It called “Propaganda”

The actual word for “fake news” is propaganda. I have no doubt that Trump used the “fake news” term because:

a) he probably can’t pronounce “propaganda”

b) he couldn’t spell the word

c) he has no idea what it means

The problem is real and it isn’t the domain of the right, it isn’t the domain of the left; it is a tool used, to great effect, on the intellectually lazy. The people who want their information fed to them, without having to research to any degree.

It is also dangerous. There is, also, no excuse for perpetuating propaganda.

In this world of instant connect, sourcing truth isn’t neurosurgery. When a story is posted, citations should always be available. Hearsay, rumour and tall tales are, easily, debunked. Most citizens of the West are, now, almost surgically attached to their mobile devices. When a situation or an event occurs that is worthy of being shared; it is nothing to take a photo. To record the event as it occurs. If you have no hard evidence that something untoward, something out of the ordinary has occurred, don’t repeat it and claim it as truth. Truth requires evidence or rather should always require evidence, otherwise? It is simply rumour. It is only hearsay and not worthy to be repeated, particularly online.

This is of the upmost importance right now. Accusations of all sorts are flying fast and furious on Facebook, on Snapchat and Twitter. It is time to demand proof. There is no excuse for accusations without proof in this day in age. Were you treated unfairly? Record it, take a pic, take names. Were you the victim of some sort of ill-treatment? Take notes. Don’t just post “Well, this happened to me…yada, yada and another yada.” This kind of claim isn’t worth the time it takes to type or worse, to read.

When a group, political, religious, social or workplace condones the use of rumour, gossip or uncited events; the group loses credibility, particularly if the media gets hold of it and can show the claim as unsubstantiated rumour.

In a perfect world, nothing should be reported without proof, without solid evidence and that applies to Facebook, Twitter and the online world, in general. If you can’t back your shit up, with evidence? Keep it to yourself. I know it is a very high and treacherous mountain to climb, particularly when a pseudo-world leader seems to feel the need to post any and all bullshit that crosses his feed or flickers on his television screen, but we have that responsibility. If we really believe in freedom of speech, then we must take that responsibility seriously. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom to lie, to distort. You can, but it sends a subliminal message; the message is that you are not worthy of the honour of being heard.

If a cause is just, if a cause is truthful, then it doesn’t require lying or exaggeration. It doesn’t require propaganda. Beware the savage jaw…of 1984.

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Michael Vick Wants Forgiveness. Really?

michael vickWell, I am all about forgiveness, but that forgiveness must come from the individual who has been harmed. Let’s ask his victims if they forgive him; shall we start with the puppy he threw in the pool and then electrocuted. A good number of his helpless, vulnerable victims are dead. Too bad, so sad. Live with it, dirtbag.

@JasonFoster – think about this, buddy, before you abuse your access to the public via media.

It was a sweltering day in September of 2007, and Reynolds was in Virginia to evaluate the 49 pit bulls found alive on Vicks’ property. A federal agent who had been at the scene when the property was searched was driving her to the various facilities holding the dogs, and they got to talking about what the investigation had turned up.

“The details that got to me then and stay with me today involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs,” Reynolds wrote on her blog. “Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then, just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water.” 

She continued, “We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can. 

“I wear some pretty thick skin during our work with dogs, but I can’t shake my minds-eye image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror … brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog out for the rest of my life.” 

Vick did all that and more to his dogs, and even threw family pets into the pit with fighters and laughed while they were mauled, according to a witness who testified to federal investigators. 

That’s what sends dog lovers out to football games with protest signs: knowing that Michael Vick tortured and killed innocent dogs. That he has never paid for that abuse or even apologized for it. 

>Because the nation’s most notorious dogfighter pled “not guilty” to animal cruelty charges — charges that were eventually dropped in a plea bargain — and he was convicted only of bankrolling a dogfighting conspiracy, for which he served 18 months in prison before being welcomed back to the public spotlight. “

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Is there a slimier way to make money than by pressuring grieving mothers/fathers/children and spouses? Arbor Memorial, in my experience with them, is an extreme example of what happens when human beings lose their sense of morals and ethics, in favour of money. I get it, I really do, they are in it for the buck however, that is no excuse for their methods and their operations.

There are plenty of alternatives out there – find one and stay away from Arbor Memorial.

They are a horrendous organization; taking advantage of people when they are, without doubt, most vulnerable. The pressure tactics on my Mom, following Dad’s passing, became evident when Mom passed and I dealt with another company, chosen by my mother, in advance, following her experience with Arbor.

