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Social Engineering 101

I was never one for conspiracy theories and even this, it isn’t a conspiracy theory – this is based on observation and a knowledge of history, of humanity, and psychology.

Just as the poor farmers and citizens of Ukraine were not the enemy of Soviet Russia, just as Judaism was not the enemy in World War II, people of colour – not the enemy of the U.S….Islam is not the enemy of global peace.

The enemy sits in government – the enemy sits in corporate offices, engineering the movement of society. Removing the focus of what they are doing, using media, using the internet and using the need for the dull witted to find a cause of their poverty, of their feelings of helplessness. Pitting one man/woman/child against another; fueling hatred and fostering ignorance all for their own protection from the masses.

The only time that true chance comes to government and it is always temporary change, is when the masses have reached their breaking point – when the masses realize who and where their true enemies hide – when the masses take to the streets and threaten to dismantle the seats of power. Then there is change but we get complacent very quickly and the disease that is greed, megalomania returns like the cancer it is.

The success of the recent social engineering is no different. Islam is not a threat to anyone – the threat comes from the various seats of government – the main tumours, the center of the disease is in Russia and the U.S, from the oligarchs, to the corporate offices in New York and L.A. Society has turned on each other, from Black Lives Matter to the White Supremist to the Isis camps. The enemy is not found in the suburbs, the enemy is not in Pakistan or in a one room apartment in Moscow – the enemy is right in front of us, playing us like chess pieces.

This world is a small place – it gets smaller with every keystroke on a keyboard – with every Tweet – with every online comment. Anger, fear, poverty and disease are not your fault, these are not the fault of some man trying to survive in Afghanistan. The fault is on your flickering television screens and monitors – the faces you elected. The faces of the boards of directors of those corporations who drive our economy, telling us what we need to be happy.

It is time to open our eyes and minds – to use common sense and to understand that we have been hoodwinked. People are dying because of the monsters who we appointed to protect us. Liars, cheats and killers all. Should war break out? It won’t be their sons and daughters ordered to the slaughter. It will be yours.

Change happened in the sixties and early seventies BECAUSE the great unwashed, the serfs – common every day people, took to the streets and burned that motherfucker down. They are afraid of us and work, very hard, to maintain division because united? We are their worst nightmare.

There isn’t much time left before we have been completely brainwashed – it is evident every time we open our computers. Men aren’t the enemy – women are not trying to destroy men; black people are not a gang of murdering drug dealers and Muslims are not terrorists.

Take a moment and think of who benefits from this divisive society we have become; it isn’t you, it isn’t me – it isn’t your Muslim neighbour or native on a reserve. The people who benefit are the ones who sit in seats of power and have chosen to misuse it for their own end. We’ve been suckered…again.

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No One is taking your freedom of speech via M103

Before anybody gets their white sheets in a knot; the news is bogus. M103 was presented back at the beginning of December, 2016. It is simply a motion – hence the “M”.  (http://www.parl.gc.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members/Iqra-Khalid(88849)/Motions?sessionId=152&documentId=8661986)

Before believing the likes of the Toronto Sun or Levant; informing yourself is a step in the right direction and it won’t be long before your knuckles will cease to have road rash.

These types take advantage of your ignorance; they know you are uneducated and prey on you for that reason. You are their dupes.

Here – this is how it works and again – M103 is not a freaking bill.


(OH!! And by the way?  Those Soldiers of Odin in the picture?  They are in violation of Bill 101 – a bill entirely devoted to removing freedom of speech to any language other than French in Quebec.)

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Racism – It isn’t just for white people anymore

A young lady tweeted something rather unfortunate a while back. A reporter – apparently known for being a hate-filled blockhead found the Tweet and spread it around. Rather large (for Canada) firestorm ensued. I won’t repeat the tweet, it was born of the frustration, born of anger. We are all guilty of unwise words when we are angry, at some point in our lives.

