Kiss my ass

And that, folks – is the beauty of the concept of “freedom of speech”. No one has the obligation to agree with what is said, however, we all have the duty, if not obligation, to ensure that no one is stifled, regardless of the point of view being expressed. This is how we progress as a society.

In Canada, there was a trial and it gained international attention – Jim Keegstra; he was found guilty of violating hate speech laws, through a vocal denial of the Holocaust. I thought the guy was an idiot for even attempting to deny the atrocities but on the same hand, I was, absolutely against the trial. The guy had a right to his opinion, however upsetting it may have been. He had that right. Hate speech laws are, absolutely, no different from the concept of “Thought police” from the book, 1984. (

If you have never read the book? You have been intellectually deprived; buy the book now. It is, considering when it was written, terrifyingly prophetic. The image is linked to Amazon – get the book.

We don’t need “protection” from points of view with which we do not agree. We absolutely must fight any attempt to stifle the right to speak and to hold an opinion. Any individual worth their salt as a contributing member of society, should be capable of defending their point of view with facts. When that point of view cannot be proven, then? We have the right to dismiss and walk away. We do not have the right, however, to mute the opinion, simply because we don’t like it. Being able to prove an opinion or a theory as being incorrect, is progress. It is a step toward establishing an intelligent society. Stifling any view, muting any opinion is, dear friends, fascism. That, dear readers, is not a free society. That, dear friends, is unacceptable.

I point to Hitler, to Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Kim Jung Un and Fidel Castro as extreme example of members from the Thought Police camp.

We are seeing the thought police in action, or rather, wannabe thought police, whenever we see those masked morons from Antifa vandalizing public property, damaging private property and engaging in violence against persons. Antifascism my ass – they are the epitome of fascism. They, absolutely, have a right to their opinions; they do not, however, have the right or privilege to indulge in violence. They don’t have the right to hide their identities unless they are afraid of being identified, which says to me that they are not all that sure about their opinions. When you have a belief, a real belief? You don’t hide. You stand up for it. And so, I dismiss anything they have to say. If you don’t have the courage to show your face, then, in my opinion and I have the right to that opinion – you aren’t worth my time. The conclusion I have drawn from watching these people is that they are little more than common criminals, hiding their faces while they damage property paid for with my hard-earned money or paid for by merchants, shareholders and Joe Q public in all its forms. To hide your face, to commit crimes in the name of antifascism is a very sorry example of irony.

I don’t believe in racism either. I don’t care what colour you are, I don’t care what religion floats your boat, I don’t care about your political leanings. I care about my country and I care about what we have and are still building. I want a strong economy, I want a just and moral government (yeah…a pie-in-the-sky ideology). I want a society free from religion. No. I do not believe that wearing a burqa or niqab while attempting to access public service is permissible. We have the obligation to ensure that whomever is attempting to avail themselves of services, paid for by the public, is – exactly, who they claim to be.

We, as a Canadians, are a welcoming sort – by and large. We are a “nice” people however, we have to understand that not all societies view “niceness” as a virtue and do take advantage of that good will.

Our society exists, and it is not up to Canadians to adjust their lives to accommodate cultural values that are run contrary to our way of life. Women are equal in this country. We are not subject to the rules of a man. Fathers/husbands/brothers/uncles or any other male family member does not have the authority to choose our paths. This is the cultural belief being brought into our country vis a vis refugees. By all means, come to our country for safety and security but understand that your cultural beliefs do not supersede those of our nation. It is the responsibility of every man, woman and child requesting entry to this land, to understand and accept that we are not going to allow another culture to subvert our rules of law, regardless of what that twatwaffle in Ottawa implies. We failed Zainab, Sahar, Geeti, only 13 years old),and Rona Amir Mohammed. In fact, in Canada, we have failed an inexcusable number of women due to the failings of the political far left and in my opinion, their failure to understand other cultures, trying oh-so-hard, to be “politically correct”. The people named by Aruna Pap have left their innocent blood on the hands of those who would believe everyone has a right to enter this country. No. Entering this country should be a privilege, to be earned.

We have all built this country – we have worked hard. Many, if not all of us, have lost a family member in the fight for freedom. If religion takes precedence in your life, then perhaps Canada is not the country for you. Religion removes the rights of individuals. Always has, always will, therefore, religion can have no place in any form of government. It has no place in our schools or our places of employment.

The Catholic church is responsible for incredible brutality in our country’s history, Judaism also removes the rights of women, and Islam is no different. We need to stand against all forms of discriminatory behaviours and demand that a religious choice can never be a reason or justification to subvert our rules of law.

The erroneous story by TVA regarding the removal of women from a worksite galvanized a lot of people. While this story is, apparently, false; it is gratifying to see that many people were ready to defend the right of women to work, in the face of religious discrimination. The Antifa bunch were ready to fight against the demonstration; screaming about racism and discrimination. Right. The march was called off by the various groups who vowed to stand against this act against our society, when it was said to have been a false allegation. Antifa seems to be using the Islamic community to further its own end; establishing a “Thought Police” that would see the end of freedom of speech and in this case, had the allegations been true? A fight against discrimination based on gender. They give me a headache.

I welcome anyone who has come to the, very, correct conclusion that Canada is a good country. I do, however, expect anyone coming here to respect our own society. Do not bring your cultural prejudices or hatred to our land. Leave it in the land you are fleeing. Not all refugees and immigrants are looking out for the best interest of Canada, in fact, we have Canadians who are not looking out for Canada’s best interest. If you choose this country then it is up to you, to understand our way of life and if it is not compatible with your belief system, with your concept of society? Keep looking until you find a country more palatable. No harm, no foul, on your way. It is not up to Canada to change for you. It is up to you, to change for Canada. Period.

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  1. I agree with you and it is important to know our rights to defend ourselves from the “thought police”.
    I have copies of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by the United Nations. These laws are supreme to any countries laws that signed it (Canada being one of them) and a few copies of the public servants questionnaire Canada.
    Believe me, they cannot get away from me quick enough when these are brought out and leave me alone.

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