Simon-Pierre Canuel; I Don’t Believe A Word….

This is the photograph that has been blasted over the internet and media.

What’s this? The photo was provided by Simon-Pierre Canuel (aka Cipi Kanuel on Facebook)? The “alleged victim“? Seems a little contrived, the more cynical may see this as an orchestrated attempt to elicit sympathy for a lawsuit.

Keep in mind, the only way the press would have their wind up on this is if Canuel or someone under his direction, contacted the press; that, alone, casts all sorts of doubts on this guy’s veracity.   In addition – it appears that  a Simon-Pierre Canuel obtained a certificate in an arm of health science at La Cite Collegiale; wouldn’t it be poetic if this were the same guy?  A certificate in health sciences would certainly raise the personal responsibility and due diligence bar a few notches.

In later stories, it was reported that this “severely allergic” and the correct term is “profoundly allergic” individual left his Epipen in the car. Right. Yet another claim by this guy that must be taken at face value and I don’t value his face, so I don’t believe him. I call BULLSHIT.  He left his Epipen in the car…can it even be proven that he had one in the vicinity?  Nobody but an irresponsible jackass leaves a temperature sensitive medication in a vehicle when, knowingly, entering a situation that is inherently hazardous.  So yeah – bullshit.

He further claims to have told the waiter, “numerous” times that he was allergic to seafood. Well, first – if I believed him and I don’t, what kind of proof is there?  Again, if he was so concerned about his allergies to have told the waiter “numerous” times?  Why was his Epipen in a hot car?

In addition, a 22-year-old waiter is not an Ichthyologist and would not have known that salmon is seafood.  Most 22 year olds, living in Sherbrooke, Quebec – far from any ocean would assume, based on what they’ve seen on television or learned in their classrooms, is that salmon swim UPSTREAM in FRESH WATER.   Those are the facts that stick with most people; upstream – fresh water.

This narcissistic son of a bitch had a 22 year old kid arrested and his home searched because he, Simon-Pierre Canuel is a self-indulgent example of the worst of his generation,.

The kid didn’t make the tartare. He places the order and returns to pick it up. He then serves it. If Simon-Pierre Canuel cannot tell the difference in the scent of Salmon tartare and Beef tartare, then he should be eating at MacDonalds and saving society the headache.

This kid, this waiter, has probably been profoundly impacted due to Canuel’s irresponsibility as well as the minimizing by Canuel in his discussions with the press, his personal negligence.

How can I be so mean to this “poor victim”? Because the real victim is the waiter and by extension, the restaurant.

This Canuel is just your garden variety irresponsible idiot who should not be eating in better restaurants.

I can be so mean because I am profoundly allergic. I am profoundly allergic to shellfish, to tree nuts, to many types of legumes and as a result,
take the responsibility of MY allergies. I have had “incidents” and I certainly didn’t blame the restaurant or the caterer. I know I am profoundly allergic and I base my life style decisions on those allergies.

I hope these charges are dropped without another second of delay and that this Canuel gets sued into tomorrow for defamation and wrongful arrest or whatever it is called.

And in addition?  Show support for this poor waiter and the restaurant.  If you are ever in Sherbrooke?  Have a meal or a drink at:

ADDENDUM – the English media is lazy with its reporting…here is what appears in the French press:  « Je ne m’attends pas à ce que le serveur fasse de la prison, poursuit-il. Moi, ce que je veux, c’est qu’il soit condamné pour le geste qu’il a posé. Il aurait pu me tuer, et dans les faits, il m’a tué puisque j’ai fait un arrêt cardiaque. Je réclame aussi de l’argent pour le stress que ma famille et moi avons subi. »  Translated?  Quel SURPRISE!!!  He is also demanding money for the stress he and his family have suffered.  Bastard. 

Here is the story as it appeared in the Montreal Gazette;

Man arrested for serving fish to customer who was severely allergic

More from Presse Canadienne

Published on: August 4, 2016 | Last Updated: August 4, 2016 2:42 PM EDT

Police arrested a young restaurant employee in Sherbrooke Wednesday after he served salmon tartare to a customer who was severely allergic.

The 22-year-old was released on a promise to appear in court at a later date. Sherbrooke police say a man ordered beef tartare at a local restaurant and specified numerous times to a waiter that he was allergic to both seafood and salmon.

A short time later, police say a plate of salmon tartare was brought to the table and the patron took a bite, unaware of what he’d been served because the lighting had been dimmed.

The client fell ill and was hospitalized for several weeks, even falling into a coma for two days and suffering cardiac arrest.

Martin Carrier of the Sherbrooke Police says he realizes the case is an unusual one, but notes the definition of criminal negligence in the Criminal Code allows for an arrest if there was carelessness or lack of action to ensure the health and safety of others.

Carrier says the waiter allegedly didn’t take any notes and the victim repeatedly warned the staffer about the allergy to ensure there wasn’t any cross-contamination in the kitchen.

They also searched his home on Wednesday in Sherbrooke, about 150 kilometres east of Montreal.

Police are recommending a criminal negligence charge, but Carrier says it will be up to Quebec’s director of criminal and penal prosecutions to determine whether charges will be laid.

Sherbrooke police opened an investigation on July 28 after receiving a formal complaint.


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3 responses to “Simon-Pierre Canuel; I Don’t Believe A Word….

  1. Gilles Bureau

    “Salmon swim UPSTREAM in FRESH WATER. Those are the facts that stick with most people; upstream – fresh water.” … that is after spending between 2 and 5 years at sea, depending on the species.

  2. From what I have found out, it seems Mr Canuel is a professional litigant. He has sued 2 other restaurants when he lived in France, as well as other suits. It may work out like this. He goes in, orders that which he is aware of being allergic to, epi-pen saves his life, and then claims to have told the waiter ‘several’ times of his allergy. (this time the epi-pen was forgotten in his car.)

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