Having lived through more decades than I am able to remember, with any clarity, I can say that we have come a long way from the murderous rampages for civil rights. We have come a long way but baby…there is still a mountain range and vast desert to cross. I site the Herouxville manifesto and the appalling reaction to the acceptance of Syrian refugees by some Canadians. A vocal few, I would hope, that seem to have forgotten that many of them have the blood of refugees running through their veins.

Racism. As a white woman, apparently, I have no say in the topic, to some. I can’t possibly know what racism does to an individual, a community.

Yeah well..that is tantamount to racism, in and of itself.

I do understand how violence, the threat of violence, a constant barrage of insults, the barring of opportunities can tear down the self-respect of a human being. It isn’t neurosurgery. Simply because I have never been the recipient of such behaviour does not mean that I cannot see the terrible inequality of such actions and call out the perpetrators.  It does not mean that I am incapable of understanding the issue.  I do possess grey matter that extends beyond basic presumption.

Over the decades, I’ve seen unconscionable acts. I’ve been exposed to the appalling impact of bigotry in the world. The Holodomor, the Holocaust, Selma, Watts, the Killing Fields, Apartheid, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq….on a lesser scale, the FLQ. All over the world, people are judged, found guilty and die because of the race, creed and/or culture. A young man was hacked to death in Bangladesh because he was an atheist just a few days ago.

The colour of our skin, the faith of our families, our gender…in an intelligent society, none of this should be of relevance but history tells us, the human race is far from intelligent.

Personally, I don’t care whether you are white, black, yellow, olive or purple. My motto is that assholes are all the same colour; religion, creed or culture simply isn’t relevant when you are an asshole. You have one purpose, to fill up and expel feces. Something bigots of any stripe do and do well.

Pointing fingers is so damn easy. Walking the walk, talking the talk is how I determine if an individual is a part of intelligent society or a member of the rectal group.

Are there horrible white people out there? Absolutely. There are horrible black people out there, horrible Asian people out there, horrible Middle Eastern and aboriginal. The common denominator is that they are people. Lack of empathy, of conscience, of humanity is not the sole domain of one race, one creed or one colour.

We need to move forward. Remove the racism label and call it what it is – hatred, mindless, ignorant hatred. This is the common enemy. Vilification based on race, creed, colour or gender is wrong. Division based on these labels weakens any fight for equality. Black lives matter, well yeah…however, this is divisive and counterproductive. The cold, hard truth is that all lives matter, regardless of community, city or country. The lives of people forced from their home due to political violence matter. The lives of people struggling to feed their families matter. The lives of people torn apart by violence in their streets matter. The problem is, admittedly, easier with which to deal, when you divide it. True solutions are never easy. Hatred and violence is a global issue. It is a global tragedy and while I am a pessimist when it comes to the human race, I do find myself hoping that one day, a solution will be found. I hope that one day, hatred based on bigotry will be a crime from our past.

I hope that our descendants will read from their history books and shed a tear for our ignorance.

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Open Letter to Soumia Allalou and McGill University

gender_equality_2Open letter to Soumia Allalou and McGill University.

Ms. Allalou;

While I can understand your point of view, as a student of law, you, above everyone should understand the need for equality. 

You are young and are perhaps distanced from the struggles of Canadian women to gain equal status in our country. Religion was the foundation of the subjugation of women in our country’s history.

McGill is a public university and as a public university it must represent Canadian rights and freedoms for all. This does include you. You have the right to exercise without someone ogling you and if someone is making you uncomfortable by inappropriate gestures or words, then you have the right to seek the assistance of the gym administration.

If exercising in the company of the male gender is contrary to your religious beliefs, then I’m sorry but that is on you. It is not up to a public university to conform to the dogma/theories of a particular religion. The university must be above this and stand for equality. Equality does not mean you are entitled to segregated gym time or area.

Religious choice and restrictions are personal and have no place in the public domain.

Let us, as an example, examine the lives of Canadians who leave this country for temporary work abroad; Saudi is an excellent example. As a Canadian woman, in that country, I would be obligated to abide by Saudi law. This means I would have to relinquish my Canadian rights to those of my host country. I would have to accept this.