The former tried to milk Mom for every cent; charging outlandish fees and pushing for unneeded items. When Mom was about to make an economical choice, the saleswoman looked at her, with what I assume was a practiced look of disapproval, I gather it was meant to imply that this was a less than appropriate choice for Dad’s memory. She ended up having to borrow money, just to bury her husband.

When Mom passed, we saw how this business SHOULD be run as opposed to Arbor’s business methods. The company my mother had chosen, for her final arrangements, following the needlessly painful lessons learned through our dealings with Arbor, were supportive, explained everything clearly and worked with us, during the entire process and also followed up, with such empathy and kindness that the pain was easier to bear. We were never, ever made to feel that our choices were “cheap”.

They asked what Mom would have wanted, and did their level best to ensure that this is what happened. They didn’t try to pressure us into anything.

Our unfortunate dealings with Arbor were not over though; they collect your name and use your information for sales calls.

My husband and I were approached, AT MOM’S GRAVESIDE, IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE FUNERAL, to meet with a rep from Arbor to discuss our own plans. Gave us her freaking business card…at Mom’s graveside… No excuse for that kind of behaviour but that isn’t the end either…I received phone calls from Arbor in the months that followed Mom’s passing. Always the same, pre-pay your funeral arrangement, with the pushy sales tactics.

The final straw came, this year; I received a call from a particularly onerous individual, also from Arbor – at dinner time. He proceeded to try and sell me funeral arrangements, when his hard sell was, obviously, not working, he went full slime ball, calling up the memory of my parents as his hook. “Don’t you want to rest near your Mom and Dad?” And then his piece de resistance: “Don’t you want to save your children hardship of making arrangements?” adjusting his using a tone of voice to one, that I imagine, was supposed to instill guilt.

I wanted to go through my phone and punch the crap out of him.

If there was ever a question regarding my last arrangements – that bastard answered my question. NEVER, in a million years, will I permit Arbor as an entity for my funeral arrangements.

Of course, they are in it for the money; duh…it isn’t a charity business however, the way that Arbor and its representatives go about earning their cut is deplorable, inexcusable.
There are far more economical business entities out there and while Arbor may be trying to monopolize an inevitable need – it is in everyone’s best interest to avoid this company.

Oh sure, they are apologizing now because they have been outed for what they are…bloodsucking leeches, preying on people as they grieve, and their thought processes interrupted.

If you want to make your arrangements ahead of time? Do yourself and your family a favour – avoid Arbor at all costs. And if you use them? You best believe those costs will be unreasonably astronomical.

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Kiss my ass

And that, folks – is the beauty of the concept of “freedom of speech”. No one has the obligation to agree with what is said, however, we all have the duty, if not obligation, to ensure that no one is stifled, regardless of the point of view being expressed. This is how we progress as a society.

In Canada, there was a trial and it gained international attention – Jim Keegstra; he was found guilty of violating hate speech laws, through a vocal denial of the Holocaust. I thought the guy was an idiot for even attempting to deny the atrocities but on the same hand, I was, absolutely against the trial. The guy had a right to his opinion, however upsetting it may have been. He had that right. Hate speech laws are, absolutely, no different from the concept of “Thought police” from the book, 1984. (

If you have never read the book? You have been intellectually deprived; buy the book now. It is, considering when it was written, terrifyingly prophetic. The image is linked to Amazon – get the book.

We don’t need “protection” from points of view with which we do not agree. We absolutely must fight any attempt to stifle the right to speak and to hold an opinion. Any individual worth their salt as a contributing member of society, should be capable of defending their point of view with facts. When that point of view cannot be proven, then? We have the right to dismiss and walk away. We do not have the right, however, to mute the opinion, simply because we don’t like it. Being able to prove an opinion or a theory as being incorrect, is progress. It is a step toward establishing an intelligent society. Stifling any view, muting any opinion is, dear friends, fascism. That, dear readers, is not a free society. That, dear friends, is unacceptable.

I point to Hitler, to Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Kim Jung Un and Fidel Castro as extreme example of members from the Thought Police camp.

