First, let’s clear things up; this expression “Libtard”, immediately tells me something about the person issuing that silly noun. It tells me that the individual is uneducated, unfamiliar with politics, news and in fact, probably does not have a measurable intellect. I have been accused of being a “Libtard” which is actually a source of great amusement to me because, to start – I am not a Liberal. I am not a Conservative and I am most DEFINITELY, not of the NDP or Green party clans. With regard to the second syllable, “tard”? It is distasteful and truly is a mirror of the psychology of the speaker/writer/twatwaffle. What is a “tard”? Someone who suffers from Down’s? Autism Spectrum? Asperger’s? Or does it reflect a black soul rife with hate, based solely on ignorance.

I find most bigots/racists have a hard time with words that exceed four letters and do best when given visual aids;

This is what ignorance, hatred and bigotry brings to a society. This is Omaha, in 1919 – race riots. A black man, beaten and burned alive.

The prevailing view was that all people of colour were thieves and rapists (a very popular propaganda tool – (for the bigots/racists – here’s the link to help you understand that big word trying to take over the country.

In the 1930’s, Communism used propaganda to starve an entire nation; Ukrainians were enemies of Mother Russia and so, must be brought to heel and this happened.

An estimated 6 million Ukrainians died of starvation. A forced famine due to political ideology and the despotic behaviour of Stalin. Stalin saw the birth of the KGB, a future employment opportunity of Trump’s idol – Vladimir Putin.

In fact, Trump hails Putin as a great leader. It is obvious that my interpretation of “great leader” and Trump’s interpretation are kilometers apart. Murdering and jailing political opponents, invading sovereign nations do not, a great leader make, in my opinion. Despot. Tyrant. Murderer – absolutely but “great leader”? Only if the possessor of said interpretation has the IQ of a door knob.

These are Romani children who died at Auschwitz. You know…rapists, thieves, a threat to society…



Cambodia – the infamous “Killing Fields”. Pol Pot; it is estimated that 20,000 people were tortured at Tuol Sleng, a school converted to serve as torture chambers.  The 3 largest minorities in Cambodia, at the time, the Vietnamese, Chinese, and Cham Muslims were victimized. Over 200 000 ethnic Chinese were murdered; the Khmer Rouge also forced Muslims to eat pork and shot those who refused.  (A technique that was favoured by the Christian Inquisition – they would force Jews or those suspected of being Jewish to eat pork and then gleefully tortured them to death, if they were lucky.  If unlucky they were left to languish in cells, after the torture was no longer required and until the victims died…something that usually didn’t take too long.) 

Speeding up our time machine; these are also victims of genocide – the Rwandan genocide. Rapists, thieves…a threat to society or so the good Hutus of Rwanda began a campaign of terror. More than 800 000 victims. The reason? They were Tutsi and not Hutu. This was a scant 25 years ago.

Syria and Syrians – you know..those people the Trumpettes and their Canadian counterparts heap ignorant hatred upon – the ones they accuse of being rapists, thieves, a threat to society? Take a good look.  These are the “enemies” who lived in Houla. The enemies so feared by the Putin backed Syrian government, they slaughtered them. You remember… Putin – that “great leader” Trump so admires.

Let’s start to wrap this up with the Holocaust.

I challenge you to watch and actually listen to the documentary evidence of the propaganda machine that was Hitler and his Nazi party. I challenge you to replace the noun “Jew” with Muslim. Then, take that comparison and apply it to your own verbal diarrhea and that of Trump, his Trumpettes and his two puppet masters, Bannon and Putin.

Keep supporting the hatred and when history is written of this time period, you will stand out as the inexplicable ignorance of a time when all knowledge was at the fingertips but you were either incapable of learning or chose to remain ignorant and evil.

If “Libtard” means that I have chosen a path of education, of knowledge and of learning from history – then fine, I will wear that mantle but please allow me the same privilege by calling you Pseudo-Nazis.

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