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WTF. Until the election of that ridiculous grouping of assumed human DNA in the States; for the most part – I figure, if people want to believe in some sort of Fairy Godfather or Godmother – omnipotent/omnipresent – whatever, then fine…dandy…cool, if said invisible friend(s) didn’t start talking to the individual and telling them to kill things or blow ’em up, then, their beliefs are not my circus and not my monkeys.

Come on. The Trumps and Clintons, Falwells, Bannons and Spences don’t believe in god; they are lying through their teeth at you. What about their lives corresponds with ANYTHING you have been taught about your faith? NOT. A. DAMN. THING.

If they were truly Christian – then they wouldn’t be politicians for a start. They would not be living lives of excess. They are not enjoying rewards referred to in the religious texts. The rewards referred to in spiritual literature are spiritual rewards – not owning 10 cars, chauffeurs, designer clothing – none of which enriches anyone, least of all the people who desire them. I believe that is called “greed” and is frowned upon by invisible friends, of all religions.

This god thing? Come on people – it’s a freaking tool. If the peons/proles/Mom and Pop believe that if they are really good, humble and hardworking, god(s) fearing pious folk – then there is a paradise a’waitin’ around the corner. They will eat the shit that is dumped on them and say thank you, please sir…may I have some more.

What there is, is this life and how you choose to live it. The elite, political – religious – corporate, do their level best to ensure that you (proles) continue to believe in this fairy tale because it is what keeps them rich and unaccountable. You go to your church, your synagogue, mosque or ritual – looking for comfort, looking for spiritual security and the false blanket of faith is pulled down over your eyes and you believe.

The work day arrives and you get up, even though you are exhausted, get dressed, slap back some coffee or tea…struggle into your clothes, schlep to work where you waste your life making someone else rich, at the expense of your health and happiness. But hey…its all good because when that heart attack comes, when that stroke fries your brain – y’all will be goin’ ta heavin wi’the angels….

Bullshit. No. You will just die.  There is no god.  And yes, they have lied to you.  That’s why they have it all and we struggle to pay our bills.  They use it as a threat and they use it as a carrot.  

Wake up. No god, the bible is a book – just a book and not a very good one. It is a tool to keep you schlepping to work, to keep you from looking around and seeing what is going on behind those false curtains of piety that surround the elite.

It isn’t too late. While I am no communist – “Religion is the opium of the people”1 – truer words never spoken.

Marx, K. 1976. Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right. Collected Works, v. 3. New York.”

Source: Opium of the people – https://en.wikipedia.org

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You Have No Birthright

A few Facebook posts and links set me on a bit of a tear this morning. Oh and by the way; I am not angry. I get frustrated by the irrational and by lack of logic, common sense and courtesy but angry? Pffffff, not by a long shot. I try not to blog when I’m angry. I become as irrational as the next person and that’s a personal no-no. I have a horrible temper and I don’t allow it to roam free anymore. Too much collateral damage.

Now on to the commentary…

All these groups and sects of people. All these culture and religions and ideologies? You are all full of horse puckies. You are deluded and dangerous.

The gender issues – get over yourselves. We all have gender identifiers; some of us have more than one and get to pick the one that best suits us. We are all human. We all wave our flags of total uniqueness or blend into a crowd. We are all human on an, increasingly, shrinking blue dot in the universe. The sun will not cease to rise because of us. The tides will not be stemmed because of us. We are but a lifeform on a blue dot full of life forms.

Borders and nationalism; screw you. Its land and land doesn’t care who lives on it. Land is not ours to take or to give. It is what it is. No country has the “right” to exist, no culture or race has a right to anything. The sooner we sort that out, the better off we’ll all be.

Governments are not in power to protect us. Governments are full of folks interested in taking and “taking” is the operative here…what they can from us and anyone else under their thumb. They too, are nothing in the face of the universe. Nothing, they don’t matter a single, solitary, damn.

Religion; please. Imaginary friends that, far too many, people believe to be real. Prophets and Messiahs. If these imaginary friends truly existed? Where have they been for the past 1.5 millennia (since the last big one)? Ask yourself what would happen if someone claimed to be the dream child of a ghost? If someone came along and told you that they moved a mountain, with the help of an unseen force? Or a man/woman approached you with a bunch of rules given to them by a burning bush… The guys in the white coats would be called, analysis done and meds prescribed. Why is it so hard to believe that this was also the case within the past 5 thousand years? Is it so hard to look at these examples and understand that mental illness or some sort of poisoning/hallucinogen was at work?

The position of stars do not and never have governed the personality or destiny of anyone. Drawing down the moon or the sun is an exercise in futility. It is self-hypnosis or group delusion based on wishful thinking – depending on the circumstances. There are no star children and Aleister Crowley, while brilliant, was a huckster. Not a very good one, either as he ended up dying in poverty.

It doesn’t matter if you are black, brown, caramel, olive, red, white or yellow; IT DOESN’T MATTER! It is simply a gene mutation based on migration and environmental factors. We don’t have the luxury of claiming superiority – we’re all mutations, on a very small planet that is quickly running out of room to accommodate us and our egos.

