Beyond The Myth, the Media Garbage and Public Ignorance.

And now…the truth about Merritt Clifton and his dogbite dot org and related sites.

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Time to Shout, Time to Protest


It is time for the rest of us; the dull normals, to take to the streets. If windows are to be broken, if public places are to be destroyed; it should be “us” doing the whole riot thing because, well…it is our dime footing the bill.

What idiot came up with this idea? While our elderly, our mentally ill, our veterans and lower income, CONTRIBUTING, members of our society, go without the basics they need to survive? Money is spent on the dregs of society? Lower HIV and Hep C rates? Bullshit. How about providing real members of our communities with what they need, FIRST, before contributing to criminal behaviours?

Our elderly didn’t choose to get old; they didn’t choose to have their bodies disintegrate, develop illnesses yet far too many of them are forced to choose between food/rent and life altering medicines.

Children don’t choose to be poor and have parents who, although, actually work – unlike addicts – are unable to afford school supplies and medicine.

Veterans don’t choose to develop PTSD, or end up maimed while serving our country. Unlike addicts, who do nothing but attach themselves as parasites.

This is a disgusting misuse of tax payer money. We – the silent majority of this country, need to start doing some shouting of our own. Perhaps stage our own protests over the total disregard given to the employed citizens of Canada. We, the people who struggle out of bed, fly out the door, coffee and offspring in hand….to battle yet another work day. Meanwhile, an addict hangs in the streets, steals – indulges in prostitution, panhandles for that next fix. Does not contribute, in any way, toward the ministries/healthcare that ends up looking after them – that bill is ours to pay and ours alone. I’m tired of it. You want to stick a needle in your body? That’s your choice. Why should I pay for it? Why should my neighbours, my kids and my co-workers? I don’t buy that it’s a sickness anymore. It’s a choice and there are alternatives. Don’t want to take advantage of the alternative? Again, your choice. City morgues are never without customers who made wrong choices.

Enough with sending messages that drug addiction is somehow acceptable, on any level. Enough with this being a “sickness”. It is a choice. The options are out there but addicts choose, of their own volition, to eschew those options in favour of drugs. Drug abuse is something that is open to everyone but few of us choose to put our lives in jeopardy by using. Drug abuse is a choice. A choice. And society should not be held financially accountable for it. Enough.

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David Duke, KKK and Other Racist Genetic Mutations

I think you would be either be an idiot or an ostrich not to make the connection between the events in Virginia and that moron masquerading as a president.

Don’t think so? Watch this sorry excuse for a human being.

Make America great again? Here’s a thought; instead of murdering innocent people, rioting and wearing symbols of oppression, subjugation and genocide – why don’t you find a way to improve yourself? Go back to school, read a book, clean up a park, volunteer. How about showing your “patriotism” by joining the army or are you following in the footsteps of your mentors – Trump and Duke – examples of how privilege keeps you out of the military. Obviously, you have far too much time and not enough functioning brain cells, happening in your life. I shudder to think that you have the capacity to reproduce, further polluting our gene pool.

Getting rid of Lee’s statue is not changing American history; it is relegating institutionalized slavery and murder to the dustbins of memory, where it belongs, unless, of course – rape, murder, mutilation and torture are American ideals of which you are proud – in that case, erect your own statue…where it belongs, in your outhouse. It belongs with the statues of Stalin, Lenin and that pompous Nazi eagle; pulled down, pulverized and dumped with the other embarrassing human exploits in our history.

STOP calling yourselves Aryan – you aren’t. You aren’t the master race – you are hicks with no discernable IQ. I do have Norse and Eastern European DNA in my veins, probably more than do you and as a Caucasian – I say to you, remove those ridiculous symbols off your arms, burn the t-shirts because you don’t have Clue 1 as to what they really represent. You wouldn’t have been part of the Master Race under Hitler – you would have been out shoveling manure or something similarly geared toward your abilities.

While we are on the topic of criminal behaviours? The anti-Fascist groups are no better. You use high ideals as an excuse to behave like animals. Stop it. You aren’t fighting the good fight; you are behaving as badly, sometimes worse, than those you “claim” to be fighting against.

There is no excuse for the kinds of violence and removal of rights that we are seeing in our streets.

By the same token, blame has to stop. I am not responsible for the subjugation of minorities; I am not responsible for residential schools. My freakin’ family was still in Europe. I am to blame because my skin is white? No. I don’t think so. Racism and scapegoating is on all sides of this issue.

