Hateful People and Painful Lessons



This blog is tremendously painful to write; I know I joke about the people who just can’t seem to rise above the primordial ooze but sometimes, one of the scum just manages to sicken me to a level, not yet experienced.  This blog is about one of those beings masquerading as an actual human.

This story is about a young lad in Ontario, a young man with severe autism, Max Begley.  It is necessary to read the article and listen to the piece; it is short and will not tax your time: http://www.citynews.ca/2013/08/19/police-investigate-hate-letter-targeting-teen-with-autism/   The letter mentioned is posted on this blog but I warn you, it will impact your digestion negatively.

What would possess someone to write something so hateful, so disgusting?  While it is doubtful that the police will be in a position to lay charges on this whatever-it is-that-passes-as-human, we can hope that this individual has expressed its opinion to neighbours in the past unless the stench emanating from this person keeps other human beings at bay.  The real justice will be exacted by the neighbourhood.  Writing the letter is not a crime per se.  Hateful though it may be, I don’t believe that it is something that can be prosecuted.  It would be lovely to see justice done but the price to the greater good is too high.  We must have freedom of speech but we must also accept the consequences when that freedom is abused so if the neighbours do, indeed, discover the poison pen owner, then gloves may be removed and the punishment for abusing our dearly held freedom may be doled out – in spades, hopefully.

I do have friends in my life who do have children with varying degrees of autism; I have friends who have children with other conditions, Asperger’s, Down’s Syndrome etc.  To think that they or their children could ever be victimized in this manner enrages me.  How can anyone with any sort of measurable intelligence think the things written in that letter, let alone actually consign it to paper.

In addition, I experience a very cold chill for this individual; I’ve been around long enough to know that this type of wanton evil will be visited back to the writer.  It won’t be the author alone who will bear the retribution, Newton’s Law or karmic return (whatever term is the one with which you are most familiar); perhaps it will be one of its children or another beloved family member.  A devastating illness perhaps, a catastrophic brain injury rendering the individual as helpless to control behaviour as Max Begley is unable to control behaviour.

Please share the letter if you would so we can all bear witness to the senseless cruelty to which this species is still capable.


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7 responses to “Hateful People and Painful Lessons

  1. This is very personal for me, obviously, and not just because I’ve had cruel things said about Tom.

    When Martin was a teenager, his mother mentioned in passing, when the topic came up: “if you had been disabled, I couldn’t have coped, I’d have had to have put you in a home”.

    Maybe she thought he’d just brush it off, I don’t know, but he said her words cut him like a knife. He thought “but it would still have been ME”. He often mentions this. It still hurts.

    Her opinion didn’t change either. My mother went to church with her on an occasion where some severely disabled children were present, and they were singing. Apparently it was loud and very off-key. My mother-in-law turned to my mother and said “I would be disgusted if that were my child”. My mother was absolutely horrified (and subsequently believed what I’d told her about my mother-in-law).

    Karma visited her, obviously. Tom is the least of it. Martin’s sister’s daughter is both physicially and mentally afflicted, having had meningitis at ten days old, which led to hydrocephalus, and a severe epileptic condition that further damaged her brain over time.

    Tom knows the whole story, and wants nothing to do with his grandmother, because as he says, “no matter how polite she is to me, I know what she’s thinking”.

    • I admit defeat. I have tried but I cannot understand this human species but more to the point, the more time that passed, the more I saw, the more I heard, has led me to where I am now. I don’t want to understand. I don’t want filth in my life, or in my brain.

  2. Colleen

    I have a dear friend who has a severely autistic son, one who very likely makes the same or similar noises as Max. I spent Saturday night sitting at a bonfire with him and enjoyed every minute of it. The child may have a severe disability, but he is still a joy to spend time with, he loves a bonfire, he loves his video games, he enjoys socializing in short doses and he loves unconditionally. I may not be able to carry on a conversation with him, but I can still sit and enjoy his company and know he can kick my arse in any video game too..

    The person (if you can really call them that) who wrote that vitriolic letter is the saddest, most pathetic form of society, probably mentally and emotionally stunted themselves.. I have no sympathy or care for them… they are not worthy of it. I’m quite sure someone in the neighbourhood will recognize the spewer of hatred and will out them..

    In the meantime, I’m also quite sure they will become aware that their bitterness and hatred has been spread all over the internet and there WILL be a backlash at some point..Karmic or Vigilante..

  3. Sherry

    This just makes me sick. Sick at heart, sick to my stomach, sick in my soul. I know this kind of opinion is actually not uncommon just rarely voiced. Hell my own father told me I should never breed because I’m diabetic and that’s bad for the gene pool. I was “unacceptable/inferior breeding stock”. I look at this and I pray that Weiland never runs into someone this heartless and cruel. I pray that when he someday dates he does not run into families who believe him “inferior breeding stock” someone worth no more than the organs that could be harvested for someone “useful.” How fucking sick does a person have to be to believe this of another human being? I’m off to go suck it up and carry on with my day despite knowing there are sick fucks out there like this and there is little I can do to protect my son from them. Because by the time we know who and what they are they’ve already done their damage.

  4. If the person who wrote this letter is really a mother, I pity her “normal” children!

  5. That is just horrid! That person leads a miserable life.

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