The Ukrainian 100

While Trump and the laughter from the Canadian Conservative party, at the working class (see: ) make a mockery of democracy?

3 years ago, in Ukraine, people were fighting and dying for the concept. The late fall of 2013 to February 2014, the people of Ukraine – ordinary people, the you and me, the bus drivers, the store clerks, the office workers, took to the streets to protest the actions of the criminal Victor Yanukovych and his equally corrupt cronies.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, on February of 2014, they marched. They were demanding freedom, justice and to be treated with the dignity they deserved as citizens of Ukraine.

In Kiev, at Independence Square, against its own citizens – Yanukovych ordered the army to open fire on the demonstrators. The citizens of Ukraine.

Over 100 Ukrainian men and women were cut down and died. They sacrificed themselves in the fight against political corruption.

This Revolution of Dignity continues. Thousands of Ukrainians – men, women and little children are being maimed and dying as a result of Putin’s megalomaniacal clawing for the old Soviet. He wants what isn’t his and murders to attain it.

Ukraine is fighting for her sovereignty. History repeats itself.

A small musing: What will it take for North Americans to take back their dignity? Or has it been lost forever in the search for the next iPhone, the next video game, cardboard cupped coffee or the next overpriced, useless athlete?

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Label This, Asshole.

Sighh…okay, so – I feel the need to put a few actual facts out there as opposed to the “so-called” or “alternative” variety.


  1. I am not a Liberal, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  2. I am not a Conservative, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  3. I think Trump is a lying pile of human effluent.
  4. I am anti-racist. Not just anti-white racist; anti-religious racism, anti-any colour racism.
  5. I am not a feminist.
  6. I am Pro-choice on all issues.
  7. I am an equalist. I believe in equality for everyone, race – creed – colour – gender – religion.
  8. I believe politics and religion, like farts, are best kept hidden and out of the workplace or classroom (except the obvious exclusions, before some nitpicking asshole feels clever by saying “WHAT ABOUT POLITICAL SCIENCE?!”) People in the possession of common sense would get that right away…
  9. I think Justin needs to walk away from the spotlight long enough to fulfil a few of his campaign promises and allow his cell phone battery to recharge from Selfie and Twitter feeds.
  10. I believe in allowing current immigrants and refugees the same opportunities given to my ancestors.
  11. I believe our criminal code needs to have its rotting teeth pulled and some new chompers put in.
  12. I believe lying and crooked politicians need to be imprisoned and special lengthy sentencing is needed. No parole.
  13. I believe in gun licensing – not outlawing guns but licensing owners, requiring background checks every 2 years.
  14. I believe Putin is a psychopath.
  15. I believe in workfare. No one should be paid to sit at home, unless there are EXTENUATING circumstances involving illness.
  16. I believe that if a corporate entity is making money in a sovereign nation then all business dealings must remain within that nation – no more outsourcing jobs.
  17. I believe drugs – all drugs should be legalized and regulated.
  18. I believe prostitution should be legalized and regulated.
  19. I believe in freedom of speech – regardless of how hateful it may be. Better to keep poison in the light than allow it to rest in the darkness, putrefying.
  20. I believe that the purveyors of fake news should be called out and prosecuted. Fake news is not freedom of speech. Lying is not freedom of speech. Inciting hatred through fake news is not freedom of speech.
  21. I believe that news is only news when supported by facts – actual facts. Provable facts. Recorded facts.
  22. I believe I will go get a cup of coffee now.

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No One is taking your freedom of speech via M103

Before anybody gets their white sheets in a knot; the news is bogus. M103 was presented back at the beginning of December, 2016. It is simply a motion – hence the “M”.  (

Before believing the likes of the Toronto Sun or Levant; informing yourself is a step in the right direction and it won’t be long before your knuckles will cease to have road rash.

These types take advantage of your ignorance; they know you are uneducated and prey on you for that reason. You are their dupes.

Here – this is how it works and again – M103 is not a freaking bill.

(OH!! And by the way?  Those Soldiers of Odin in the picture?  They are in violation of Bill 101 – a bill entirely devoted to removing freedom of speech to any language other than French in Quebec.)

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WTF. Until the election of that ridiculous grouping of assumed human DNA in the States; for the most part – I figure, if people want to believe in some sort of Fairy Godfather or Godmother – omnipotent/omnipresent – whatever, then fine…dandy…cool, if said invisible friend(s) didn’t start talking to the individual and telling them to kill things or blow ’em up, then, their beliefs are not my circus and not my monkeys.

Come on. The Trumps and Clintons, Falwells, Bannons and Spences don’t believe in god; they are lying through their teeth at you. What about their lives corresponds with ANYTHING you have been taught about your faith? NOT. A. DAMN. THING.