I expect to be judged on who I am, not whether I freckle in the sun. Assholes have no colour. They are who they are – INSIDE. The outside is just a product of nature protecting itself through the ages.

I’ve known asshole white people, asshole black people, asshole Asian and Aboriginal – to me, they were assholes, their skin colour didn’t change their behaviour – it never does. The truth is under the skin. The truth is what goes on between the ears, not the colour of the epidermis covering those ears.

Refusal to accept a global reality and the gains to be made for humanity is nothing short of criminal ignorance; sure, there will be problems but with education and some common sense, as well as decency; we – as a species, are up for the challenge, regardless of hue.

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Letter to Justin

I voted for you; recent decisions and blatant inaction has made me, deeply, regret my decision. Okay, granted – there weren’t any acceptable options at the time and your speech writers, definitely, struck a chord but you are proving the adage, “Talk is cheap.”

I understand budgets and I know that money is allotted to various departments. I understand that if that money is not utilized, the following year, those budgets get cut. This is not license for fiscal irresponsibility. After years of Harper, social spending should have been one of the priorities – NATIONAL social spending. While I support the Clinton Foundation and its numerous good works; the world can wait while your government puts our own house in order.

The decision, by the courts, to award Khadr 10 million Canadian tax dollars is beyond absurd. Is this a pay off for information? Is it a pay off for some sort of silence? While his rights were violated; it was not by the Canadian people, yet it is us that are footing this bill, created by the Canadian Human Rights Commission – in this case, a title best described as an oxymoron. If financial compensation was to be awarded; why was it not compensation, in Khadr’s name to Amnesty International or some other global Human Rights organization? An apology on behalf of the government is fine.

There are too many victims of human rights abuse in Canada to have a man, who was involved in a war action, to be handed over my money for behaviour directed against the West and as Canada is in the West – against Canadians. He has been granted the privilege of the chance for a new life; that is compensation enough.

How many indigenous communities could have been helped with that 10 million dollars? How many veterans who fought for our beliefs could have benefited from this kind of windfall?

Sunny Ways, Mr. Trudeau? No. These are not sunny ways for Canadians. We struggle, daily, to maintain our standards of living and you? You aid in the process of throwing our tax dollars away. Your “sunny ways” are a sham; behind your picture of sun and happy times, the truth will, eventually, rip through. For all Harper’s cold-hearted cuts to social networks, for all his protection of corporate Canada, you and your government are not better, perhaps worse.

Your government’s donation to the Clinton Foundation is a glaring example of your disconnect with this country. While the Foundation provides opportunities for education in foreign lands, we have communities in your own country that need those opportunities. While the Clinton Foundation helps to provide support for women in the world; there are women in your own country that need those opportunities. Support for artisans in foreign lands – your own country has artisans that need support to help their own communities thrive.

When an indigenous child dies because there is no access to an ambulance, or sickens because of a lack of access to clean water, safe living quarters and over 10 million dollars is shoveled over to a soldier of an enemy?  $10.39 for 4 litres of milk in Nunavut?  And you give an enemy operative 10 million dollars?  How about using Khadr’s name on a Hercules, sent up north with food – create a government store and render the parasites at Northern Stores impotent.  Look after your own people first.

milk in Nunavut

When a veteran must struggle to make ends meet, when a veteran cannot afford food and proper housing? You have failed. Your sun has set and the dark clouds are moving in.


Are you that blind? Are your handlers that successful in insulating you from Canadian reality?

You are failing Canada, you are failing your constituents – you are failing Canadians and in a very negative but spectacular fashion.  You make me ashamed.

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Take the Message Home

I was hit yesterday, while stopped at a stop sign, behind 2 other vehicles. Luckily, for me, I was taught how to drive, by some pretty awesome teachers. My rule of thumb is to always allow myself a clear view of the rear tires of the vehicle in front of me, otherwise, I would have been pushed into the innocent driver in front of me and perhaps, cause a chain reaction involving the person in front of him. Why? A young man was not paying attention. Was he on a cell phone? Maybe. Texting? Possibly. I don’t know. What I do know is that he was distracted, otherwise he would have noticed, we were all stopped, at the stop sign. My brake lights were on.

The accident happened in a construction zone, where we are should always be paying a little extra attention. This young man was not, and he hit me.

I am now without my car, I don’t know for how long because the impact not only cracked my bumper, it also dislodged my muffler and shifted my entire back panel. I was unwilling to test my trunk to see if it would open, in case, it wouldn’t close again.