We are seeing the thought police in action, or rather, wannabe thought police, whenever we see those masked morons from Antifa vandalizing public property, damaging private property and engaging in violence against persons. Antifascism my ass – they are the epitome of fascism. They, absolutely, have a right to their opinions; they do not, however, have the right or privilege to indulge in violence. They don’t have the right to hide their identities unless they are afraid of being identified, which says to me that they are not all that sure about their opinions. When you have a belief, a real belief? You don’t hide. You stand up for it. And so, I dismiss anything they have to say. If you don’t have the courage to show your face, then, in my opinion and I have the right to that opinion – you aren’t worth my time. The conclusion I have drawn from watching these people is that they are little more than common criminals, hiding their faces while they damage property paid for with my hard-earned money or paid for by merchants, shareholders and Joe Q public in all its forms. To hide your face, to commit crimes in the name of antifascism is a very sorry example of irony.

I don’t believe in racism either. I don’t care what colour you are, I don’t care what religion floats your boat, I don’t care about your political leanings. I care about my country and I care about what we have and are still building. I want a strong economy, I want a just and moral government (yeah…a pie-in-the-sky ideology). I want a society free from religion. No. I do not believe that wearing a burqa or niqab while attempting to access public service is permissible. We have the obligation to ensure that whomever is attempting to avail themselves of services, paid for by the public, is – exactly, who they claim to be.

We, as a Canadians, are a welcoming sort – by and large. We are a “nice” people however, we have to understand that not all societies view “niceness” as a virtue and do take advantage of that good will.

Our society exists, and it is not up to Canadians to adjust their lives to accommodate cultural values that are run contrary to our way of life. Women are equal in this country. We are not subject to the rules of a man. Fathers/husbands/brothers/uncles or any other male family member does not have the authority to choose our paths. This is the cultural belief being brought into our country vis a vis refugees. By all means, come to our country for safety and security but understand that your cultural beliefs do not supersede those of our nation. It is the responsibility of every man, woman and child requesting entry to this land, to understand and accept that we are not going to allow another culture to subvert our rules of law, regardless of what that twatwaffle in Ottawa implies. We failed Zainab, Sahar, Geeti, only 13 years old),and Rona Amir Mohammed. In fact, in Canada, we have failed an inexcusable number of women due to the failings of the political far left and in my opinion, their failure to understand other cultures, trying oh-so-hard, to be “politically correct”. The people named by Aruna Pap have left their innocent blood on the hands of those who would believe everyone has a right to enter this country. No. Entering this country should be a privilege, to be earned.

We have all built this country – we have worked hard. Many, if not all of us, have lost a family member in the fight for freedom. If religion takes precedence in your life, then perhaps Canada is not the country for you. Religion removes the rights of individuals. Always has, always will, therefore, religion can have no place in any form of government. It has no place in our schools or our places of employment.

The Catholic church is responsible for incredible brutality in our country’s history, Judaism also removes the rights of women, and Islam is no different. We need to stand against all forms of discriminatory behaviours and demand that a religious choice can never be a reason or justification to subvert our rules of law.

The erroneous story by TVA regarding the removal of women from a worksite galvanized a lot of people. While this story is, apparently, false; it is gratifying to see that many people were ready to defend the right of women to work, in the face of religious discrimination. The Antifa bunch were ready to fight against the demonstration; screaming about racism and discrimination. Right. The march was called off by the various groups who vowed to stand against this act against our society, when it was said to have been a false allegation. Antifa seems to be using the Islamic community to further its own end; establishing a “Thought Police” that would see the end of freedom of speech and in this case, had the allegations been true? A fight against discrimination based on gender. They give me a headache.

I welcome anyone who has come to the, very, correct conclusion that Canada is a good country. I do, however, expect anyone coming here to respect our own society. Do not bring your cultural prejudices or hatred to our land. Leave it in the land you are fleeing. Not all refugees and immigrants are looking out for the best interest of Canada, in fact, we have Canadians who are not looking out for Canada’s best interest. If you choose this country then it is up to you, to understand our way of life and if it is not compatible with your belief system, with your concept of society? Keep looking until you find a country more palatable. No harm, no foul, on your way. It is not up to Canada to change for you. It is up to you, to change for Canada. Period.

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I Was Wrong…dangerously so.

I believed that we could all live together in this country and then I was proven wrong.

Yes, absolutely, everyone has the right to their religion however, religion should be kept to houses of worship and in the home. Religion does not belong in government or public service. Religion cannot dictate how a business or public service operates.

Religion does not take precedence over established social norms.

Race, colour and creed should never afford priority over society. Equality is only achieved through respect. Respect does not mean trampling the foundations of a country’s norms.

If I were to visit Saudi and chose not to be veiled – would I be afforded the right to my choice vis a vis the court system? No. I would not but then, I have enough respect for an established society to not defy the rules laid out.