If they were truly Christian – then they wouldn’t be politicians for a start. They would not be living lives of excess. They are not enjoying rewards referred to in the religious texts. The rewards referred to in spiritual literature are spiritual rewards – not owning 10 cars, chauffeurs, designer clothing – none of which enriches anyone, least of all the people who desire them. I believe that is called “greed” and is frowned upon by invisible friends, of all religions.

This god thing? Come on people – it’s a freaking tool. If the peons/proles/Mom and Pop believe that if they are really good, humble and hardworking, god(s) fearing pious folk – then there is a paradise a’waitin’ around the corner. They will eat the shit that is dumped on them and say thank you, please sir…may I have some more.

What there is, is this life and how you choose to live it. The elite, political – religious – corporate, do their level best to ensure that you (proles) continue to believe in this fairy tale because it is what keeps them rich and unaccountable. You go to your church, your synagogue, mosque or ritual – looking for comfort, looking for spiritual security and the false blanket of faith is pulled down over your eyes and you believe.

The work day arrives and you get up, even though you are exhausted, get dressed, slap back some coffee or tea…struggle into your clothes, schlep to work where you waste your life making someone else rich, at the expense of your health and happiness. But hey…its all good because when that heart attack comes, when that stroke fries your brain – y’all will be goin’ ta heavin wi’the angels….

Bullshit. No. You will just die.  There is no god.  And yes, they have lied to you.  That’s why they have it all and we struggle to pay our bills.  They use it as a threat and they use it as a carrot.  

Wake up. No god, the bible is a book – just a book and not a very good one. It is a tool to keep you schlepping to work, to keep you from looking around and seeing what is going on behind those false curtains of piety that surround the elite.

It isn’t too late. While I am no communist – “Religion is the opium of the people”1 – truer words never spoken.

Marx, K. 1976. Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. Collected Works, v. 3. New York.”

Source: Opium of the people –

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An Open Letter to Dean Lapierre

Created a wee bit of shit storm for yourself, didn’t ya, bud? Remember how your parents and your teachers told you to “Think before you speak”? This, right here, is a fabulous learning moment for you because you seemed to have missed the memos.

Dude, you ABSOLUTELY have the right to your opinion. You absolutely have the right to withhold judgment, common sense and dignity when airing those opinions. You were cognizant of those rights and used them. Well, Dean, little buddy; opinions are like assholes – everybody has one. You are now hearing from the other assholes who walk this earth who also have opinions. I would be one of them.

Ignore the rabid ones – the ones calling for your resignation, vilifying you and wishing all manner of evil befall you, they, frankly, are simply not intelligent enough to see the irony in what they are doing…as an aside, I wonder how many demeaning or exploitive memes, with men as the subject, can be found on the walls of their FB pages or homes…I do admit, I called you a pustule and a noodle dick, I believe. Heat of the moment thing although, in my OPINION, you earned the epithets.

Dean – something I’ve learned while toiling away on this earth – freedom of speech is a heavy, heavy responsibility. Prior to exercising it; it is vital that you consider all sides of an argument. People have fought and died for the right to their opinions, so when we exercise that right, it should be given the respect it deserves. You didn’t do that Dean. You shot your mouth off without examining the issues at hand. Again, you have the right to say something that to me, appears to be unbelievably stupid, narrow minded, not mention the whole ill-thought out and horrible grammar thing.

Let me explain something to you, without name calling. I know you don’t get it – you can’t get it – oh there are those men who think they can soooo fully understand a woman’s plight but frankly, unless you sport a vagina? You can’t..possibly….get it. These women marched in protest to Trump – an obvious misogynist who seems to revel in that fact – who has and will continue to remove, not erode….but remove the right of a woman’s say over her own body. They march in protest over his intent, they march in protest over the interpretation of equally misogynist men that Trump’s election is permission to voice and to act on their distain, their scorn as well as their need to control women. They are marching for their own safety and their health.

I worked in minor hockey for years and years. Your attitude is not unique. I worked in a male dominate industry for years; your actions are not unique.

Dean – you can go out for a brew and your safety will never cross your mind. You go out for that brew and you pay for it with the money you earned. You have a right to that beer. You have the right to sit at the bar and yak to the bartender or watch “THE GAME” on the television. You don’t have any idea how truly fortunate you are to experience that independence. You have no idea how much you have taken this right for granted. You have turned your back on the Canadians who have fought and died for your right to freedom. Dean….they fought for my rights as well. The problem is, men – with the opinions that you hold – stand in the way of my right to go for a beer after work.

Simple act of going for brew, if you are a woman: I would need to go out to my vehicle, look in the back seat, unlock the doors, get into the car and IMMEDIATELY lock those doors. Pull out of the parking lot and head toward the Brasserie (tavern, in Quebec); I can then open my window because I am in motion. I pull into the parking lot and look for the location closest to the door and well lit. No such spot? I leave. Let’s say, there is a spot – I go in. I am made to feel like a piece of steak; okay…at my age, it’s a really tough and aged piece of steak. I will be watched and judged as to whether or not I am mating material. It is a humiliating experience. It is not, as many men feel, complimentary. It is humiliating, period.