I pulled off the road, to a small patch of grass and expected to exchange information. While the young man had his proof of insurance, he did not have his driver’s license on him. Pretty big faux pas. As a result, I took a photo of his license plate, a photo of his proof of insurance and the damage to his car (pretty badly damaged). He left his house, to go to his job, in a vehicle, without his driver’s license….wow.

He tried to tell me that I didn’t sustain damage….yeah, well, please let me check it out. Yes, I did sustain damage. I figure the damage will cost a couple of grand, if not more. If he shifted the frame by the impact…it will be A LOT more.

Not just the car though; the impact threw me forward and then back. I didn’t think much of it, because my baby, my Focus was hurt. The car appeared drivable, so after attaining all his info (some people felt, strongly, I should have called the police), maybe I should have but I was in shock and I followed procedure as I was taught. No one appeared severely injured, I felt okay at the time and he was fine. Police don’t come to accidents where no one is badly hurt; they expect the drivers to exchange info, file claims and move on, which, in my mind, is what I did.

Well, I started on my way, mentally noting everything I needed to do when I arrived at the office. I called my husband, I called the insurance and then I called the police to find out if I really should have called them. The constable on the other line said that calling them would have been an option but there was really nothing they could do except for citing the young man for driving without his permit.

I called the insurance company and they took all the information, I had everything they required and the claim was started, an appointment made at a body shop. While this was happening, I noticed that my back and my neck were starting to ache. It got worse and I figured, might be a good plan to go to the clinic…I advised my boss and left work. I was only about 3 blocks away when a truck driver waved for my attention, I rolled down my window and he told me that I was sparking as I drove.

Pulled off the road and called my insurance; they called a flat bed for me.

My car is now at the garage, for who knows, how long. I, then spent, over 5 hours waiting for a doctor and x-rays. I managed to see the doctor however after waiting in the examining room; it was too late for x-rays. I must go back today. And shoot my entire day, waiting to be x-rayed and then, waiting to see the doctor.

So, here’s the breakdown of this; because of a few seconds of inattention, a young man has left me without my car, forced me to miss work, causing my back, legs and neck to hurt, and leave me to spend an entire afternoon waiting at a clinic to see a doctor. He has caused me to lose money, lose time, he has inconvenienced the people at my office, he has caused an injury.

Because of a few seconds of inattention; he probably thought he was a great driver and this would never happen to him.

In addition to all of this? My replacement vehicle? A Dodge Dart with an interior that smells funny and not in a good way.

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American Corporate Influence or Life in the Losing Lane

Meh – I will probably get into trouble for this. Hey, look – I have 6 years in the workforce left; you wanna can me? C’est la vie but if I can get one person to think about life’s true priorities? I’m happy. Life is too short to guard your words, thoughts because of a corporate entity.

Obviously, I work for a corporation. I am a child of the late sixties and seventies; the movement that guided North American youth left its mark. I was too young for Woodstock but I remember seeing what corporate and corrupt politics did to young men in Vietnam, to people of colour in the south. I was old enough to follow Watergate and the junk bond crooks of Wall Street. My opinion of corporate and political minions were formed and as I started to move into the workforce, those opinions were validated and set in concrete.

As a Canadian, American points of view are everywhere but I am also a Quebecoise. As a Quebecois, I am influenced by the life view of Europe. We are Americanized on the surface but scratch that surface and the European culture runs deep.

Many of us work to live – we do not follow the American or the Americanized Canadian “live to work” philosophy. We know that this leads to a shallow and sad sort of life. A life bereft of real family connection, of true enjoyment of life.

Here’s a confession; I am connected to my job, 24/7 and I am working toward changing this. I am connected through my home computer, through my cell phone. I am tethered…no…I am willfully shackled to the company. What will this get me? If I’m lucky? A pat on the head. My problem is that I truly believe that customers are important – their needs, their requirements are a priority. Why is this a problem? Because when you work for a corporation with American talking heads? The real priority is the bottom line and if this means cutting staff and working the current employees into heart attacks, breakdowns or quitting in disgust? No matter, as long as a profit is shown.

Europe stands back and gazes in scorn. A few American corporations “get it” and as a result, leave other corporations in their fiscal dust….Google for example, Microsoft used to be thus but I’m not sure anymore. These are corporations that “get it”. They strive to attain balance between the priority of attracting and retaining staff that and to be quite blunt “give a shit” in their job. These companies encourage pride, reward hard work and maintain that work and life must be in balance. Wall Street and the big auto makers look down their noses at the policies of the Silicon Valley yet, although took a beating, it was the cream that rose to the top and the cream remain strong while Sally May and the auto companies had to go in search, as is viewed by the great unwashed, with hat-in-hand for bailouts. A bailout is failure. Not that the execs care. They still get their salaries and perks.