Canada is a country of freedom for all of us – men as well as women. You do have your freedom; if you are uncomfortable in the gym, you have the freedom to go elsewhere. You do not have the right to dictate the operation of this public facility based on your personal choice of how you interpret your religion.

We narrowly escaped a xenophobic bill of law by the Parti Quebecois, whereby you would lose your right to wear a hijab which does not intrude on the rights of anyone else. It was a horrific bill. By insisting that a public facility conforms to your personal interpretation of your religion, you have managed to bolster any future attempt to table this bill.

Ms. Allalou, you must learn and understand the fine line between freedom and personal choice. Personal choice cannot be used to control actions within the rule of law. Canadian law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender; you are proposing just that – discrimination.
Do not use your religious choice to justify the action. You are wrong in this. Very, very wrong.


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Crayons and Criminals

jewish depictionI do my best to not blog about the same subject twice within a short period of time but this topic? It is so important to all of us; to everyone, regardless of race, creed, colour or religion. Freedom of speech.

I am absolutely flabbergasted by responses to the Paris massacre I’ve seen on social media. They allude to several things, “allude” as these people do not come right out and say it; their stance being that this murderous act was to be expected because of the subjects of various cartoons by Charlie Hebdo.

Absolutely, by and large, the cartoons were offensive. The publication is not one that I would choose to read, as is my right.

In order to understand this bizarre reaction to the tragedy, I familiarized myself with the publication. I read French. I also live in a French province, this gives me, somewhat of an edge from a cultural and linguistic point of view.  It appears that many of those who seem to wish to ascribe some of the blame for these coldblooded murders to the victims themselves, don’t understand French and seem to think that using Google Translate will be a viable alternative. It isn’t.

This does not, in any way, negate the provocative nature of the cartoons but they are meant to be provocative. They are designed to invoke strong, visceral reactions. This is a long standing tradition for the political/social cartoonists. No one is immune. Christian, Jewish, Islam – Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens and Popes; all are fair game for social criticism. This helps to keep those who would hold themselves above us, in check. It exposes hypocrisy and corruption. It exposes the ridiculous.

There is no excuse for what occurred. There is absolutely no justification. It doesn’t matter what these cartoons portrayed. The best offense against the offensive, in this case, is to not read the magazine. If someone feels very strongly, a letter but under no circumstances should the material be formally censored. There are a lot of views that I find reprehensible however, I will defend the right of whoever is responsible to publicize those views. If I am really pissed off; I’ll write a letter and exercise my own freedom of speech.

I find Playboy, I find Penthouse and most porn to be offensive, to be detrimental to society but I would never think to bomb offices, murder staff.   They have the right to publish what they wish and I have the right not to view it.

Then there are the Aryan cement heads over at https://www.stormfront.org/ I find their views appalling, bordering on insane and as a result, I don’t go to their site. I don’t read their material. They do, however, in a free society, retain the right to be as despicable as they choose. I defend that right.

To allude that these murders were, somehow, the fault of the victims is beyond unacceptable. Are these victims being made into martyrs? Perhaps and yes, this is how it should be. They died because they exercised their freedom of expression. This is should be a fundamental right. I agree with the cartoonists, in principle, regarding religious icons. I find it absurd that any religion should have power of the lives of people in the way that Islam does. I find it disgusting that there are those who would seek to subjugate men, women and children on behalf of some imaginary character of myth and legend. It is unacceptable to allow women and children to be deprived of an education due to someone’s interpretation of a collection of fictional stories and verse.

These concepts need to be brought out and ridicule is warranted, regardless of the mythology involved, be it Islam, be it Judaism or Christianity.

The mentality behind these murders is the same mentality that attempted to murder Malala Yousafzai. The same mentality that bombed a school in Peshawar. These people need to be held up to ridicule by whatever means necessary. They cannot be permitted to instill fear in anyone. They need to be exposed as the cowards they are.