It doesn’t matter which or how many imaginary friends you have; they won’t stop a bullet, they won’t save your limbs from being blown off by a bomb and they certainly won’t stop famine, floods and quakes. Your imaginary friends will not un-poison the air, land or water.

That is up to us and the sooner we realize that countries, race, creeds and colour are of absolutely no consequence to the universe – the better our odds at survival. We don’t own this planet, we don’t own land, sea or air, any more so than any other creature living, breathing and trying to survive on this tiny blue dot. Grow, the fuck up, get an education. And stop identifying as some sort of unique sort of human on a dying planet. You are no better than am I or my neighbour or the person living on the street. You are simply human, a genetic mutation.

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White Power? Ummm, no. Vitamin D.

Over the years, being online, from the days of the BBS to present day, I have run into my share of racist assholes – of all shapes, sizes and colours; each race claiming to be genetically superior to the “others”. Each race, creed, religion or colour claiming to be the “right” one.  http://news.sciencemag.org/archaeology/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin

I’m sorry but I call “BULLSHIT!” I call “BULLSHIT” on every last one of them. We are who we are for reasons of prehistoric survival. One is not superior to another; it is all happenstance. Light eyes reflect the blinding light of sun on snow, better than dark. Prehistoric humans, wandering around, looking for food sources found their way north. For some reason, they liked it and decided to stick around. Nature make a few adjustments due to the environment and VOILA! Pale skin, better able to absorb what little Vitamin D could be extracted from the sun and light eyes, better able to reflect the blinding light from sun on snow. Their forbearers came from the Dark Continent, genetic mutation occurred. So, yes – we are all the same at the most base level of our beings.

To be gross here for a sec; cut off the skin, poke out the eyes and we are the same. Muscle, bone, ligaments and blood. Hearts, lungs, brains and organs – all the same. Skills adapted for environments – compatible food tolerance, ability to process milk sugars, all of them environmental.

To be anti-racist is to be the possessor of common sense. The root of us all, remains the same, whether covered in white, dark, olive, yellow or red skin – it is all skin. Skin that had been adapted for the climate and environment. The religious and cultural crap came much later and was/is the result of conscious stupidity. Apparently some brains have not adapted as well as others to changing realities.

And while we all begin life in exactly the same manner? We are well advised to remember that we all leave this life in the same manner…dead. It won’t matter where you worshipped, who you loved or how much $$ you have in the bank. You will still be dead. Your enemy will end up the same way. Those who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu…the Atheist and the Agnostic, the Neo-Pagan; all end up in the same way – ceasing to exist. Joined the choir invisible. The white man, the black woman, the Chinese person and the Arab – all dead, same thing – dead as that famous Monty Python parrot on a perch.

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Fundamentalist Atheists – Hypocrites or In Pain

agnostic1I love my buddies; they are such an incredibly intelligent band of folks, always coming up with a smorgasbord of thought and opinions to consider. Yesterday, it was the disturbing tendency of Atheists to be obnoxious and just as stick necked as fundie Christians.

The similarities, between these two, apparently, polar opposites are pretty basic – fear and pain. Often, upon speaking to “fundie” Atheists, you will find people with scars born of the abuse only clergy can inflict; the abuse of the very essence of an innocent soul. The entire being of an individual is torn to shreds. It might be abuse of a physical nature, sexual or psychological abuse but it is abuse of the foundation of the individual. It destroys faith and for some, this is as bad as the actual abuse, if not, worse. Faith is used as a tool in healing, a powerful tool and when that tool has been annihilated? The abuse is compounded. This then “begets” fear. A horrible, crippling fear that this could happen again, if the guard is let down and other options examined. The fundie Atheist refuses to see the scenery, along the sides of the road, on their one way trip toward Irrefutable Logic Avenue.

This has a tendency to create anger beyond reason. The inability to see both sides, whether agreeing or being in total disagreement, the wounds are simply too deep and too wide. This is where the Atheist and the religious join hands. The religious also live in fear. They fear their own choices. They fear personal responsibility. They fear making decisions. They fear their god. Everything about them is based upon fear of any sort of freedom of choice. They refuse, just like the Atheists, to see potential truths that fall outside of their own road – “Pathologic Illogic Boulevard”.

The two groups have something else in common – their hatred for the Agnostic. They call them, voices tripping with scorn, “fence-sitters.” The Agnostic, on the other hand, remains firmly seated on their fence, willing to see both sides and asking one simple thing of both: proof. Prove that this bible, Q’ran, Torah/Talmud is based on fact. Prove that prophets are actually the voice of god and not simply faking it at best, suffering from mental illness at the very worst. Prove there is a god, a Jesus, a Mohammed, a Moses; show empirical evidence and the Agnostic will climb off the fence and join you.

On the other hand, prove – beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is no higher power and that nothing happens at the end of the long road of life, except decomposition and the creation of a new dust bunny. Prove there is nothing beyond ourselves. The Agnostic would then, descend from the fence and join the ranks of the Atheists.

