Straight Pride…where is that parade?

If you feel you need to ask that question? Go back to your parents and demand a do-over because you’re a fail.

Why is there a Gay Pride parade, why isn’t there a straight pride parade??” I heard that today. I actually heard those words come out of someone’s mouth. Brain cells were involved…okay, weeny-tiny mutated cells but brain cells none the less.

I’ll try to keep this short and the words as simple as possible.

  1. Straight people did not have their bars and social clubs busted by police with the patrons beaten to pulps and arrested for who and how they loved. Not because they were selling drugs or beating on passers-by but because of with whom they chose to spend their free time.
  2. Straight people don’t get beaten up on the street when they hold hands with a loved one.
  3. Straight people don’t lose jobs, opportunities or shelter because they are straight.
  4. Straight people don’t have to prove their worth day after day.
  5. Straight people don’t have to prove they are not pedophiles on a daily basis.
  6. Straight people are not the favoured target of the religious nutbags.
  7. Straight people didn’t have to fight for the right to get married.
  8. Straight people are not thrown out of their families for being straight.
  9. Straight people do not have to fight discrimination based on their “straightness”.
  10. Straight people are not the subject of derogatory jokes based on their sexual preference.

Montreal is holding a Pride Week and in my opinion, it is an important event. It is an event promoting solidarity and community. It is a joyous celebration of acceptance. Of the dream of total equality, without fear of violence and injustice.

I was asked how I can tolerate the young men wandering around nude or in ass-less chaps. Didn’t I find this behaviour disgusting?

Well, frankly – if I see something that I don’t like? I look away. I don’t like girls with their ass and tits hanging out; so I don’t look. I DON’T LIKE IT – that isn’t the girls’ problem, it is on me. I don’t like going to the store and standing behind a woman hiding a gallon of cottage cheese on her thighs, underneath Spandex stretched beyond human belief. I either change lines or play Candy Crush until it is my turn at the cash.

So some of the dudes are naked; are you so dense, so shallow that the message eludes you? They do this because they CAN do it now. They have that level of freedom.  If you want to wander around naked with them?  Go for it.  Give me some warning so that I might duck into the nearest pub but hey…feel free.

What is it that really bothers you about gay pride? Is it that you are worried that you’ll leave the dance by yourself?

Gay Pride is important; it is important to the gay community and it is important to society at large. This is a monumental step forward toward a society that is equal for all. Not a difficult concept.


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