Personal Essay on Standing Committee and Systemic Racism

Yes, I have read the document, in its entirety…it left me gobsmacked. What an insane waste of taxpayer money, in addition to being ill-advised. You cannot legislate thought. You cannot legislate opinion. You certainly can’t do it without consulting with the people on the ground – you know, the folks paying for this tripe.

Let’s take hiring, for example; hiring based on gender, race, religion, age or sexual orientation, in order to fill a quota is…the very same discriminatory practice that this (cough, cough) “standing committee” sees as their raison d’être. Hiring on merit is the only way to ensure business/public service stays strong and viable. Anything less is nonsense.

Let’s turn this around, shall we? What about the Muslim “Brotherhood” – it is discriminatory by virtue of its name. How many women are on their ruling board? Can’t have it both ways – either we are inclusive and refuse to accept discrimination or we are not.

What of the Hasidim? The men within the community are not permitted to speak to women; this too, discriminatory.

The Catholic Church – how many women are elected, promoted to roles within the archdiocese as bishops…archbishops…priests? Answer: None.

Jehovah Witness – there’s a whole organization based on discriminatory practices.

Let’s look at the popular music blasted out of car windows, sound systems throughout the country; referencing women as “ho’s” – “bitches”. Very discriminatory toward women. Shall we prosecute the song writers? Call them out for public humiliation?

Discrimination exists within our society and if we want to wipe it out? Then fine, but it has to be a constant.

A large step toward ending discrimination would be to end “special privilege” for religion, race, gender and ethnicity. A good number of our problems, as a society, is based on religion. Stop discrimination, then start treating religions as you would any large corporation – begin by taxing them. No more special privilege based on the belief in some imaginary father/mother figure in the sky or wherever. Fairy tales are for children and have no place in government or business.

What you believe is your own business and as such, keep it to yourself. Keep it in your churches/mosques/synagogues/temples. No and I mean NO special privileges based on religious preference. Want a public service? Then remove the face covering, no choosing the gender of a professional based on your fairy tales. No more public money going to a religious organization – municipal tax dollars, for example, used for snow plowing a church parking lot. Get your parishioners out there, with shovels or snow blowers.

No more referring to Caucasians as “whitey” – “honky” – “redneck” or racist based on skin colour. No more trying to throw shadows on what the various European cultures have done in this country.

If one can take pride in their non-European background, so too, can Europeans. Anything less is discriminatory and against the aforementioned “standing committee’s” own recommendations.

I don’t care what fairy tale rocks your boat, I don’t care where your family began, I don’t care who you love, I don’t care if you don’t sunburn in the summer; if you have a sense of personal responsibility, if you have a backbone and if you don’t walk around with your hand out or wear a mantle of victimhood then, to me, you are Canadian and I don’t need a “standing committee” to tell me.

Want to see how your money is spent by government?  http://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/Committee/421/CHPC/Reports/RP9315686/chpcrp10/chpcrp10-e.pdf

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