Canada Revenue Agency – They DON’T make housecalls.

(Examples of fraudulent communications – text and e-mails)

The Canada Revenue Agency or the provincial revenue agencies, DO NOT show up at your house. They simply DO NOT. These are scammers. They are not government agencies; they are dirtbags in call centers, looking to relieve you of your cash. Let me repeat; the CRA DOES NOT SHOW UP AT YOUR HOME. If someone making this claim does come to your home, call the police immediately. Note their physical description, the vehicle they are driving, and if safe to do so, the license plate #.

Although it may seem obvious to most of us; they don’t as for cash/gift cards as payment.

The procedures are nationwide and do not deviate; if you really own the government money, they will contact you via regular old snail mail. You’ll be provided with a file number and a contact name/number. If you call, they will ask you specific information regarding your identity. To be completely sure that this is the government, use the phone numbers found on the actual government web site or in the telephone book.

Please talk to neighbours who may be vulnerable – elderly neighbours, recent immigrants and refugees. Encourage them to report the scams.

When you back trace the numbers and ask the providers – Rogers seems to be a popular one; they are notable unresponsive. Go to the RCMP Fraud site and register a formal complaint.


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