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Take the Message Home

I was hit yesterday, while stopped at a stop sign, behind 2 other vehicles. Luckily, for me, I was taught how to drive, by some pretty awesome teachers. My rule of thumb is to always allow myself a clear view of the rear tires of the vehicle in front of me, otherwise, I would have been pushed into the innocent driver in front of me and perhaps, cause a chain reaction involving the person in front of him. Why? A young man was not paying attention. Was he on a cell phone? Maybe. Texting? Possibly. I don’t know. What I do know is that he was distracted, otherwise he would have noticed, we were all stopped, at the stop sign. My brake lights were on.

The accident happened in a construction zone, where we are should always be paying a little extra attention. This young man was not, and he hit me.

I am now without my car, I don’t know for how long because the impact not only cracked my bumper, it also dislodged my muffler and shifted my entire back panel. I was unwilling to test my trunk to see if it would open, in case, it wouldn’t close again.

I pulled off the road, to a small patch of grass and expected to exchange information. While the young man had his proof of insurance, he did not have his driver’s license on him. Pretty big faux pas. As a result, I took a photo of his license plate, a photo of his proof of insurance and the damage to his car (pretty badly damaged). He left his house, to go to his job, in a vehicle, without his driver’s license….wow.

He tried to tell me that I didn’t sustain damage….yeah, well, please let me check it out. Yes, I did sustain damage. I figure the damage will cost a couple of grand, if not more. If he shifted the frame by the impact…it will be A LOT more.

Not just the car though; the impact threw me forward and then back. I didn’t think much of it, because my baby, my Focus was hurt. The car appeared drivable, so after attaining all his info (some people felt, strongly, I should have called the police), maybe I should have but I was in shock and I followed procedure as I was taught. No one appeared severely injured, I felt okay at the time and he was fine. Police don’t come to accidents where no one is badly hurt; they expect the drivers to exchange info, file claims and move on, which, in my mind, is what I did.

Well, I started on my way, mentally noting everything I needed to do when I arrived at the office. I called my husband, I called the insurance and then I called the police to find out if I really should have called them. The constable on the other line said that calling them would have been an option but there was really nothing they could do except for citing the young man for driving without his permit.

I called the insurance company and they took all the information, I had everything they required and the claim was started, an appointment made at a body shop. While this was happening, I noticed that my back and my neck were starting to ache. It got worse and I figured, might be a good plan to go to the clinic…I advised my boss and left work. I was only about 3 blocks away when a truck driver waved for my attention, I rolled down my window and he told me that I was sparking as I drove.

Pulled off the road and called my insurance; they called a flat bed for me.

My car is now at the garage, for who knows, how long. I, then spent, over 5 hours waiting for a doctor and x-rays. I managed to see the doctor however after waiting in the examining room; it was too late for x-rays. I must go back today. And shoot my entire day, waiting to be x-rayed and then, waiting to see the doctor.

So, here’s the breakdown of this; because of a few seconds of inattention, a young man has left me without my car, forced me to miss work, causing my back, legs and neck to hurt, and leave me to spend an entire afternoon waiting at a clinic to see a doctor. He has caused me to lose money, lose time, he has inconvenienced the people at my office, he has caused an injury.

Because of a few seconds of inattention; he probably thought he was a great driver and this would never happen to him.

In addition to all of this? My replacement vehicle? A Dodge Dart with an interior that smells funny and not in a good way.

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