The same pencil should be poised at Christians who would seek to exploit children, to subjugate women using their own book of fairy tales. Or those who hide behind a collar, with a bible in one hand and the other down some child’s pants.

Or those in Israel who claim some invisible being told them that land belonged to them – no deed, no signed documents. The same invisible being who, apparently, turned into a bush and caught fire, while issuing lifestyle orders. This is used as justification to kill, maim and steal.

Our freedom in the west did not come without blood. It did not come without sacrifice and I will be damned if I allow anyone to attempt to infringe on that freedom.

The men and women who died in Paris, who were murdered for exercising their freedom, are martyrs.

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Je Suis Charlie

charlie-hebdoI am Charlie, is the translation should you not understand French. We must all be Charlie at this juncture in our history. There is no single more important aspect of freedom and democracy than free speech, freedom of expression. Islamic extremists wish to destroy democracy, remove our freedom. Caricatures of the prophet Mohammed may be blasphemous to a Muslim but that is an opinion. God/Allah/Jehovah are, when boiled down to definition, nothing more than opinions. The belief in religion is based on opinion. The existence of a god or gods, is an opinion. None of it based on empirical fact.

Stalin had an opinion and using it as his justification, murdered millions of men, women and children. Hitler had an opinion and he too, used it as justification for the slaughter of innocents. Islam is now being used in the same way, by the same sort of psychotics.

Personally, I vacillate between believing there is “something else”, some higher power and believing that it is all by chance. That there is nothing higher, nothing higher than the physical actions of a universe doing what it does. Chaos theory perhaps. I have no empirical proof one way or the other and so, these are my opinions. I don’t have the right to stifle those who believe in Allah, God or Jehovah. I have the right to disagree. I have the right to express my disagreement. I will be damned before I allow anyone to supress my right to expression.

The murder of the innocent men and women in France has hit me very hard. Freedom of speech is a corner stone of who I am as a Canadian, as a human being. With all the atrocities that stream my way, every night, while I watch the evening news, in the comfort of my home, surrounded by love, by security, I am – while not immune – insulated. Protected. An observer. Sometimes, news will move me to tears but this – this assault, this massacre in France? It brought tears, it brought heartache, it brought incredible anger but most of all, it brought a sense of solidarity with these defenseless victims. I am angry. I am angry that the Islam communities, the Islamic countries are not standing up in outrage over this cowardly act. Democratic leaders all over this globe, stood up and condemned this act. This will speak volumes to the people of the world. The act of saying nothing can and will be construed as acquiescence. What other conclusion can be drawn?

The opponents of Islam, of multi-cultural societies have been given more ammunition on which to draw their own recruits. The Islamic world has only itself to blame by not standing with Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, Prime Ministers Cameron and Harper in their condemnation of this vicious and cowardly act done, whether these men are insane or not, in the name of Islam.

The murders must stop, the stonings must stop. The kidnapping must stop. The bombings must stop. The insane destruction of land, people and civilization must stop. Religion is an opinion and no one can justify the murder of innocent men, women and children, based on an opinion. Je suis Charlie. I am freedom.

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Big Decision?

syria 3Life is great for offering you different perspectives; those perspectives are always there if you choose to look – no, if you choose to “see.”

This morning, my biggest concern was whether or not I wanted to work overtime tonight. I’m never forced to really do anything; my boss uses the Jewish/European mother technique – guilt. I know what he’s doing, he knows what he’s doing and he knows that I know that I know what he’s doing. Still haven’t decided yet – it all depends on how much computer work I do during the day. If my eyes are too tired, I’ll pack it in. Guilt only works as long as I allow and if I’m being threatened with a headache and burning eyes – guilt just doesn’t cut it.

But this is my big decision of the day. Then I read the news. Kind of puts my decisions and worries into a whole other sphere. Syria – I worked via e-mail with some vendors in Syria, due to the current embargo, I no longer have contact with them and I can’t help but wonder if they are still well, if they still have a job or even a workplace that has not been reduced to rubble. Did they have family killed into the warfare over there? Did the use of Serin touch their families? Do they have access to food and water? And I’m pondering whether or not to work overtime. Yup, perspectives.

