Grieving For ‘Murica

grief-for-muricaThis is going to make ‘Murica’ great again?  This low life?  This racist, misogynistic, piece of crap?  A man who can’t even adhere to a marital vow is to be trusted with a Presidential pledge???  Look at him.  That isn’t a president.  He looks exactly what he is – a son of inherited white privilege.  A lout who got his leg up from Daddy.  While American sons died in Vietnam, he was a bought and paid for, 4F.  Duyah may never have seen combat but at least he joined the Forces.  This scumbag sat back and enjoyed the fruits of his daddy’s labour while kids his age had their limbs blown off.   Or died from torture, starvation at the hands of the enemy.

No. He is NOT going to make ‘Murica’ great again…  Because…’Murica’ was never great, unless you were a rich, white dude – in which case, yeah – ‘Murica’ was and is nirvana.

I thought Americans knew this but, apparently, I had given them far too much credit.  The snake oil salesmen are alive and well in the US – in fact, one was just voted in as president..

Someone said to me (an American, by the way),

“Surely you aren’t surprised..this is the country that gives the world ‘Honey Boo Boo’ and the Kardashians. This is the same country that brought the world the Watts riots, the Rodney King riots, Oklahoma and Sandy Hook. The same country that made the Memorial Wall necessary. I’m surprised that you are surprised.”

He’s right. I was using my Canadian experience as a frame of reference. I forgot the appalling education system, the nationalism at the expense of the truth. I was unaware of the virulent level of the racism and ignorance.  Twinkies, Big Mac and two servings of xenophobia.

Yes, yes…Canada has its racists as well but at least, for the most part, we make an active effort to curb it and to shame its advocates. We acknowledge that we are all immigrants, every last damn one of us. None of us simply popped out of the Prairie ground or rose from the primordial ooze of a Tundra bog.

What I see, living north of the border, looking at the States, is a sad country, longing for a past that never existed. Longing for greatness but unwilling to accept the responsibility and the level of dedication, as well as hard work, that would be required.  Too many Americans are willing to let immigrants lay the foundations while they reap the profit of being “Massa” – then act surprised when immigrants tell them to shove it where the amber fields of grain are expelled.

None of that is even relevant anymore; there will shortly be no United States – oxymoron or no.

I also see, from my perspective and in my opinion, that Putin has taken the United States without so much as a shot across the bow. He simply bought it. He picked the most corrupt, the most easily manipulated and least moral American he could find, showed him the money and Putin became the shadow President of the United States. Stalin must be ecstatic, wherever he rots. Putin is an evil, evil man but you can’t slam his brilliance. A simple solution – buy the president.

United States – an oxymoron; not since the civil war has the country been so divided. Or perhaps it has always been an oxymoron at worst…a pipe dream, at best.  Either way…it may be wise to learn the words to the potential future national anthem of New Russia.


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2 responses to “Grieving For ‘Murica

  1. Sherry

    Trump may make America great but not in the way he thinks. There are a whole bunch of us (Just over half in fact) that are jst as appalled as the rest of the world. I believe that segment of the population underestimated just how bad things were getting. You tend to hang out with people much like yourself, so for me that’s people who understand science, can think and reason and often have advanced degrees. If you aren’t exposed to these folks on a regular basis you don’t see their growing numbers and their growing ignorance. However, I was raised in Trump Country.I knew this was there, I knew that once you step outside of the population centers it’s ‘Murika not America. So I’m sad but not surprised.

    I’ve seen many of my friends freaking out, giving up and calling the American Experiment a failure. I have been trying to help my friends deal with this and it sucks. Women and minorities are not safe and our LGBTQ family is scared shitless. But Trump doesn’t realize what his legacy will be. He has given us a common enemy. He has given us a reason to band together, quietly behind the scenes. When attitudes like this were prevalent in the 1950s it was exceptionally dangerous. They had things like the Green book which helped African Americans travel around the country, telling them where they were and were not safe, where they could find shelter for the night and places to avoid at all costs. Gays had Gay bars where they could network, where they could be themselves.

    Now those who are opposed to the likes of Trump are gathering, quietly. There are online groups, email, We are not a resistance, as we know just how easy it is to find someone on line. We are a support and resource network. Pantsuit Nation was a gathering place for people who were trying to get Hillary elected. Now they are a support group. They are planning meet ups. Planning meetings on what to do now. How are we going to get through the next 4 years and take it back from the least of us.

    There is also hope in the very fabric of Trumps election. He is petty, vain and egotistical. Do you think for a moment that he will forget anyone who withdrew their support of him. Do you think he will forgive anyone who would not contribute, would not support him or revoked their endorsement? So what is going to happen the first time Congress tells him “No, we won’t do that.” They are already drawing lines in the sand. If they tell him no on anything he won’t stop until he has ramrodded that thing through congress. But what he doesn’t know is the rules, how things work in Washington and how Congress can work things so he can’t do anything they don’t want him to. He has no idea of all the things congress can do to stay in session but not be there (avoiding recess appointments), and all that. They don’t even have to shut down the government and Trump can’t. He has far less power than he thinks he does. I’d like to see them set up a solid wrestling match in his first 100 days. Then that will be his legacy. He’s to egotistical to lose or compromise and Congress has got all their pet projects they won’t let him touch. He’s going to do damage there is no doubt in my mind, but it’s not going to be as bad as some think. As for the world stage, yeah I’m just sorry. We suck and hopefully in 4 years we will stop.

    Before I give up on the American Experiment, I’m going to see what we can do about some Lemonade. If nothing else if we tear things down to the bedrock, we’ll be ready to build it better than before in 4 years.

    • I think that there is far more to this than is being shown. I do believe that Putin is behind this. I do not believe that Trump had the resources to do this on his own. Putin is brilliant; he has no peer in the global political arena. He can and is writing his own ticket.

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