

This isn’t a con; it is not trying to sell you anything, nor compromise your information. I am simply sharing this because of its importance, because it IS a powerful learning tool, regardless of who you are, what you are or how you got there…I promise you, it is, very much, worth your time.  If you know me, in real life, then you know I am not a “sunny days and cotton candy clouds” individual.  I do ask that you take my word for this; incredible life lesson.

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American Friends

(Borrowed from a friend – with permission; expresses my thoughts perfectly.)

First, know this. You are my friend because I think you are wonderful.
There is a certain breed of woman I am drawn to in my friends and you are her.
They are intelligent because I have no patience for the stupid.
They are colourful because grey women bore me.
They are strong and almost all carry the scars of life on their souls because those make for the most interesting people.
They have and do make mistakes because they are so very human and I do so love a person with humanity.
But more than anything, they are kind and loving and compassionate because I am drawn to light, not darkness.

What they are not, are absolute Republicans or absolute Democrats. They are not necessarily “right” or “left”
Some voted for McCain, some for Obama. Some voted Independent. Some, as we all do, have their prejudices and bias. Some are Christian, some are other things, some are nothing on the spectrum of Spirituality.
Some love their guns and believe in their right to own a gun.
Some are right to lifers and some pro-choice.

Sometimes we disagree with our philosophies and policies but I have always respected their right to an opinion as they do mine.
Sometimes cross words have reached over the internet because we are passionate and strong in our beliefs but in the light of a new day we all recognize; this journey is more interesting with each other along for the ride.

I see what you are enduring right now.
I see the comments on your pages.
I see you getting kicked in the teeth by your own countrymen, your own government, sometimes even by your own family.
I see your helmets on, your battle shields raised, your sword lifted.
I know you and I know what this is doing to you, but you don’t stop, you don’t give up, you refuse to hide from it, and I admire you. So much.

Know this!!
You do not need to be friends with bigots and racists and homophobes.
There is no law in humanity which says you must be that tolerant. There is no rule which says you need to accept or listen to the opinions of all. They may have a right to say it but there are consequences and losing YOU is a terrible and just consequence.

Also remember this. Democracy; the countries we so enjoy. The nations where others flock to, dream of, wish to belong to do not just happen by accident or mistake.
Democracy is hard won, hard-earned and must be constantly fought for.
Carry on my wayward son. You are light.

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Elder Abuse; it is our problem

Socio-economic status is, quite obviously, not protection from elder abuse.

Our social fabric is seeing the impact of the Baby Boomers on our economy, our healthcare and sadly, the incidents of the inexcusable abuse of these individuals, as they enter their “golden” years.

Society is judged by its treatment of its most vulnerable and as a society, we are failing.

There are so many facets to the problems of dealing with an aging population but there is one thing, that we can all offer, and it costs us nothing but grants so many rewards. Time.

Just time.

  1. Time as a gift to a family caregiver; allowing them to take a day, a night or if possible, a weekend away from the responsibility of caring for an elder relative.
  2. Time spent at the care facility, if the relative has been placed in such an environment.
  3. Time spent talking to doctors/nurses/aides in charge of the elder’s care.
  4. Time spent talking with the elder relative or friend; listening to their concerns.
  5. Time spent watching the interaction between staff and your relative/friend.
  6. Time spent by taking the relative/friend out for a walk, even if it just around a facility’s grounds.
  7. Time spent discussing medical care with doctors/nurses and aides, ensuring that our elder relative/friend understands their treatment and options.
  8. Time spent preparing a special meal or a morning coffee/tea to share.
  9. Time spent ensuring that all our relative/friend’s financial dealings are above board.
  10. Time spent to stave off loneliness, ensuring our relative or friend knows that he/she has not been forgotten.

Following the passing of my father; it became clear that living alone, in the family home was not in my mother’s best interest. Mom, my husband and myself decided that the best option was for her to move in with us. My husband and my sons constructed an in-law suite for her, complete with her own kitchenette, a separate bedroom and bath/laundry room. She would have her privacy and we would have ours. In all honesty, it also provided me with a way to ensure she was taking her medications/eating properly.

This was a huge adjustment for all of us but, I will never regret the decision. I was able to be there for my mother, as she was for me and believe me..I was not the easiest child with whom to deal. My memories of the 3 years Mom lived with us, are wonderful, coming home from work and seeing her. Sharing our ups and downs; trying to help her with the monumental grief of losing my Dad, they had been married for 60 years when he passed away.

Caring for an elder relative/friend, allowing them to feel needed, loved doesn’t take much. Just some of your time. It really is such a small thing but means so much. Time can help to prevent abuse, depression and loneliness. Time will create memories that we can hold in our hearts, long after we have to say good-bye to our loved one. Time costs us nothing to give but the pay back in priceless.

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Canada Revenue Agency – They DON’T make housecalls.