When deciding to immigrate, when arriving as a refugee – it is the INDIVIDUAL’s duty to adapt to their country of choice. Not the other way around.

The current volatile atmosphere, in the West, will only continue to boil because this simple request for respect to an established society is ignored. This isn’t all on the politicians – misguided and SJWs are responsible as well. Respect is a multifaceted concept that requires all parties participate. When one party demands preferential treatment – respect has been disregarded.

Keep your cultural choices where they belong; in your home. Keep your religion where it belongs – in your home. You should not have the right to waste the time and public funds of our justice system to demand to be elevated above established social norms and conventions. We, as a country, survived without you, before your religious choice and we must survive, going forward, without those choices as they infringe on the rights of an established society.

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I’m offended, I’m stressed, I’m anxious…oh my

There was a problem; a real problem. True sexual harassment and the use of power over men and women, to gain sexual gratification. Annnnd…then the politically correct took over and are in the process of turning a real problem into a caricature. Case in point:

Dude makes a comment about a threesome and this sad excuse for a human being goes to the media, cries (metaphorically) crocodile tears.

This wasn’t sexual harassment, it was a silly comment and any adult woman, would have dismissed it as such as opposed to using it to garner some attention. I’d never heard of this woman and I guess her agenda was fulfilled. It remains to be seen if this is a positive thing for her or if it shows her to be unprepared for public life. In my opinion, it is the latter.

What makes a strong woman? The same things that make a strong man. How one deals with life and the hurdles and pitfalls thrown at him/her is the keystone. Being able to discern between a pitfall and a pothole (not the kind in Quebec..those are the litter of the abyss).

A strong individual doesn’t turn away from a challenge, emotional, psychological or physical. A strong individual hitches up his/her panties and pushes ahead. They don’t run away, they don’t reach for a pill bottle – they move ahead, take on the challenge, knowing full well that there are even bigger ones ahead. That’s life. That’s the way it is and we have it a damn sight easier than did the family members who came before us.

You think you have it tough? Imagine your grandparents or their parents or their parents before them, leaving their homes for a land unknown. A good lot of them not speaking the language, having no clue about the culture or what may lie ahead for them. They didn’t have the luxury of claiming “stress” – “anxiety” was not even in their vocabulary.

We seem to be raising several generations of very weak people – emotionally and psychologically weak. We make excuses for them. We allow them to make excuses for themselves and in doing this, we have what we see right now…pill poppers, therapy addicts and generally whining pains in the arse.

What happens if a catastrophe strikes? What happens if there is a rogue solar flare, and cell phones, Snapchat and Twitter go down? What happens if there is a war, created by that idiot to the south of us and an equally unstable leader? What then? When there are shortages, when there is economic upheaval and visits to the spa, or Whole Foods is simply not an option?

An expression that is thrown around, currently, is “butthurt” – it is used to describe the wails of the weak and those who live their lives in a state of being perennially offended. Everyone is hurt. Everyone is stressed. And…they wouldn’t know stress if it came up and bit them in the butt. You want the meaning of stress? Step out of the First World bubble and instead of sunning on a beach in Cuba or the Dominican, go somewhere that isn’t on the “Best beaches” list – see how life is lived by the majority of this world and then re-assess your concept of “stress”.

Imagine trying to survive without water, without access to even basic medical care – imagine watching your child die from an easily preventable illness. Imagine no electricity, no running water and then tell me about how “stressed” you are.

In many countries in this world, women are beaten, raped and mutilated; in our own country, women are murdered, beaten and raped and this Romano woman has the gall to claim she suffered great stress and a negatively impacted work environment..because a dude said, “This isn’t my idea of a threesome.” Seriously? Sherry Romano? Go home. You aren’t strong enough to handle the job you have been gifted. Talk to real women, learn what real stress is, what harassment is and then give it another go.

When I look back to the women who comprise my family tree? I refuse to give in to the accepted mode of stress and anxiety. My own mother, watched her first born child die. My grandmother stood by, helpless, when her husband died, at 26 years old, leaving her with 2 children, before there was “welfare”. An aunt who lost her husband to battle, in a country across an ocean, while at home, two of her own children died from childhood diseases – measles and diphtheria. I would be an insult to their memories and struggles if I were to claim to be too stressed to face life and reach for a pill bottle or an excuse.

I am ashamed of what has become of too many of my own gender. They have chosen to be weak – they have chosen to believe the hype from a corrupt media and equally corrupt school of psychology.

