God is Gay.

Got your attention? Okay yeah – this is an angry post. Because? Well…I’m angry.

If I hear one more person state that being gay is against some invisible friend’s dictate for mankind? I am going to punch them in the throat.

You know what? When your invisible friend can stop the murder or torment of even one little child – then I may give you a part of my attention but until that time? Shut up. You are misled – you are gullible and you’re an ass.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument and I turn my ridicule down a notch – let’s just say that there IS some invisible buddy up there, controlling the wee puppets on the earth. I’m assuming this is the same invisible buddy that sacrificed his son so that the word of this invisible friend may be spread and mankind saved…Saved from what exactly? I’m not entirely sure because, well….the plan failed – spectacularly. This son is credited with saying “Love thy neighbour” – I know my bible, fairly well, having been the subject of early childhood indoctrination and I’m fairly certain that there was no codicil regarding the “Love thy neighbour” statement. There’s no “Love they neighbour” ver. 2.0.

The following does NOT appear in ANY bible:

  1. Unless they are of colour.
  2. Unless they are of a different culture/religion.
  3. Unless they are gay.
  4. Unless they are different.
  5. Unless they are indigent.

The quote from the KJ bible is as follows: “And the second is like, namely this, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.”

Clear and concise, I would say.

I’ve had friends and loved ones “come out” as the expression goes and I am blown away by the courage this requires. Facing derision, scorn, outright hatred and why? Because they choose to love. And who, the hell, has any right to determine for anyone else who they may or may not love?

Are your relationships based, solely, on a sex act? Get your minds out of other peoples’ underwear. That your perception of homosexuality is based on an imagined sex act between two consenting adults is a little sick and more of a reflection on you than on anyone else.

The only difference between a loving gay couple and yourself is that one thing. A gay couple pays their bills, groans about taxes, bitches about the boss – argue over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher and who left their jeans on the floor instead of the hamper. They laugh, they cry, they watch the news. Gay couples drive to work, take the bus or the Metro.

They buy groceries and Advil. They laugh at stupid jokes and cry when someone dies. A gay couple is simply a couple, trying to maintain in a horrific world, monitored – according to some, by some invisible guy who doesn’t like gay people but loves the bigot, the stiff-necked, the war mongers and crooked corporate douchebag.

Keep your god. I prefer a world with no god. A world where people acknowledge the sole responsibility for the welfare of the world, the world’s children and the world’s vulnerable lies in our hands. A world where judging someone on the words of a fictional book has been eradicated.

Go ahead, tell me how your god hates gays and don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking up your sorry ass from the floor. I’ve had it with your bullshit god. I could go on but I’m not feeling well today and contemplating the ignorance of religious intolerance is just making it worse.

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