(Examples of fraudulent communications – text and e-mails)

The Canada Revenue Agency or the provincial revenue agencies, DO NOT show up at your house. They simply DO NOT. These are scammers. They are not government agencies; they are dirtbags in call centers, looking to relieve you of your cash. Let me repeat; the CRA DOES NOT SHOW UP AT YOUR HOME. If someone making this claim does come to your home, call the police immediately. Note their physical description, the vehicle they are driving, and if safe to do so, the license plate #.

Although it may seem obvious to most of us; they don’t as for cash/gift cards as payment.

The procedures are nationwide and do not deviate; if you really own the government money, they will contact you via regular old snail mail. You’ll be provided with a file number and a contact name/number. If you call, they will ask you specific information regarding your identity. To be completely sure that this is the government, use the phone numbers found on the actual government web site or in the telephone book.

Please talk to neighbours who may be vulnerable – elderly neighbours, recent immigrants and refugees. Encourage them to report the scams.

When you back trace the numbers and ask the providers – Rogers seems to be a popular one; they are notable unresponsive. Go to the RCMP Fraud site and register a formal complaint.


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Stop Listening to Rhetoric or How to Not Be a Victim

Stop. Just stop listening to feminist and gay rhetoric regarding our right to safely walk at night, enjoy a night out. It is garbage. It is dangerous garbage. Telling little boys to treat women and members of the gay community with respect, is not going to change a thing.  There are predators out there and a picket sign, a Slut Walk, is not going to alter this simple fact.

We may believe we have the right to safety, but predators take full advantage of that belief. How many times do you see people out, alone, for an evening walk, a run, wearing ear buds? Unable to hear if anyone is behind them; looking ahead, unaware if someone is hiding in the vicinity, unaware that a vehicle is following them.

Take a look at these guys, a good look; none of them “look like” monsters but they are among the worst of the worst.

Abduction, torture, rape, mutilation and murder.

This applies to boys and men as well; be aware of your surroundings. Never leave an area without sending a message to someone. Make sure your locating apps are running on your cell.

The photos, below, are of predators who preyed on boys and men; Gacy, Dahmer, MacArthur, Magnotta.

Torture, rape and murder are not a gender issue.

They all look like the folks in our neighbourhood.

Psychopaths do not look different, they don’t “act” differently, they are, virtually, unidentifiable from you or me.

Sometimes, two psychopaths meet and the result is devastating for all of us, as in the above – Bernardo and Homolka (aka Teal) and the Wests.

There is no 100% protection from these monsters but there are ways to lessen their opportunities;

  1. Never leave your food or drink unattended. NEVER. If you get up to go to the washroom, to dance, to grab a smoke outside, take your drink or order a fresh one, on your return.
  2. If you are walking the dog, running or on your way to the store – do not wear ear buds. Be aware of your surroundings, 360 deg. Aware.
  3. Always note vehicles in your vicinity. If you get a tingle in your Spidey sense? Cross the street, walk in the opposite direction; go into local business, call someone. Get out of the area, quickly.
  4. When you get in your car, lock the doors, IMMEDIATELY. Don’t open your damn window if someone taps on it. Never get out of your car, at the request of a stranger. No, you didn’t drop $20 bucks. If your tire is flat? Use your cell phone, from inside your car, to call someone. Another ruse is to tell you that your car is leaking a fluid; great – turn your car on and drive to the nearest service station to have it verified.
  5. Don’t let strangers in your house; for any reason. If the cable, gas or power company has an issue? Make sure your door is locked and call the company. Do not allow “city employees” in your home. Make sure your door is locked and call the city. If you are alone, tell whoever is at your door, from behind your locked door, to come back. Ensure someone else is in your home for the next visit.
  6. Someone lose a pet or child? Call the police in the case of a child and animal control, in the case of a pet and get away from that individual.
  7. Tell your kids; adults DO NOT ask children for direction or for help.  They just don’t.  Tell them to run to the nearest house and ask for assistance.

Bottomline; always be aware of danger. Always be aware of your surroundings. Never allow yourself to be alone with someone you do not know or do not know well. Note vehicles in your area.

Carry a weapon, one that is easily accessible. My favourite is pepper spray. It is illegal. I don’t care. That pepper spray, probably, saved me from rape or worse, one night. Ask yourself, if someone attempts to assault you? What are the odds that they will go to the police to press charges?

Anecdote: I was walking home, a very residential neighbourhood, the whole white picket fence thing, from a local, neighbourhood pub. It was late, I was alone and I had high heels – those shoes make you easy pickings, by the way, running is not an option. I was not wearing earbuds, or earphones. I heard a vehicle behind me; it had stopped. I heard a door open and the next thing I knew I was being grabbed from behind.

I always keep my pepper spray, in my hand, when I’m out and alone. Always. The law be damned. If I am charged, then that means, I avoided an assault or worse. I’ll take the charges, thanks.

I managed to spray the guy. He dropped like a stone, I took my shoes off and ran like the devil.

Want a peek into the minds of psychos? He had a partner, in the vehicle; the partner yelled as I was running away, “What did the bitch do?”

So, I was to be assaulted, protected myself and I’m the bitch.

I got away. I was lucky, and I was aware of my surroundings.

Don’t be a victim. Be aware. Trust no one. This is your life, you are protecting.

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