Life is full of struggles and we should be thanking our lucky stars that only battles we face to survive are, by and large, those of our own making.

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I am hoping the bloom is off the rose regarding the elevation of ANTIFA to some sort of Super-hero status. They are thugs and criminals. No better than the far right wing that they claim to be fighting against. A quick peruse of their raison d’être quickly reveals some stunning and, if not so dangerous, laughable beliefs. They believe in Jewish conspiracies, cloaking it with rhetoric. They believe in communism – willfully ignoring the horrendous violations of human rights that this system feeds; violations that are proven, time and time again, through the history of Marxism.

I see no difference between these enemies of humanity and the far right who seek some sort of fantasy return to white supremacy. Those two ships have sailed and should be sunk far from any shore, where they may infect the populace.

I am neither left nor right. I am a Canadian. I have common sense. I am not anti-immigration. I am anti-ignorance. I believe if you have chosen to come to Canada, that it is your responsibility to understand Canadian values, laws and governance. I believe that if you come here, under false pretenses, you need to leave. I believe that if you come here and feel that our values, laws and societal norms do not apply to you – then you need to leave. I do not believe in “open borders”.

Yes, Canada is a country of immigrants; we all came here from somewhere else – the same can be said of most nations. Most immigrants came to this country without the benefit of financial aid. Our forefathers/mothers came here with nothing, no government assistance, no free medical care and understood that living here was a privilege to which they needed to deserve. They worked, the strived to adapt and build this country. When our elderly, our mentally ill, our homeless, most of whom have worked their entire lives, are forced to live in poverty – without heat, proper access to medication and care, are looked over in favour of false refugee claims? There will be anger and a call to arms. The false refugees, from the U.S, have been given money, heated trailers and free medical care/prescription drugs. This is wrong. These people should have been refused, at our borders, because they have lied. We should not be supporting them when we are fully aware that these are false claims.

Over the existence of this country, certain ground rules have been set forth. Freedoms have been established. I am proud to be a citizen of this country and I’m proud of those freedoms. No one has the right to remove them, whether through media rhetoric and falsehoods or as in the case of Antifa – violence.

I don’t believe race, creed or colour should offer anyone special privileges. This includes the Niqab, burqa or those ludicrous ski masks so popular among Antifa. We have publicly funded services – paid for by the citizens of each province. As the individuals who have been paying for these services, for decades, we have the right to be assured that those who choose to use those services, prove who they are. We have had abuses, Medicare cards shared among non-residents and no, not just people of colour but sharing with American friends who have to pay for their inalienable right to medical care.

Upon requesting the right to be a Canadian citizen; you absolutely should be showing your face. This is Canada. The hiding of features is not a religious choice, we should all be aware of that by now, it is cultural and while everyone is entitled to retain their culture, if they so choose – that entitlement stops when it conflicts with Canadian norms. A passport requires full face. An appearance in our courts requires full face, driver’s license requires full face identification. We have the right to ensure that people are whom they claim to be, if they wish to take advantage of the benefits of this country. It isn’t racism, it isn’t Islamaphobia – it is about respect going both ways.

Should I have the opportunity to visit Saudi – I would take the time required to understand the culture and respect their laws as well as accepted social behaviours; to do any less is ignorant. The same applies to this country, even more so if you have chosen to immigrate. Respect for the country you have chosen. The country and its people did not choose you, did not implore you to come to the land – it was a personal choice on your part. Due diligence. Common courtesy and respect.

The rise of violence between the alt-left and alt-right is due, in a large part, to the lack of respect perceived to be occurring. Recently, the influx of Haitians, through our borders with the U.S. has galvanized our nation. These people are not refugees – they are illegal immigrants. There is no war in the U.S. against them – there is no war in Haiti; lives are not compromised. It is a poor nation, to be sure, but that is not grounds to claim refugee status.

Our rather ill-advised and dangerously naive Prime Minister and his cabinet have made some rather bad decisions and are showing a surprising disconnect from the people they are, supposed, to be representing.  They are choosing to permit the return of people who eschewed our country, in order to fight alongside the rapists, murderers and lunatics of Daesh.  This is not only incredibly stupid, it is a slap in the face to Canadians and the country.

Canadians do not want these people to be returned. They have committed crimes outside of our borders and they deserve to be brought to justice by those against whom those crimes have been committed.

We need to protect our country from those who choose to make it a battlefield. We need to put the Antifa thugs in jail, we need to denounce violence, in the strongest manner and we need to protect our culture from those who would choose to turn their backs on our beliefs.

