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Former millionaire, 92, says own children took his life savings


So it appears, his daughter –  Anne Filippone and his elder son, Sam Stoopnikoff scavenged and stole off their own father.  Filippone is an “accountant” – I don’t think I would want her handling my financial affairs.

This abuse is starting to show up more and more as the self-entitled Baby Boomer segment of society decide that what constitutes their parents’ possessions also belongs to them but with none of the responsibilities.

If you didn’t earn it; if you didn’t work for it?  It isn’t yours.  Take it because of some mistaken believe that DNA gives you title?  You are a thief, nothing more.

More examples of Baby Boomers and the abuse of their parents;   https://wickedemerald.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/family-leaves-grandmother-in-er-for-a-week/

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