I sit at the bar and the judgment continues around me. Nah, its not my imagination – years ago, I worked as a bartender. I have sons, a husband and as mentioned, worked in a male milieu. I know EXACTLY how it is…

Let’s say nature has decided that there is enough beer in my kidneys and it is time to make room for more. I go to the washroom – I stand at the door way and scope out the area. My safety is compromised in the washroom. Looks good – I find a cubicle, do what nature has requested all the while listening for the sound of the door opening and heavier footsteps…without heels. I also listen for any unfamiliar noise.

When you are a woman, you create sound byte files in your brain – familiar and safe sounds, unfamiliar and dangerous sounds and unknown/unclassified sounds. Same goes for visuals…safe environments, dangerous environments, potentially dangerous environments and unknown/unfamiliar – stay on your guard, environments.

I do what needs to be done – open the door – look around again, wash my hands while looking in the mirror at the environment as well as my face. I open the door and mentally prepare to go through the judging once again.

I go back to my place, and I order another drink, even though I have one that is only partially finished. I do this because I have to do this, in order to feel safe. Drugging women’s food/beverages is a very old technique used by predators and is still used. Little girls, teenage girls and women are taught and reminded of this on a constant basis, regardless though – it still happens and girls/women are raped and beaten.

Sometimes these rapes and beatings are filmed and shared for all men to enjoy. Think about it – your sister, maybe your daughter or your mom – raped, beaten and then having to endure her total and complete destruction by having the event filmed and uploaded. Think about it, Dean – never mind how sick and enraged it may make you – think about your sister, your daughter, your wife and your mother…think about them raped, brutalized and then think about some piece of shit fapping to their pain, their tears, their screams.

I’ve had my 2 drinks and pack up to leave. I make a mental note of who is where, in case I need witnesses. I walk through the door, making sure that no one is behind me and if there is? I pretend to rifle in my purse until that person is far enough away as to no longer be a threat. I go to my car, in the well-lit area – look around me, look in my back seat. Open the door, jump in and lock, immediately.

This is everything a woman must do, just to exercise her right to have a brew, after work, paid for with the money she earned at her job. That’s just a simple beer, Dean. Our lives are made up of similar scenarios, on a constant basis. And then, some tin pot dictator decides what we may and may not do with our own bodies. Yeah. No. There will be protests.

Someone speaking as Donald Trump speaks, behaving as Donald Trump behaves classifies him as a danger. Someone who cannot understand why women choose solidarity via protests, across manmade borders is a potential danger and Dean? That would be you. Women are multidimensionally thinkers, a good number of men are the same; they can care, deeply, about more than one cause at a time. They can protest Trump and his ignorance, they can also protest Wynn and her subjugation of the Ontario family, they can protest racism, bigotry and misogyny. I am sure, if you give it a shot, Dean – you can as well.

Don’t blame women for your current predicament. You took a right of freedom, you took that right for granted. In my opinion, you abused that right. For every action, Dean – there is a reaction and you are now experiencing Newton’s Law right out your old ying-yang. I’m sorry you didn’t pay attention to the Golden Rule of opinions. Good luck.

P.S. Dean?  Here’s one more for you – another reason women are standing together…

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Because We Are Beyond Help

sheldonTo answer the question, why am I not blogging, there is writers’ block and then there is what I have been experiencing – a tsunami of thought and ideas, all requiring research of one sort or another.

I get up with the intention of writing a topical blog. I find my way down the stairs, usually without gravity’s aid but not always…grab a cup of coffee in my favourite mug, currently one with a Minions design, sit down at my desk, in my Nerd Cave and see what the headlines has offered up to me.


Since early fall? It has been controversy, stupidity and ignorance overload. Not just one area but virtually all areas of life.

In my own country – starting at the top, our Prime Minister; the Selfie King – that’s his accomplishment over the past 15 months since his election, selfies.

In my province, Quebec – we have the Health Minister who sees nothing wrong with the old, infirm and vulnerable left to shameful healthcare. Shipped from one inadequate facility to another; nothing illustrates his disregard more than his claim that one bath a week is sufficient for the sick, for the incontinent and for the dying.

Ah, then we have overwhelming debacle of democracy with the election of Donald “I wouldn’t know the truth if it were one of my wives” Trump. For those blockheaded Americans who believe that his election is none of the world’s business? You’re an idiot and no amount of explanation will help. You simply do not have the capacity for rational thought.

Then there are those stalwart competitors for the Darwin Award; the anti-science bunch, you know them as, “anti-vax”, “anti-GMO”, “anti-Pharma”… there are just too many topics.