We aren’t rich, by North American standards. We are the working class. Myself, my husband, my children and most of my relatives; we’ve been working class for quite a few generations. We are far better off, economically, than were our relatives in the working class, in decades past. We have a home, not a cramped apartment; we have a backyard, we have food in the fridge, in the cupboards. We can afford medication when we’re sick. We have a vehicle, we would have 2 vehicles if I drove.

I have a pretty good computer, internet, cable television and the electronic gee gaws that go with it. We owe money, more than some and far, far less than others. We can pay our debts and we do, slowly perhaps, but they get paid. We’ve been in far, far worse shape, financially, than we are now. We don’t belong to a golf club, we don’t have season seats to anything and we don’t buy designer products.

To someone in Syria right now? I am akin to the people who live on Mount Royal (a very, very chi-chi place to live in Montreal). I am an object of envy. I have the privilege of getting up and going to a job that pays darn well. I have the joy of going to work and not worrying that bomb may explode, tearing me or people I love to shreds. I can go to the store and buy necessities from well stocked shelves. I have hot water and hygiene facilities.

To someone in Syria – I am among the very, very privileged. And I dare to think the question of overtime is worth a ponder?

An Islamic family moved in across the street from us, in our very white bread neighbourhood. I can’t help but wonder what brought them here? What caused them to leave their home country and come to a place so totally different? Different culture, food, language and religions. Someone I know had, sadly, not an unexpected reaction – fraught with bigotry and hatred – for a family unknown, with children. A family, that no doubt, sits down to dinner, a family where the kids are helped with their homework, made all the more difficult because of the language. A normal family. It saddened me greatly. I figure, you have my attention and my support for as long as you show yourself worthy – I don’t care about your culture, your skin colour or your religion; you are a member of the human race and simply because my genes mutated somewhere along the line and made me whiter than white…doesn’t lessen or greaten either one of us.

Their only crime is to wish for a better life for themselves and for their families.

Yup, that overtime decision is kind of a petty and silly one, when put into perspective.


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I’m Right and You’re Wrong

No godReligion. Faith. Belief. I’m right and you’re wrong. This is the overriding and often unspoken opinion regardless of the umbrella style. Even the Atheists… Everybody is wrong but <insert religion or belief>.

I don’t believe in anything unless someone can hand me absolute truth, evidence – concrete evidence. If not, it is nothing more than, at best – a theory and at worst a potentially dangerous point of view. An awful lot of ‘cides have been perpetrated due to religion. All religions, including Paganism.

Can the existence of a non-corporeal being be proven as absolute? Nope. Therefore, I don’t hold to the belief that one or any exist. Now, archetypes are something I can get behind; using universal archetypes as models of behaviour. Take an archetype and apply the qualities to life. Sure, why not. Everyone should have some sort of model to use as a blueprint for life. The statement does need qualifying however, a model that makes sense and is workable. This one god thing is unworkable in the long term. You keep turning the other cheek and it won’t be long before the skin is flayed from the bone. There are a lot of miserable human beings out there, just dying to spread a little of their sorry selves to you by way of foul behaviour. I think out of all the belief systems out there, this one god thing is about the silliest and strangely enough, the most popular. Easier for humanity to understand the one as opposed to having to stretch their pea brains to encompass multiple images.

The global story of the month, currently, is the appointing of a new pope. Members hoping that a new pope will bring the church forward. Modernize it. Make it relevant. Not likely. The momentum of forward motion does not and has never been in the hands of the pope or the cardinals or the bishops or the priests. The momentum to move forward has always been in the hands of the common members but they choose to abdicate their authority. The church is less than nothing without members. So the homophobic attitudes, the molestations, the rapes…all of these things are the guilt of the members. And no one else. The archaic attitudes in the higher corporate structure are permitted to continue because the membership allows it.