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And…the cause has been hijacked.

This was a great article – right up to until the last sentence which, to me, negated the importance of the message and sent out another, ridiculous one.

There is a horrifying issue with the women of Canada’s indigenous population. Too many are lost to drugs, prostitution, premature death and murder. It is a real issue. One that absolutely needs to be addressed. I thought this article was a good one until the reporter ended the piece with: “What I hope changes is attitudes that would see these desperate women as any less worthy of life, or generations of men believing they are more entitled.”

These murders have nothing to do with men feeling entitled. This has everything to do with psychopathy. The men outlined in the article are psychopaths – they are serial killers. Just as Robert William “Willy” Pickton was a serial killer. This isn’t about men feeling entitled – this is about mental illness.

The current “bad boys”, (pardon the pun), of the media are men – usually white men. The public shaming of male malefactors, who seemed to feel themselves above societal norms, and engaged in sexual harassment, assault and rape, absolutely, deserve everything coming to them but there is the elephant in the room and if you discuss that elephant, you find yourself pilloried by the rabid left.

That elephant is women and our own behaviour.

While on my way into the office – there was an exchange between a female co worker and a male. The male made a simple comment about the weather and how cold it had become; the female responded with a crude comment regarding her nipples. I was stunned. Imagine had the male co worker made a comment about the impact of the cold on his penis…he would have been, metaphorically, tarred and feathered.

While men are now learning that they are no longer immune due to political or social stature, from rightful charges of inappropriate and/or criminal sexual behaviours toward employees or those over whom they hold authority/power;  women have some way to go as well.

Dress like a sexual object and don’t be surprised when we are treated as such.  Let’s be honest – we don’t wear spiked heels and tight clothing for their comfort.  They are worn to attract attention and we don’t have control over whose attention we attract.  The message is sent out – publicly.  “Look at me!”

Indulge in crude language or comments and don’t be surprised when you lose the respect of your peers – male and female.

Keep your hands to yourself; while it is inappropriate for men to touch, hug or massage a woman without her permission – clearly expressed? The same goes for women. Keep your hands to yourself. Hugging, touching or massaging a male co-worker is unprofessional and inappropriate. The motivation may well be different but that does not matter. Keep your hands to yourself.

We all have a responsibility regarding establishing and maintaining a healthy environment and it really isn’t that difficult. Sex, sexual innuendo and invasion of personal space is not acceptable in a place of work. Ensure that any message you are sending out is, clearly, understood by all parties. Better yet – don’t send any “message” out, at all. You aren’t being paid by your employer to enhance your social or sexual life. You are being paid to do a job. Workplace affairs or flirting is the best way to land all parties in trouble. Don’t put yourself in that position. Remember why you are, where you are.

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Social Engineering 101

I was never one for conspiracy theories and even this, it isn’t a conspiracy theory – this is based on observation and a knowledge of history, of humanity, and psychology.

Just as the poor farmers and citizens of Ukraine were not the enemy of Soviet Russia, just as Judaism was not the enemy in World War II, people of colour – not the enemy of the U.S….Islam is not the enemy of global peace.

The enemy sits in government – the enemy sits in corporate offices, engineering the movement of society. Removing the focus of what they are doing, using media, using the internet and using the need for the dull witted to find a cause of their poverty, of their feelings of helplessness. Pitting one man/woman/child against another; fueling hatred and fostering ignorance all for their own protection from the masses.

The only time that true chance comes to government and it is always temporary change, is when the masses have reached their breaking point – when the masses realize who and where their true enemies hide – when the masses take to the streets and threaten to dismantle the seats of power. Then there is change but we get complacent very quickly and the disease that is greed, megalomania returns like the cancer it is.

The success of the recent social engineering is no different. Islam is not a threat to anyone – the threat comes from the various seats of government – the main tumours, the center of the disease is in Russia and the U.S, from the oligarchs, to the corporate offices in New York and L.A. Society has turned on each other, from Black Lives Matter to the White Supremist to the Isis camps. The enemy is not found in the suburbs, the enemy is not in Pakistan or in a one room apartment in Moscow – the enemy is right in front of us, playing us like chess pieces.

This world is a small place – it gets smaller with every keystroke on a keyboard – with every Tweet – with every online comment. Anger, fear, poverty and disease are not your fault, these are not the fault of some man trying to survive in Afghanistan. The fault is on your flickering television screens and monitors – the faces you elected. The faces of the boards of directors of those corporations who drive our economy, telling us what we need to be happy.