You see, the US and some of Canada is no better than the worst of the medieval world of Seigneurs and serfs. This is the feudal system gone 2017.

But, just as the serfs found ways to enjoy their lives, one day – the inequity, the cruelty will become too much and the serfs will find a way to fight back. Look up the word “sabotage”. The French and Russian revolutions are extreme examples but this is what happens when you treat the people, who allow you to feed at your trough, with no regard. History is replete with warnings. A lot of Europe took notes but the US and Canada seem to have forgotten their roots. We all arrived here due to some sort of feudal jack booting.

I have learned some valuable lessons in the corporate world – I learned the most valuable lesson of all, through the passing of a good friend. She died and corporate didn’t even take notice. She was a good worker, she had strong ethics and should have been a shining star but her ethics had her deemed a “troublemaker”. Work was heaped on her and when the stress began to show? She was the problem…not the company.

I lost my folks and a few good friends over the past 7 years and I deduced that life is too short to be indebted to a corporate entity that won’t even notice my departure – whether it is a moral coil departure or a “take this job and shove it” exit. It took a while for reality to set in.

If I drop off the face of the earth tomorrow? My seat won’t even be allowed to cool before the next peon is put in my chair. The corporation won’t comfort my husband, my kids or grandchildren. These people, these special people in my life don’t exist in the corporate milieu where I work, far more than those 8 hours a day, I am “technically” contracted to work.

So, in the future, my priorities will change – my ethics will not be set on the backburner, my family will not take second place. I will not be overburdened because corporate requires cutbacks. I will say “No.” I will re-set myself – a hard boot, so to speak.

All of this to say; wake up. The corporation will eat you up and spit you out. Your family will be cut loose. You are killing yourself to make someone else rich. You are those serfs from the middle ages. “Please sir, can I have some more?”, even though YOU are the one who has put that gruel in the pot.

I’ll do my job to the best of my ability, because I come from a family with a strong work ethic but I am also Quebecois and I now know that a line needs to be drawn. The corporation doesn’t care that I’m darn good at what I do. They can and will fill my chair with someone with less skill if they can find a cheap way to do it.

My life wasn’t given to me to be a sap for the rich. My life needs to be enjoyed because, goddam…it is too short to waste slaving for strangers who don’t give a damn.

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Don’t Tell Me How to Remember

I was asked, a few times, why I don’t like to go to the cemetery where my parents’ urn has been placed….

First, it really isn’t anyone’s business but if someone is crass enough to question this – here is my answer:

I have gone, but the result is not what my parents would have wanted. Neither of them were known to make visits to their own parent’s graves. They both hated it and I know why…it is pointless.

I went yesterday and placed a few flowers in a vase, in front of a marble columbarium. There was a plaque with Mom and Dad’s date of birth and their deaths. A cold structure that does not reflect them or my memories of them. The visit did not elicit warm fuzzies but instead, brought back nothing but sadness, heartache and grief. If you knew my folks, you would know that this would have been anathema to them.

I remember my folks, daily – not a day goes by without a memory flooding back. A happy memory. A smile in my heart.

Yesterday, I stood there, in front of that monstrosity and cried. After 6 ½ years of my Dad’s leaving us and 3 years to the day of my Mom being gone, I still cried. This isn’t what either of them would have me do.

My memories of my parents are in my heart, in my brain and they are good memories. They are happy memories. It is how they would have wanted to be remembered. Now, I must spend a good amount of time, wiping the thought of that plaque, the cemetery, regardless of the scenery, from my mind. Nothing happy is connected to that place.

I don’t know why I went to the cemetery. So that tongues wouldn’t wag? Possibly. No…probably.

I won’t do it again. No one has the right to determine how I choose to remember my parents. If I choose to avoid a place of endings, of death, of grief and choose instead to recall happy times through memory and through photos, that is my choice and a choice of which my parents would approve.

Keep memory in your own way and allow others to keep memory in their way. Few things are as personal as honouring loved ones who have left us.

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More Dangerous Than Ebola? Willful Ignorance

Wicked Emerald - Live From Montreal

Every so often, my smugness at being a Canadian gets a shake. I like to believe Canada and its citizens are educated, intelligent and have successfully avoided the blockheaded, racist commentary we, so often, hear from our neighbours to the south. Yesterday was such a day.