No religion is in the hands of its clergy. No religion’s dogma is the sole domain of its clergy. Dogma is maintained by members. If it is outdated and allows for criminal or immoral, unethical, inhuman behaviours – the blame lies with the members and no one else.

The access to information permitted to all of us is without precedent. Yet? Millions upon millions choose to live their lives governed by ignorance. Intellectual laziness. And of course, human arrogance truly knows no bounds.

We don’t know everything – get over it. There is no proof of a god, of gods or goddesses. None at all. Not one little iota of proof. And so what? We don’t know everything. There may be nothing when we depart this mortal coil and does that not give us more reason to make the best of what we have now? To be larger than life? To make a difference now? A new pope will change nothing. A new pope will not make a Catholic a better person. A modern church will mean nothing.

The only change we require is for every member of humanity to take charge of their own lives and stop looking to others in an effort to defray decisions. The only change that this world needs is for people to decide, for themselves, where to squat and lean.

Sadly, it appears most of humanity is simply too intellectually stunted or lazy to take the helm of their own ship.

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Cowards, Human Spirit and 9/11

I like this one. It doesn’t dwell on the aircraft scenes. It cuts to the heart of it. The cowards responsible for 9/11 failed. They failed miserably. The tragedy is that in their useless attempt to strike fear into the Western world, they took innocent lives. I could pretty much guarantee that Allah ain’t handing them out any virgins. The taking of a life is as much a crime to true Muslims as it is to any other belief system. The few do not represent the whole. These idiots don’t represent Islam any more so than believing Jimmy Swaggart or Jim Jones are representative of all Christians. These men were insane. Somebody, somewhere took advantage of their insanity and that somebody, is now where he belongs – six feet under. Unfortunately, there are always those with a hunger for power to fill the gap.

With all that said, back to the original point of this post – the dismal failure of those men. They accomplished quite the opposite of their intent. They intended to strike fear, to have a continent brought to its knees. They caused none of that. What was brought to light was the insanity of these fanatics; what was brought to light was the appreciation all Westerners feel toward our freedom. We may criticize our governments but we are, at the same time, thankful that we have the freedom to criticize.

Yes, these animals took lives but the lives weren’t in vain. Everyone who lost their life is a key that opens our acknowledgement of our privilege. Everyone who lost their life reinforces the will of the Western world to ensure that this type of insanity is not allowed to proliferate.

I refuse to mourn on 9/11. Instead, I choose to remember those who lost their lives and celebrate the fact that these cowards desperately failed in their attempt to crush us. I will acknowledge and revel in my freedoms. My freedom to speak. My freedom to choose whatever belief system resonates to my life experience. I choose to revel in the small things as well – my choice of mate. My choice of what I will or will not wear. My choice of employment, my choice to live where I wish and how I wish. My freedom to write my blogs and read the blogs of others. I relish my freedom to disagree with politicians and my freedom to voice those criticisms.

I won’t mourn on 9/11 because that will be a small, albeit, very small victory to those who choose to celebrate the destruction. I won’t allow those cowards to sully the memory of those who died on that day by giving them the satisfaction of grief, loss. I will remember those people and be thankful for their memories. I will salute the unwitting sacrifices that they made. Their deaths remind me of this gift of freedom.

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Now We Know

  So now we know; this was a homegrown terrorist. A young Norwegian man angry with his government and perceived capitulation to immigrants, specifically, Islamic immigrants. Surprised by this?  You shouldn’t be.  This type of opinion is growing, not just in Norway but in a good many Western countries. It can’t be dismissed as the act of a fanatic.  I fear this man’s attack may be the beginning of even more ethnocentric acts.

The following may seem to be a “blame the victim” piece but it isn’t.  What happened in Norway happens all over the world, ironically enough, most often in Islamic countries.

The Muslim world needs to take stock, it needs to come together to decide what it is that Islam needs.  Call it a PR campaign.  Islam doesn’t have a centralized theocracy, instead it seems to be made up of tinpot Imams with delusions of godhood.  A perception, for good or ill, held by the Western world.