It is time to open our eyes and minds – to use common sense and to understand that we have been hoodwinked. People are dying because of the monsters who we appointed to protect us. Liars, cheats and killers all. Should war break out? It won’t be their sons and daughters ordered to the slaughter. It will be yours.

Change happened in the sixties and early seventies BECAUSE the great unwashed, the serfs – common every day people, took to the streets and burned that motherfucker down. They are afraid of us and work, very hard, to maintain division because united? We are their worst nightmare.

There isn’t much time left before we have been completely brainwashed – it is evident every time we open our computers. Men aren’t the enemy – women are not trying to destroy men; black people are not a gang of murdering drug dealers and Muslims are not terrorists.

Take a moment and think of who benefits from this divisive society we have become; it isn’t you, it isn’t me – it isn’t your Muslim neighbour or native on a reserve. The people who benefit are the ones who sit in seats of power and have chosen to misuse it for their own end. We’ve been suckered…again.

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Hypocrisy and #METOO

#METOO – (If you are not going to read the entire blog; don’t waste my time with a comment.)  It is vital; the world must come to grip how widespread actual sexual assault, harassment and rape is, in our culture. It is prevalent in every section – nothing is sacred, not churches, temples or mosques – not our schools, not our workplace, in some cases, not even our homes. There is no denying the statistics. There is no denying the importance of facing this dark secret in order for women to contribute to the best of their abilities, without worry about being cornered by a co-worker or worse, an individual with the power to promote and to fire.

We all know or have known a “grabby” individual, whether at work, school or in social settings. I remember “grabby” teachers back in high school. A high profile case of a principal, a man with authority over elementary school children, sent to prison for molestation. The appalling thing about his arrest and ultimate conviction, is that his behaviour was well known was he was just a teacher, back in 1987. Parents talked about him and his inappropriate behaviours, reports had been made, yet nothing was done.

I have spent a lifetime dealing with unwanted sexual advances and more than one actual assault. This was before the current “victim” mindset had taken hold in my gender. I always saw the incidents as reflections of who I was dealing with, not how I was dressed or how I behaved. It was something my mother had taught me from a young age; it was on the man, not on me. My mother was a front runner as a woman in a man’s domain; she was the supervisor of an office of engineers, back in the 50’s. She dealt with sexism, with harassment and never let it reflect on her. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out. In the 50’s, she had the type of figure that is still in vogue – she was fit, she had a wasp waist and was a natural beauty. She was also drop dead intelligent. We often talked about the hurdles she faced back then, we talked about the men, the obstacles to getting ahead in a man’s world. Never, not once, did she fall into the victim trap. She knew that the harassment was a complete reflection of the individual with whom she was dealing. If it meant, in order to be safe, to not go into a supply room alone, to not enter an office and have the door closed – she simply wouldn’t do it. It was a no-brainer to her. Was this fair? Please, stupid comment…of course not but life isn’t fair.

I remember seeing a meme, “Teach your sons not to rape” – seriously? As if parents teach rape is a-okay. It is a stupid meme. It is a pointless meme and in this case, stereotypes young men. It is not acceptable.

This is all about personal responsibility. This is about not only protecting ourselves – men & women but above all else, our children. Society is now in danger of trivializing the issue. A grope is not sexual assault. It is inappropriate and unacceptable, but it isn’t sexual assault. We all must take responsibility for ourselves, protect ourselves and stand up for ourselves.

Unlike 20 years ago; most HR departments are well equipped to deal with these issues and yes, it does come down to he said/she said or she said/he said but the guidelines, the regulations are there. Best believe that after a report, while the perpetrator may not be fired, the company and that employee will be on guard. Are people fired after reporting an incident? Of course but again, there are options. It is time consuming and upsetting but that’s life. It ain’t easy. The more of us who stand up and report incidents, the easier the road will be. Does anyone think that the early days of the drive for equality was easy? In the case of minorities? People died for equality. In the drive for women’s rights, women went to jail, were beaten and raped in order to further their fight.

It pains me to see the whining from all sides, instead of affirmative action. The Weinstein affair is a prime example. Let’s be brutally honest – this guy was a well known pervert. What he did was criminal. He should have been arrested years ago but no-one saw fit to call him out. Not until now…decades later. One woman stood up and then the sea of his other “victims” suddenly surface.

Personal responsibility. When did this become irrelevant? This is a really controversial and uncomfortable topic. When is it up to us to protect ourselves?

