Transgender – keep ‘em out of our toilets!

  I had hoped not to have to touch on this issue. I had hoped it was a “southern redneck – my sister is my wife” blip due to the free access to media, regardless of illogical and irrational hate-speech. Apparently, I had underestimated, yet again, the stupidity and ignorance of the human race. Much to my amazement and deep disappointment, this is, actually, a “thing”.

  Who, in their right or left mind, believes that a sexual predator is stopped by a stupid pictogram on a door? Can you see a Ted Bundy/Tommy Lynn Sells standing outside a bathroom, spotting the sign with a dress and stopping short:

  “Gee, I can’t go in there…its for women only!!”

Or spending hours and lots of money amassing wigs, clothing, make-up so they could hide, lying in wait for a woman to use the facilities? Are there that many stupid people, on this planet, who would believe such a thing?

Transgender human beings don’t wake up one morning and say to themselves; “Gee, I think I’ll mash my junk into a pair of pantyhose today…just because…” Or, “Heck, I think I’ll lop off my hair and raid my brother’s underdrawers ’cause I feel like being a dude today.” This is not a “feeling”. This is a gender miscalculation on the part of nature. It is real.

Nature makes mistakes. Sometimes…they are little mistakes, like the platypus or a proboscis monkey but sometimes they are huge mistakes, like Donald Trump or Kanye West.

Gender neutral bathrooms are a no-brainer. I don’t care who is taking a leak beside me, as long as they wash their hands – I don’t care if they squat or stand. This is social progress. It is acknowledging that we are all the same, regardless of gender, nationality, race, creed or colour. Let’s face it – this is something we all do. We pee and we poop. We like to stand in front of a mirror and ensure that there are no pieces of food stuck to our teeth or visible boogers in our nostrils.

Your daughters and sons are in far more immediate danger in your schools, from the people they see every day than they are from a transgender individual trying to perform a normal bodily function. I don’t know about you but when I need to pee or poop, the last thing I am thinking about is peering at someone else doing the same thing.

It makes me wonder about the mindset of those who oppose gender neutral bathrooms. How depraved are you to even consider someone peeking at little kids doing their duties? What kind of mouldy thing is your brain?

Your kids, your wives, sisters and girlfriends are in far more danger walking down a street than they are going pee in a public bathroom. Take a look at my previous blog; watch the video.

Get your minds out of whatever gutter you have created and realize that your loved ones are in no danger from an individual with gender identification issues. Transgender people are not the monsters of Silence of the Lambs; they are someone’s loved one, with real, heart wrenching struggles.

With all that is going on in this world, with all the real dangers out there? A group of socially challenged idiots with some real potty issues grab headlines?

Who cares what pictogram is on a toilet? Go in, do your business while minding your business and wash your freaking hands. We are all in far more danger by those who use the can and don’t wash their hands than we are sharing a bathroom with someone who is transgendered…

Jesus in a handcart people!!!


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2 responses to “Transgender – keep ‘em out of our toilets!

  1. Perhaps you should have done your homework to know how many women and little girls are attacked in the ladies room

    I am one of those demented women who choose to have my privacy ~ no guys allowed ~ when I’m taking care of my period stuff or changing my clothes from work to cocktails with the “girls”

    Have you not considered into your senario Lesbians?

    Those girls are on board with ” no guys allowed”

    • First, I appreciate that you took the time to comment – thank you. I would ask, however, that you go back and re-read the blog. Women and children (both sexes) are attacked; they are attacked in their homes, in parks, in schools, in churches. Statistically, there are more attacks outside of bathrooms than in bathrooms, which was my point. In addition, as we still have gender identified bathrooms – obviously those little pictograms are useless at preventing sexual assaults. Considered the Lesbian point of view? I don’t see a Lesbian point of view to be any different from a straight point of view; there will be those who oppose and those who do not. Lesbian is not a mindset. When you are taking care of your “period” stuff at home – do you make the male members of your family leave the house? You are in a cubicle – nobody cares what you are doing in there, as long as you wash your hands afterwards. As for changing your clothes? Again, do you make male members leave the house when you change? You’re in a cubicle – nobody can see you. I dare say, the majority don’t care to see you; they are in there for a purpose – to relieve themselves.

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