Yes, the Q’ran calls for good Muslims to show infidels the way to Allah but like the bible, interpretation is the problem.  Too many interpretations, too many people seeing violence as an acceptable method to achieve this “leading infidels to Allah” – common sense, logic and an IQ above that of a fig, should tell Muslims that leading infidels to Allah does not mean dispatching them in the literal sense.

When Muslims immigrate to Western countries, to non-Islamic societies, they do bear the responsibility of understanding the cultures of the countries they have chosen to make as a home.  It is not up to the countries to adapt to the immigrant, it is the responsibility of the immigrant to adapt to the host country.

In France, this means that women may not shield their faces.  It is a fact of life.  France is a Western country, originally based on Judeo-Christian values.  France is not an Islamic state – it does not recognize Islamic laws.  Fairly easy to figure out, regardless of whether or not one is able to communicate in French.

England – again, non-Muslim.  Long history of Judeo-Christian mores as well.  Well established system of government.  Separation of state and religion. Norway – same thing.  Sweden, again – same thing.  Germany…ditto.  Italy…Greece, Spain, Portugal – Canada, the United States.

Funny how these countries are seen as places of freedom, yet immigrants choosing these places seek to change the very basis, the foundations of that freedom. You have every right to practice whatever religion floats your boat. 

You can belong to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster..you can be a part of the Temple of the Jedi.  Or you can choose none of the above.  That right belongs to you, in your life, in your home – in your mosque, synagogue, temple or church.  That right does not permit you to make demands upon a society that would, that could, remove freedoms from others. Islam must make better efforts to inform the rest of the world. 

To extend, pardon the pun, the olive branch of understanding.  If the belief of the individual includes forcing others to capitulate to behaviours based on their religion, then Western countries are not obliged to accept or even acknowledge these beliefs.

If an Islamic utopia is being sought, then perhaps remaining in an Islamic country and working to create that utopia is a far preferable alternative than immigrating to a non-Islamic country, and demanding that country accept Islamic rules foreign to the culture.

Perception is important.  A chador, a burka are perceived to be tools of subjugation by misogynist Islamic clergy.  Islamic women may claim this to not be true, and that’s their right, of course but in Western countries, the perception is just that…chadors, burkas and to a lesser extent, the hijab are symbols that remind us that women have not held a place of equality for all that long, that it doesn’t take much to have that equality compromised and Islam does compromise what Western women have fought, so hard, to attain.  Women in the west will not permit their status to be manipulated in any way, in any shape, in any form.

When atrocities take place, through the actions of Islamic fanatics, the Taliban – Al-Qaeda, the silence from the rest of the Islamic world is deafening, however, who can forget the riots, the death threats when a Danish newspaper ran cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed?  Women and children, men and soldiers blown to bits, shot..tortured are not worthy of the same sort of outrage? 

This is perceived by the world as being of a barbaric mindset.

The Islamic militants in Somalia refuse to allow aid from the rest of the world, to alleviate the terrible suffering.

Where are the Islamic countries?  Where are their demands that these militants stop killing Somalia’s people?  Where are the Imams who were so quick to mount soap boxes against Salman Rushdie? The imams who are so quick to issue Fatwas?

People are dying in Somalia, they are starving to death because an Islamic militant group refused to allow Western aid. If ever a Fatwa was needed…it is now, it is in Somalia. 

Crimes against Muslim people. Perception.  Islam is perceived as a violent, male dominated, hate filled amalgamation of would-be dictators.This is, of course, not the truth but the most powerful weapon against the type of hatred that fueled the attacks in Norway is at Islam’s fingertips – the most powerful weapon in the world – education. 

It is long past the time when all peace loving, devout Muslims should have stood up and decried the violence being perpetrated in the name of Islam.  It isn’t too late, it is never too late to educate and inform but the longer the rest of the Muslim world waits, the more ground is given to ignorance and hatred. The more attacks against immigrants and immigration policies such as the one in Norway, there will be.

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