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David Duke, KKK and Other Racist Genetic Mutations

I think you would be either be an idiot or an ostrich not to make the connection between the events in Virginia and that moron masquerading as a president.

Don’t think so? Watch this sorry excuse for a human being.


Make America great again? Here’s a thought; instead of murdering innocent people, rioting and wearing symbols of oppression, subjugation and genocide – why don’t you find a way to improve yourself? Go back to school, read a book, clean up a park, volunteer. How about showing your “patriotism” by joining the army or are you following in the footsteps of your mentors – Trump and Duke – examples of how privilege keeps you out of the military. Obviously, you have far too much time and not enough functioning brain cells, happening in your life. I shudder to think that you have the capacity to reproduce, further polluting our gene pool.

Getting rid of Lee’s statue is not changing American history; it is relegating institutionalized slavery and murder to the dustbins of memory, where it belongs, unless, of course – rape, murder, mutilation and torture are American ideals of which you are proud – in that case, erect your own statue…where it belongs, in your outhouse. It belongs with the statues of Stalin, Lenin and that pompous Nazi eagle; pulled down, pulverized and dumped with the other embarrassing human exploits in our history.

STOP calling yourselves Aryan – you aren’t. You aren’t the master race – you are hicks with no discernable IQ. I do have Norse and Eastern European DNA in my veins, probably more than do you and as a Caucasian – I say to you, remove those ridiculous symbols off your arms, burn the t-shirts because you don’t have Clue 1 as to what they really represent. You wouldn’t have been part of the Master Race under Hitler – you would have been out shoveling manure or something similarly geared toward your abilities.

While we are on the topic of criminal behaviours? The anti-Fascist groups are no better. You use high ideals as an excuse to behave like animals. Stop it. You aren’t fighting the good fight; you are behaving as badly, sometimes worse, than those you “claim” to be fighting against.

There is no excuse for the kinds of violence and removal of rights that we are seeing in our streets.

By the same token, blame has to stop. I am not responsible for the subjugation of minorities; I am not responsible for residential schools. My freakin’ family was still in Europe. I am to blame because my skin is white? No. I don’t think so. Racism and scapegoating is on all sides of this issue.

I expect to be judged on who I am, not whether I freckle in the sun. Assholes have no colour. They are who they are – INSIDE. The outside is just a product of nature protecting itself through the ages.

I’ve known asshole white people, asshole black people, asshole Asian and Aboriginal – to me, they were assholes, their skin colour didn’t change their behaviour – it never does. The truth is under the skin. The truth is what goes on between the ears, not the colour of the epidermis covering those ears.

Refusal to accept a global reality and the gains to be made for humanity is nothing short of criminal ignorance; sure, there will be problems but with education and some common sense, as well as decency; we – as a species, are up for the challenge, regardless of hue.

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Label This, Asshole.

Sighh…okay, so – I feel the need to put a few actual facts out there as opposed to the “so-called” or “alternative” variety.


  1. I am not a Liberal, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  2. I am not a Conservative, regardless of what some may like to believe.
  3. I think Trump is a lying pile of human effluent.
  4. I am anti-racist. Not just anti-white racist; anti-religious racism, anti-any colour racism.
  5. I am not a feminist.
  6. I am Pro-choice on all issues.
  7. I am an equalist. I believe in equality for everyone, race – creed – colour – gender – religion.
  8. I believe politics and religion, like farts, are best kept hidden and out of the workplace or classroom (except the obvious exclusions, before some nitpicking asshole feels clever by saying “WHAT ABOUT POLITICAL SCIENCE?!”) People in the possession of common sense would get that right away…
  9. I think Justin needs to walk away from the spotlight long enough to fulfil a few of his campaign promises and allow his cell phone battery to recharge from Selfie and Twitter feeds.
  10. I believe in allowing current immigrants and refugees the same opportunities given to my ancestors.
  11. I believe our criminal code needs to have its rotting teeth pulled and some new chompers put in.
  12. I believe lying and crooked politicians need to be imprisoned and special lengthy sentencing is needed. No parole.
  13. I believe in gun licensing – not outlawing guns but licensing owners, requiring background checks every 2 years.
  14. I believe Putin is a psychopath.
  15. I believe in workfare. No one should be paid to sit at home, unless there are EXTENUATING circumstances involving illness.
  16. I believe that if a corporate entity is making money in a sovereign nation then all business dealings must remain within that nation – no more outsourcing jobs.
  17. I believe drugs – all drugs should be legalized and regulated.
  18. I believe prostitution should be legalized and regulated.
  19. I believe in freedom of speech – regardless of how hateful it may be. Better to keep poison in the light than allow it to rest in the darkness, putrefying.
  20. I believe that the purveyors of fake news should be called out and prosecuted. Fake news is not freedom of speech. Lying is not freedom of speech. Inciting hatred through fake news is not freedom of speech.
  21. I believe that news is only news when supported by facts – actual facts. Provable facts. Recorded facts.
  22. I believe I will go get a cup of coffee now.

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