Neither group is able to prove their points beyond the shadow of doubt nor are they are unable to show proof absolute; this creates fear, fear begets anger and the Agnostic bears the brunt from both sides.

Religion or lack thereof is a lose/lose discussion. It is, virtually, impossible to fight fear when it is so, willingly, embraced and accepted, when it is a key stone of an individual’s character.


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Bigotry and Prejudice

Thoughts on cultural differences, racial differences, religious differences; prejudices & bigotry. We all have prejudices – the prejudging of someone based on very little knowledge or stereotype of a people/culture/race. A prejudice is not always a bad thing; a prejudice is where there is no frame of reference. Prejudice can be rectified through knowledge, bigotry cannot. Bigotry is created through a choice to remain ignorant. Prejudice can be removed, bigotry is far more difficult.

A light side of prejudice, all Indian people put curry in their meals. Not true. That’s like saying all Irish people eat potatoes with every meal or drink to excess.

This form of prejudice happens when there is little exposure to other cultures. Happily, this is changing as we become more and more globally mobile. There will be clashes, absolutely, there will be clashes. Cultures are created by people, through their history, their challenges, their fight for freedoms and will be held tightly as a part of identity.

Let’s be straight up and honest here though, simply because something, some action or some form of behaviour/belief is cultural, doesn’t make it acceptable. Talmudic law, Christian beliefs, Sharia – some of the practices found within all three are not acceptable in most areas of North American and the societies found in the western part of this earth. It is the responsibility of all cultures to be able to grow with this new world in which we all live.

Knowledge and cultural growth must be a two way street.

A couple/few years back, there was a kafuffle in Montreal regarding a local YMCA and their windows. Yup. Windows. You see women were excising inside the YMCA and as they rode the exercise bikes and worked out on the treadmill, their efforts could be seen from the street. Across the street was a synagogue; apparently the women were a distraction to the young men attending the synagogue. A cultural clash ensued and while I don’t see the reasoning for the YMCA’s members’ objection to opaque windows or blinds, it was their decision to leave the windows as they were. I see their point. It is an infringement on their freedoms. I have a little bit of trouble with the synagogue. If the young men are hanging about the exterior of the synagogue, they are doing that by choice. Exercise clothing covers far more of the female form than many of the current fashions on the streets of Montreal. Montreal is not a city under Talmudic law and therefore, the synagogue and its members should understand that their culture, their beliefs are not the beliefs of the majority. In Canada, we live (in theory) by the majority rule, otherwise known as democracy. That the young men are exhibiting the natural behaviour of the male tendencies of the species is not the problem of the women in the YMCA, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, therefore, any change to behaviour should be on the part of the young men. Personally? I wouldn’t want someone watching me exercise and I would choose a spot away from the window but still allowing me to see outside, but that’s me. I would not even entertain a thought that a change to windows be done, simply because I am, personally, not comfortable with an audience.

France is undergoing quite the cultural battle. It has manifested in a law, outlawing the veil. I am a staunch supporter for freedom of religion however, when that religion infringes or is perceived to infringe on the rights of the majority, if it is contrary to the culture of the country, then adaptations must be made by the minority. The wearing of the veil belongs to a very small minority of Islamic women. People from Islamic countries are also responsible for their own education. When immigrating to a nation, without an Islamic background, it is up to the immigrating individuals to decide if it is possible to maintain their beliefs among a majority that does not follow the Q’ran.

Living in a predominately Christian province, within Canada, I do see prejudice constantly, worse, I see bigotry. Living in a French province in Canada, I am also witness to much xenophobia, bigotry on a nauseating scale. Sadly, in some areas, it is rampant and rabid. These individuals do not want a culturally diverse province. You cannot educate these people. Their hatred and ignorance consumes them. In Montreal, the opportunities for personal growth can be found with every step but the individual must have the intellectual capacity to learn. Xenophobes do not have that capacity. Their I.Q’s are simply too low to understand the personal growth that can be found through education.

We can’t bring about legislation forcing cultural acceptance. I see France’s point, it is sad that the country feels the only way to protect itself is by invoking laws that are seen to prohibit religious freedom but by the same token, the Islamic culture that encourages the veil and the subjugation of women, in France, has only themselves to blame. France was chosen as the country where these people chose to settle. France is not an Islamic country, nor – quite obviously, does it want to be an Islamic nation. If a female citizen of France was to choose to live in Saudi Arabia, then she would be obliged to abide by that culture. It is enforced by law. Well, now France has felt the need to enforce, protect herself through laws; all of this because people are not willing to educate themselves, on both sides of the cultural fence.

Another piece of prejudice that has crossed my path and often my eyes…literally…is that all Haitian males are members of a gang; they are criminals and should be avoided. Okey dokey then, through that reasoning, all Italians are members of the “MOB”, all Russians belong to the Vory v Zakone. All Irish Catholics belong to the I.R.A. These are absurd assumptions that are easily rectified through exposure to the different cultures. Through an open mind and an open heart but again, this must be a two way street. Prejudice exists on all sides, in all communities, in all cultures.


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