American Friends

(Borrowed from a friend – with permission; expresses my thoughts perfectly.)

First, know this. You are my friend because I think you are wonderful.
There is a certain breed of woman I am drawn to in my friends and you are her.
They are intelligent because I have no patience for the stupid.
They are colourful because grey women bore me.
They are strong and almost all carry the scars of life on their souls because those make for the most interesting people.
They have and do make mistakes because they are so very human and I do so love a person with humanity.
But more than anything, they are kind and loving and compassionate because I am drawn to light, not darkness.

What they are not, are absolute Republicans or absolute Democrats. They are not necessarily “right” or “left”
Some voted for McCain, some for Obama. Some voted Independent. Some, as we all do, have their prejudices and bias. Some are Christian, some are other things, some are nothing on the spectrum of Spirituality.
Some love their guns and believe in their right to own a gun.
Some are right to lifers and some pro-choice.

Sometimes we disagree with our philosophies and policies but I have always respected their right to an opinion as they do mine.
Sometimes cross words have reached over the internet because we are passionate and strong in our beliefs but in the light of a new day we all recognize; this journey is more interesting with each other along for the ride.

I see what you are enduring right now.
I see the comments on your pages.
I see you getting kicked in the teeth by your own countrymen, your own government, sometimes even by your own family.
I see your helmets on, your battle shields raised, your sword lifted.
I know you and I know what this is doing to you, but you don’t stop, you don’t give up, you refuse to hide from it, and I admire you. So much.

Know this!!
You do not need to be friends with bigots and racists and homophobes.
There is no law in humanity which says you must be that tolerant. There is no rule which says you need to accept or listen to the opinions of all. They may have a right to say it but there are consequences and losing YOU is a terrible and just consequence.

Also remember this. Democracy; the countries we so enjoy. The nations where others flock to, dream of, wish to belong to do not just happen by accident or mistake.
Democracy is hard won, hard-earned and must be constantly fought for.
Carry on my wayward son. You are light.

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