It is disheartening, it is so very sad and so very depressing.

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Ivy’s Pit Bulls – Alberta

Justin Lawrence Iverson, 30, has been charged under the Criminal Code with five counts of cruelty to animals, five counts of causing injury to animals and 10 counts of failing to comply with recognizance.

In December, Iverson was charged with eight counts of animal cruelty under the Animal Protection Act in relation to an Edmonton breeding operation.

Iverson and Christine Archambault were charged after animal protection officers found dogs living in what they called “some of the worst conditions ever seen at a breeding operation.”

Iverson was also charged under the Criminal Code with two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

More on Justin Lawrence Iverson.

Where can you find Ivy’s Pitbulls according to the ad?

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Former millionaire, 92, says own children took his life savings

So it appears, his daughter –  Anne Filippone and his elder son, Sam Stoopnikoff scavenged and stole off their own father.  Filippone is an “accountant” – I don’t think I would want her handling my financial affairs.

This abuse is starting to show up more and more as the self-entitled Baby Boomer segment of society decide that what constitutes their parents’ possessions also belongs to them but with none of the responsibilities.

If you didn’t earn it; if you didn’t work for it?  It isn’t yours.  Take it because of some mistaken believe that DNA gives you title?  You are a thief, nothing more.

More examples of Baby Boomers and the abuse of their parents;

sam-stoopnikoff anne-filippone

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Barrette is a Sociopath

How can a Health Minister possibly utter this terrifying nonsense? He needs to be tossed out of cabinet – on his ear. I won’t vote Liberal if he is still a part of the party. Such lack of compassion has no place in the Ministry of Health.

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The Strain, is a strain or confession of a binge watcher

the-strainI am the nightmare viewer of television producers everywhere. I am a binge watcher, worse than that – I am a binge watcher who streams with a box. It is the only way I can watch television; I don’t have the time nor do I have the patience to wade through absurd commercials with dancing housewives and talking appliances.

This weekend my binge was “The Strain”, looked promising; it was co-created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, filmed in my country. Granted it was Toronto, the “New-York-Wannabe“, of the north; my guess is that Montreal and Vancouver were probably booked.

Back to The Strain – it wanted to be an interesting mix of Walking Dead/30 Days of Night/28 Days Later, so I queued it up, settled into my side of the couch and began my binge.

First season was as expected – the premise was being established, actors were looking for their groove and the writers were exploring the recesses of their minds, trying to find their most horrific of muses, (made slightly easier by the filming location). Sentient parasitic worm, sent out by, what we are led to believe is, a vampire of Eastern European origin. The victims, don’t actually “die” in the accepted “worm-farm”state of non-being; they undergo a sort of metamorphosis, poorly described using the very old and very tired caterpillar analogy, early on.

The script starts off with acceptable moments but then begins to take frequent nosedives into shoddy writing.

Whining by cast member and employee of the CDC, Dr. Nora makes you wish she would be the next victim and then the inexplicable, totally unnecessary appearance of her chain-smoking mother with dementia; after about 10 minutes of the mother’s confused mental state and nicotine fits, you can’t help but sit there and ask yourself, “W.T actual F does this have to do with anything??”

Dr. Nora is supposed to be of Argentinian origin and speaks of the “Disappeared”….the problem? The Dirty War in Argentina would have been before she was born and has absolutely no bearing on the story or situation at hand.

These are the small details in a script that can cause viewers to lose interest. Yes, the premise asks us to suspend reality for an hour but small bumps like this have a way of turning into a show cancelling tumor.

Dr. Goodweather or “Eph”, one of the protagonists and the writers don’t seem to be sure if he is key or not, is a monumental pain in the ass. We are shown that he’s an ex-alcoholic, his marriage broken, perhaps beyond repair….or perhaps not but due to the lack of actual character development – you just don’t give a rat’s ass.

His kid, Zach? Needs a firm butt kick and by the end of season one, you are wishing that he becomes one of the infected and shuts, the hell, up. We should be sympathizing with the kid but we can’t…because? The writers turned him into an obnoxious little jerk.

There are other characters making up the merry band of humanity’s saviours…Vasiliy, Jim, Gus, Dutch and of course, Professor Setrakian (the show’s Van Helsing) but they, really, don’t matter and you really don’t care one way or another if they bite it. There will never be a “If Vasiliy Dies, We Riot” t-shirt. There is no emotional investment for the viewer. The writing, the plot, once again, falls flat.

It is, painfully, obvious that del Toro and Hogan were trying to create the same viewing experience as what occurred with “The Walking Dead”.

The Walking Dead had subtle but brilliant character development; each show had a stunning plot, the music, the settings – everything was melded together to offer the viewer a totally enveloping entertainment experience. The Strain? Completely missed the goal, in fact, “The Strain” should have been scrapped after Season 2.

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