We are told to teach our sons, our brothers, our male friends that is not okay to treat women as sexual objects. Absolutely. No question or sentient argument about that but by the same token, what about our daughters? Our sisters and female friends. If one does not want to be treated as a set of tits, legs and ass? Then it follows that we should not be portraying ourselves as such. The internet is overflowing with duck faces, photoshopped images, sexually suggestive selfies – asses in tight jeans, asses in thongs and in some cases, bare asses. This is not okay. This is a wrong that needs to be addressed, in addition to the millions of cases of assault, harassment and rape.

As a woman, I find these images disgusting and completely contrary to everything that we fought to achieve years ago.

Is it wrong to blame a victim? Another stupid question. Of course. No one deserves to be assaulted. The problem here, if possible, transcends assaults – the problem is within the very fabric of our society. No, women are not sexual objects. Women are not toys with which to be played HOWEVER, it is up to us to ensure that this image is not perpetrated through the various forms of entertainment, of media, the internet and personal behaviour. We have a responsibility to our daughters, to teach them that when one walks like a duck, behaves like a duck, it is only logical to assume that a duck is in front of us.

When an incident happens; it is important to dissect it. Look at all the angles and rather than blame, point out what could have been done to avoid it. Deal, learn and move on. This is not a terminal illness; we can all move past it with the right tools. We can all learn how to avoid these situations and not be a predator’s next prey.

Whether we like it or not, sociopaths and psychopaths are out there. Someone who takes advantage of a drunken or somehow vulnerable individual is a sociopath, a predator and in the worst case scenario, a psychopath. You aren’t going to teach them to behave. It is a disorder. There are no drugs, no amount of therapy is going to teach these people empathy or responsibility. They are expert at disguising themselves as empathic, just all around nice folks – there is no mark that appears to warn us that we are dealing with a sociopath or psychopath. There are no neon signs on their foreheads that tell us that we are dealing with a predator. No amount of good parenting would prevent this kind of disorder. Their brains are wired differently; we don’t know why. If we did, they wouldn’t be out there, would they? But they are out there, and we need to ensure that we are all armed with the weapons we need to ensure we are not their next “mark”.

This means we need to teach our kids not to get stumble drunk; there are enough videos of the outrageous and disgusting behaviour of drunk teens and young adults online, to help provide visual aids for any parent. Some are totally inappropriate, in a normal sense, to allow young people to view but as inappropriate as they may be, they are necessary to illustrate the danger of intoxication, whether drugs or alcohol, truly is. The infamous school breaks and the out-of-control behaviour seen – parents gave their permission. PARENTS, in many cases, paid the way. It is okay to say “No” to our kids. Placing them in situations that they are simply not mature enough to handle is bad parenting. Not holding offspring accountable for bad decisions simply re-enforces the concept that personal responsibility is relative and something “grown ups” do.

Handing out cell phones to kids and not monitoring content is irresponsible parenting. The parent is NOT teaching responsibility if there are not checks and balances. Putting computers in the rooms of kids and not using filters/net nanny software is irresponsible parenting. Allowing kids to wear inappropriate clothing, whether boys or girls, out in public, is irresponsible parenting. It isn’t gender bias, it is common sense – it is the duck argument.

Our problem is an ingrained vein of hypocrisy within our society and the women’s rights movement. If we want equality, if we want to be seen as more than tits/ass and legs, if we want to be secure in our workplaces, our schools and our social worlds, then we need to take a stand, we need to accept personal responsibility. This isn’t victim shaming, it is common sense which seems to be bereft in our social systems. We need to teach our kids that regardless of who it is – NO ONE has the authority to threaten, intimidate or encroach on their bodies. We need to hold our institutions accountable when it happens. No one is going to do this for us. Forget Big Brother Justice or Authority, that flies in the face of the whole equality concept. We need to, all of us, stand up and call situations out. We need to call out inappropriate behaviour, whether by a potential predator or by the images we are told we must attain to be “perfect”. We need to call out hypocrisy wherever we see it and that includes being told that we are victim shaming when someone has absolved themselves of personal responsibility.

We are all in this fight – men and women. The only way we manage to keep ourselves safe is by looking long and hard at what has been created by the perversion of the equal rights movement by neo-feminists and neo-equalists. It isn’t enough to hashtag. The time to confront our mistakes in now before another Weinstein or Wadsworth claims another victim.

I have no doubt that the enablers will hate this blog and I don’t care. It is time to face what we have wrought through apathy and the need for “blaming” someone else for our mistakes. It is time to own the #METOO and understand why this is happening.


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