Something was posted online, a stupid and IMO, absolutely ignorant meme with no positive message, at all. Not only was it offensive and mean-spirited, it could be further classified as defamation.  The man in the meme never made those comments and the content could, very well, impact his career and his reputation.

Here, take a look:

Don Cherry

Terrorist prisoner. The term is relative to the country, now isn’t it?  When this piece was posted, there were actually people who supported the view. Canadians.

Too bad Darwin is dead; he needed to re-work his theory. Not all members of this species have evolved.


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The White in the Canadian Flag is Just a Colour.

I started this piece this earlier this morning when I was overtaken by a terrible and overwhelming sense of apathy; a dark “Why bother? You’re beating your head against a wall far denser than brick. It’s a wall of willful ignorance.”

I leashed the dog and went out for some fresh air.

My dog is 100 + pounds of love. He has introduced me to people I would never have met before. Today we met a lovely lady, obviously in the beginning of dementia; we had a terrific conversation…which repeated several times. I met a young boy with his dad, I met another lady, at the bus stop, from the U.S – who told me how she loved Canada and wished that she could stay here because, “Well…Trump.” Chico is friends with a great guy who owns the local television repair shop – he’s Rastafarian. He is a man of colour. Chico doesn’t give a rat’s ass.

He was all over a boy in the park, a few weeks ago; the boy was accompanied by his parents. They were from the Middle East and Muslim. The mom wore a hijab. Chico didn’t care.

He has met people of all race, creeds and colour – he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care which god or lack thereof these people worship. He sees them for what they are – people. Two-legged creatures who either are good to him or ignore him.

Lately, I’ve seen hateful posts from those champions of douchebaggery – the Canadian Patriot and…pardon, but even the typing the following name makes me gag “Rebel Media”. These butt nuggets were around before but since the Great Cheeto to the south was elected? These rags feel, somehow, vindicated and emboldened to spread their brand of Nazi-style hatred and propaganda. They take molesting and rape charges levied against men with names, obviously, not Anglo Saxon and enhance the story. The man may be a Muslim but suddenly, he is a “MIGRANT”! They try and it doesn’t take much effort, to enrage their troglodyte followers into believing that the virtue of white-Canadian womanhood is at risk from hordes of salivating Muslim men. Yes, there are men who rape and are Muslim. There are also Asian men who rape and are Hindu. There are Black men who rape. There are First Nation men who rape. There are white men who rape. In fact, some of the most infamous sexual sadists are, in fact, white. John Wayne Gacy, Clifford Olsen, Ted Bundy, Andrei Chikatilo, Paul Bernardo, Fred West.

My ancestors were immigrants to this country. Europeans, fleeing their own countries due to famine, political unrest and racism.

The settlers at Plymouth Rock, to the south of our nation, were immigrants fleeing religious persecution. They brought their own sort of religious justice with them – the Salem witch trials, which included torture and death by rocks.

None of us have histories that are without guilt, without murder, without…if I must …”sin”.

To those “proud” members of Sons of Odin…first, I dare say few of you are of Norse ancestry. If Norse is part of your heritage, then you are part of a heritage that invaded, murdered, raped and pillaged. If you believe otherwise? You watch too much television. Put the remote and/or the mouse down and go take an actual course in real history, not the History Channel – don’t confuse the two.

Will people enter our country who really should not be permitted here? Sure. We did it with the Nazis, we did it with Vietnam war criminals, we did it with Rwandan genocidal maniacs. The government, the CBSA have to step up their game. Requirements for citizenship needs to be re-examined and the information, sent out, to refugees, immigrants and migrant worker should be more explicit in how/what Canada represents. Freedom, absolutely but a secular society with the obligation to all who step on our shores the understanding that to obey secular law is not optional.

I don’t care what race, creed or colour my neighbour happens to sport; I don’t care if they worship a god, many gods or no gods. I care if they are good citizens. I care if they donate time, goodwill and honesty to my community.

I have lived a relatively long time and in comparison, to the life expectancy, in the lands where many of these new hopeful Canadians hail, I have been blessed to have met people from all walks of life, all hues of colour, almost every religion ever created and in this time frame, I have learned that it SIMPLY DOESN’T MATTER what is on the outside of a human being; it is what is in their heart that matters. I have met more than one “WHITE AND PROUD” Canadian who should be taken to the nearest harbour and launched out into the open sea…with apologies to Neptune and Poseidon for dirtying up the waters…

Bottom line? My dog has more sense than bigots.

