Anti-White Part Deux

god love emIt’s me again; the purveyor of anti-white propaganda. Yes, I am anti-white according to one of Bob Whitaker’s band of merry jugheads. I’ve been called worse and by far, far better. ( )

This morning I read a news story about, yet another, despicable piece of proposed legislation being put forward by the neo-Nazi wannabe’s of the P.Q government in Quebec. (

The story, pretty much, pissed off my morning. I hate the mentality behind such legislation. It is racist and calling it “Quebec values” doesn’t change the evil of the intent. Quebec’s current minority government is woefully ignorant and most definitely setting itself up as nothing more than a tin pot dictatorship. Every news article that streams to computer monitors around the world opens the province up to ridicule and well it should. Quebec and the people who claim they are simply trying to protect Quebec’s heritage are either monumental liars or are being hoodwinked by monumental liars.

The world is moving forward at light speed, there is no stopping for xenophobes as we all move into a global joining of peoples, trade and economies. There is no room for people who judge based on skin colour, religion or creed. There is no place for people with such narrow views and lack of intellect. They draw their little flags around themselves and claim to be protecting culture when, in fact, they are nothing more than ignorant, fearful little drones. No culture is in danger if the culture is strong within its people. You can’t legislate it. Hitler learned that one at a terrible, terrible cost to human lives. You cannot demand respect. It has to be earned and Quebec has yet to learn that fine distinction between respect and fear of persecution. Respect for Quebec culture outside of Quebec is non-existent and our government is to blame, completely to blame.

In spite of national governments, other countries and other people are striving toward peace, toward understanding, toward creating a world for everyone. It is possible. Probable? Not with people like Marois, Putin and their pathetic clones. It is up to the rest of us to work even more diligently against the ignorance that these people spew.

Later on this morning, I happened on the picture above and it reflects a state that we can all strive toward achieving. Atheist, Christian, Jew, Muslim – Aboriginal, Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern – we are all made up of the same flesh, the same blood. We are all born, we live, we laugh, we cry, we die. All of us. Nothing truly separates us; the only thing that drives us apart is the poison of racism and ignorance.


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2 responses to “Anti-White Part Deux

  1. I’m bored with trying to explain white privilege. I try to be be patient and assume people just don’t know any better, but I come up against such stubborn opposition to the idea, that I lose interest. In theory it should be easy for a woman to understand, because she’s used to male privilege, but I have just as much trouble explaining it to women as I do men.

  2. Colleen

    You are right, as usual… and I don’t understand why it’s so hard to understand.. I can’t wrap my head around what is so difficult to comprehend in this.. but.. as a dear friend often says “you can’t educate pork”. And btw…those pictures made me tear up….very touching.

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