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Letter to Justin

I voted for you; recent decisions and blatant inaction has made me, deeply, regret my decision. Okay, granted – there weren’t any acceptable options at the time and your speech writers, definitely, struck a chord but you are proving the adage, “Talk is cheap.”

I understand budgets and I know that money is allotted to various departments. I understand that if that money is not utilized, the following year, those budgets get cut. This is not license for fiscal irresponsibility. After years of Harper, social spending should have been one of the priorities – NATIONAL social spending. While I support the Clinton Foundation and its numerous good works; the world can wait while your government puts our own house in order.

The decision, by the courts, to award Khadr 10 million Canadian tax dollars is beyond absurd. Is this a pay off for information? Is it a pay off for some sort of silence? While his rights were violated; it was not by the Canadian people, yet it is us that are footing this bill, created by the Canadian Human Rights Commission – in this case, a title best described as an oxymoron. If financial compensation was to be awarded; why was it not compensation, in Khadr’s name to Amnesty International or some other global Human Rights organization? An apology on behalf of the government is fine.

There are too many victims of human rights abuse in Canada to have a man, who was involved in a war action, to be handed over my money for behaviour directed against the West and as Canada is in the West – against Canadians. He has been granted the privilege of the chance for a new life; that is compensation enough.

How many indigenous communities could have been helped with that 10 million dollars? How many veterans who fought for our beliefs could have benefited from this kind of windfall?

Sunny Ways, Mr. Trudeau? No. These are not sunny ways for Canadians. We struggle, daily, to maintain our standards of living and you? You aid in the process of throwing our tax dollars away. Your “sunny ways” are a sham; behind your picture of sun and happy times, the truth will, eventually, rip through. For all Harper’s cold-hearted cuts to social networks, for all his protection of corporate Canada, you and your government are not better, perhaps worse.

Your government’s donation to the Clinton Foundation is a glaring example of your disconnect with this country. While the Foundation provides opportunities for education in foreign lands, we have communities in your own country that need those opportunities. While the Clinton Foundation helps to provide support for women in the world; there are women in your own country that need those opportunities. Support for artisans in foreign lands – your own country has artisans that need support to help their own communities thrive.

When an indigenous child dies because there is no access to an ambulance, or sickens because of a lack of access to clean water, safe living quarters and over 10 million dollars is shoveled over to a soldier of an enemy?  $10.39 for 4 litres of milk in Nunavut?  And you give an enemy operative 10 million dollars?  How about using Khadr’s name on a Hercules, sent up north with food – create a government store and render the parasites at Northern Stores impotent.  Look after your own people first.

milk in Nunavut

When a veteran must struggle to make ends meet, when a veteran cannot afford food and proper housing? You have failed. Your sun has set and the dark clouds are moving in.


Are you that blind? Are your handlers that successful in insulating you from Canadian reality?

You are failing Canada, you are failing your constituents – you are failing Canadians and in a very negative but spectacular fashion.  You make me ashamed.

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