Ghomeshi – Not Guilty

ghomeshi2I don’t see how anyone is surprised by the verdict; not if they have even a basic understanding of law – evidence and reasonable doubt.

I’m a woman, I have no doubt Ghomeshi is a sleaze ball – in my personal opinion, of course but being a sleaze ball is not a punishable offense under the Canadian criminal code.

I’ve seen quite a few “editorials” and “opinion” pieces in the media; trying and to me, without success, to connect the cases of these women to abused victim syndrome. No. Sorry but no. And how dare you compare the misery an abused individual goes through to what occurred with these women. There was no systematic abuse leading to their behaviours, now fully documented. I won’t even speculate why these women continued to try to establish a relationship with this guy. Tried to establish; there was no marriage or long term involvement. There was no psychological breaking down of their will. No beatings or threats.

To use the example of abuse syndrome to justify the lying and perverting of the truth by these women is just as bad as any of Ghomeshi’s abhorrent behaviours.

Women may think twice about pressing charges of sexual assault in the future. That’s not on the judge. That’s on Ghomeshi’s accusers and the prosecution (apparently not quite prepared for trial); the judge did what we have appointed him to do. He considered all the evidence and came to the only conclusion he could ascertain by the evidence. Not guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. I followed the trial, not because of Ghomeshi but because it was high profile and involved what appeared, at first, to be a case of great importance to women.

Judge Horkins was presented with lies, with inconsistencies of such magnitude that the testimony was rendered useless, at best.

Please do not insult my intelligence through mindless repetition of women’s reactions to sexual assault. Like most of the women of my acquaintance, I have been the victim of sexual assault. I know how my “sisters” reacted, I know how I reacted and believe me, invitations to more sexual activity was not present in a single solitary one of the incidents. None of us had “cuddly” pictures taken with the abusers. None of us tried to establish a relationship of any sort.

I’ve known abused women as well and a few dates does not constitute an environment of abuse. Abused victim syndrome takes an intimate relationship to occur – one where trust is used as a weapon. A casual relationship is not such an environment.

I think the whole lot of us should be thankful to Judge Horkins for applying the rules of law. Imagine yourself accused by an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife of a crime of this sort of nature with no basis in fact. Imagine being found guilty, solely based on he said/she said. It terrifies me but it does happen. People accuse former partners of all kinds of things when they’ve been hurt or felt betrayed. It does happen and happens a lot more than most of us care to admit. There are a large number of people wandering around with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.

Ghomeshi has been acquitted; his life has been laid bare for all of us to see. Let’s hope that women take notice and give this guy a wide berth. Yes, the accusers lied but the basic behaviour of this guy seems to be true. Sadly, I’m sure the notoriety will keep his dance card full.

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