More Dangerous Than Ebola? Willful Ignorance

Wicked Emerald - Live From Montreal

Every so often, my smugness at being a Canadian gets a shake. I like to believe Canada and its citizens are educated, intelligent and have successfully avoided the blockheaded, racist commentary we, so often, hear from our neighbours to the south. Yesterday was such a day.

Something was posted online, a stupid and IMO, absolutely ignorant meme with no positive message, at all. Not only was it offensive and mean-spirited, it could be further classified as defamation.  The man in the meme never made those comments and the content could, very well, impact his career and his reputation.

Here, take a look:

Don Cherry

Terrorist prisoner. The term is relative to the country, now isn’t it?  When this piece was posted, there were actually people who supported the view. Canadians.

Too bad Darwin is dead; he needed to re-work his theory. Not all members of this species have evolved.


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