Darwin Was Wrong

After witnessing an unfortunate exchange between two individuals; it was made, rather glaringly, obvious that Charles Darwin has some s’plainin’ to do. The discussion centered on spaying and neutering our animal companions; someone managed to get their little tidy whities in a knot over a post to spay and neuter pets. Person took it personally, as well he should have done. Survival of the fittest gone wrong; too much protection for the weaker of the human species has allowed the population of ijits to balloon.

The problem of pet over-population lies within the boundaries of the less-than fully lit human light bulbs out there. These dull bulbs are under the ridiculous assumption that possessing an animal is a right. Let me, therefore, enlighten this concept for those unable to grasp this situation to its full and tragic end; owning an animal is not a right. Sharing your domain with an animal is a privilege and one that bears tremendous responsibility, both financial and personal. If humanity could simply understand the term “personal responsibility” millions of innocent companions would not be put to death for no other reason than the aforementioned “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.”

If you live in an apartment? Understand that leases end but your responsibility toward this trusting animal does not. Some landlords refuse to entertain the thought of pets in their buildings. What will you do if you have to move and the only place available doesn’t permit animals? Unpleasant reality that must be faced, not shelved in the back of the mind until it happens and another pet dies in a shelter.

Can’t afford to spay or neuter? What, the hell, are you doing with the animal then? If you can’t afford to spay or neuter, what about standard vet check-ups? What about future vaccines and medication to prevent illness? What happens if you pet gets sick? The operation is nothing compared to the long term cost involved with an animal. Get a pet rock instead, you selfish bonehead. I’ll bet you can afford smokes, fast food, internet hook-up and movies though because these things are so much more important than the life of an animal.

Let your cat out to roam free, because – “Gee whiz, that’s their nature!” Bullshit. It’s a dog’s nature as well but luckily, there are laws forcing people to use their heads. Cat owners seem to need the same help with common sense. The real truth is that it is easier than cleaning a litter box. Less of a bother having to show affection to the feline when you are on computer and their life expectancy is drastically reduced so less of a long term bother when the cat is allowed to roam.

There is only one reason animals are still being euthanized in shelters. There is only one reason the domestic animal population is out of control. There is only one reason for this:

euthanized dog

And this – stupid, stupid humans and their irresponsibility.euthanized cat

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