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Québec, c’est faire? Non, Québec a échoué.

Close to 2000 “pit bull type” (whatever THAT means) registered in Montreal. Let that sink in for a moment. Close to 2000 dogs within Montreal’s regressive and corrupt sphere. Outside of the merged city of Montreal are the following boroughs, with no breed specific legislation:

  1. Baie-D’Urfé
  2. Beaconsfield
  3. Côte Saint-Luc
  4. Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  5. Dorval
  6. Hampstead
  7. Kirkland
  8. L’Île-Dorval
  9. Montréal-Est
  10. Montréal West
  11. Mount Royal
  12. Pointe-Claire
  13. Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue
  14. Senneville
  15. Westmount

How many Staffies, AmStaffs, American Standards would be found in these municipalities? I would place money on over 2000 more.

So, with all these, (the following is a facetious comment), we should be wading through body parts. There should be multiple news stories of dog mauling. The animal control people should be overrun with these dogs.

The facts are faulty. Criminally faulty. Removal of the rights of citizens faulty. The statistics are out there and I don’t mean the false flags raised by the various nutbar web sites and individuals. I mean real statistics, by real experts, with actual degrees and not the fake credentials used by more than one anti-dog crazies.

I was told to “Google” dog bites related to pit bull type dogs and what returned were, by and large, hysterical falsehoods and the usual unreliable, if not false reporting by media. I chose to look for scholarly articles – you know, by people with actual educations.

Here’s one: Animal control measures and their relationship to the reported incidence of dog bites in urban Canadian municipalities

If you don’t feel like wading through the statistics and information, although I highly recommend you do, here is the conclusion of the study:

In conclusion, this study showed a wide range in dog control activities in various Canadian municipalities, including different levels of resourcing combined with varying levels of licensing, enforcement, and other measures. The results are most consistent with the view that i) a high level of ticketing, perhaps combined with effective licensing, may lead to a reduction in dog bites, although it may also be accompanied by an increase in reporting of bites; and ii) seemingly effective enforcement levels were achieved in some municipalities at levels of budget and staffing commonly seen in Canadian municipalities.  The data provided no evidence of lower dog bite incidence in municipalities with breed-specific legislation.

I will never deny that a Molosser is not capable of inflicting great harm and/or a fatality. I will never deny that some people use the breed in the same way that they use a motorcycle, muscle car or gun, a feeble attempt for personal power. These people should be held liable and punished to the full extent of the law. I believe the laws regarding dog ownership need to be changed but more to protect the animal than discharge owners from responsibility for dangerous behaviour of the dog.

As is proven by the vast majority of owners with “dangerous” dog breeds; the problem is at the other end of the leash. Few dogs bite and when they do, the causation must be addressed in the assessment; most bites occur, regardless of breed, when the owner is irresponsible. The problem is and will always be uneducated dog owners. The problem has a far more agreeable solution than the execution of innocent animals, the removal of the right of citizens; in Québec, in order to obtain your driver’s licence – you are obliged to take a driver education course. Makes sense, you want to drive, prove yourself worthy by committing to learning the skill.

Want to own a dog – ANY dog, commit to an accredited training course.

No responsible dog owner would refuse to be part of concentrated and expert guided training for their dog in order to keep their beloved animal and aid in public safety. All dogs can inflict harm. Just as all cars can cause fatalities; the responsible owner understands this and takes steps to learn to avoid any potential for harm.

The following study examines the incidence of dog fatalities in Canada and the majority of fatalities are, in fact, not due to Molosser types but are, in fact, due to sled dogs, huskies and crosses of the same.\

If the study is too long to read; here is a link to a table provided by the authors:

The province of Québec saw an absurd breed specific legislation tabled in the National Assembly on Thursday, April 13th – presented Martin Coiteux, an individual with absolutely no background in animal science or behaviour. A man that, without, hesitation ignored science, ignored experts in the field of animal sciences and chose to pander to a vocal, small minority of equally as uneducated fear mongers encouraged by media whose sole raison d’être is to sensationalize news, more often than not, at the expense of the truth, in order to increase ratings and readership.

Québec took a golden opportunity to lead in the area of public safety and responsible pet ownership, in addition to adding money to the coffers vis a vis mandatory obedience classes and licensing, and flushed it down the toilet, in favour of ignorant hysteria.

Québec, c’est faire? Non, Québec a échoué.

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