Most Lethal GMO on the Planet!!

See that pic? There is the genetically modified organism that is responsible for, virtually, everything wrong with this planet. And Monsanto had nothing to do with it.

We’ve come a long way baby but in the recent decades, some seem intent on reverting evolution or perhaps the natural laboratory is indulging in some GMO experimentation; slowly removing common sense and critical thinking, replacing it with hysteria born of internet bred ignorance.

Back in our not-too-distant past; our great-great-great grandparents believed, secretly or right out where everyone could see, that evil curses were responsible for illness, crop failure, herd disease. Innocent people died through that ignorance – had their livelihoods removed and were ostracized because someone in their town or village, frankly, just didn’t like them.

We have begun to regress, back to that age of superstition born of misinformation and an outright lack of the ability to think, logically.

We humans, on this village Earth, have a number of rumours and outright baloney scaring the bejeebers out of the innocent and ill-informed. Let’s start with one that is causing unnecessary and ridiculous hysteria – this hysteria, by the way, will have a by-product, if it continues to propagate among the uneducated – famine, disease and loss of life.

GMO technology.

It is so very easy to sit behind a keyboard and get caught up in the nonsense that is Natural News. They place that scary topic sentence and then follow it up with words like “linked”, “studies” but never provide valid information regarding those “links” and “studies”. Too many people have become intellectual sloths and rather than actually seek out studies proving or disproving a statement – remain within their favourite echo chamber.

Nature is the largest GMO lab that has ever or will ever be. Every single one of us has been and is being modified on a daily basis. If it were not for genetic modification – I would not have light eyes and blonde hair, actually, I do have to give credit where due – L’Oreal also helps with maintaining the blonde hair…due to genetic modification in my ancestry – my hair, probably, has an awful lot of grey in there. Here’s a little bit of stupidity for you; how many of these Natural News bozos or anti-GMO soapboxers have artificial colour in their hair? Any idea what is in those products? What about the packaging? Can you spell “H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y”?

Just because something is born of nature, doesn’t mean it is without significant flaws – there are a lot of diseases, syndromes and conditions in our species that is the direct result of the modification of genetics by nature.

Allergies did not pop up in that past couple of decades. Are they more prevalent? Yes. Why? Well, there are a lot of theories and posits but no one knows, without doubt, why. Genetic modification has a lot to do with it. Our lifestyles have also been linked to the increase in allergies. And no, breastmilk does not protect a child from allergies. I happen to be living proof of that little nugget of nonsense. This isn’t to say that breastmilk is not preferable but why lie? We know it is, nutritionally, a better choice for baby. Why add bullshit and throw shadows on a sound dietary choice for an infant?

Nature created Phytophthora infestans – Last Blight; the cause of the potato famine in Ireland. Nature also created bubonic plague. Nature is responsible for arthritis, for polio, for small pox. Nature gives us ergotism. Botulism is another one of nature’s gifts. By the way, botulism is one of the reasons you are warned not to give children under 2 unpasteurized honey. Honey is, crudely put, bee vomit – botulism can be found in that vomit and in the hive environment, can thrive. It won’t be enough to harm an adult but can make an infant gravely ill.

If man has the ability to stop Last Blight – prevent polio and increase a crop yield, thereby feeding more people, then what kind of person stands against it? Yes..yes…I am going to tell you what kind of person; a First World individual. Someone who has never watched a child or loved one die from the torture of starvation. One who has only to jump in the car and go to a pharmacy to relieve a headache. One who has never buried a child due to a preventable disease.

Your earth mother types are not doing their kids any favours; humans need to modify themselves to their environment. It does not take us long. For example; a Canadian takes up residence in the south – Florida – Caribbean etc. After a few years, their tolerance to the cold is, remarkably, lessened. A few years – not hundreds of centuries. Our bodies are constantly in modification mode. Constantly updating our software and hardware so to speak. A child with no exposure to constants in an outside environment will not have a body modified to deal with that outside environment.

Are we destroying our environment? Yes. Does that mean that we need to go back to the Stone Age to repair the damage? Don’t be an ass. We cannot survive if we all have lovely little vegan patches in our backyards. There are, simply, too many of us. Too many of us in environments which are hostile to the dietary needs that we have developed. Try growing an orange in Montreal. I have a massive backyard according to most standards and even if I turned the entire thing into a cultivated grow op, there would not be enough food to sustain my husband, my dog and myself through a regular Montreal winter.

Smarten up. Actually take a look at population densities and while you may grow a nifty little garden on your terrace or balcony; one natural fungus can wipe out the entire crop and crops for years to come – end result? You’re at the grocery store buying your fruits and vegies. Modified fruits and vegies that can withstand the onslaught of a GMO created by nature.

We do have to hold chemical companies, bio-technology firms to a very high standard. This is, after all, our health but to slam Monsanto as the devil – to create some silly Big Agro conspiracy is ridiculous. We need GMO’s to feed our ever increasing population. Stop falling for the marketing hype created by fear-mongers who actually benefit, quite handsomely, from your ignorance. Turmeric will not cure you of what ails…avocados will not cure cancer. Cancer is NOT one disease. It is an umbrella term for hundreds, if not thousands of forms of the disease. There will NEVER be one magic bullet.

Remember Laetril? Yeah – worked wonders for Steve McQueen.

No one is working to kill you or your family. No one is trying to make you sick. Except, maybe those health food purveyors of fecal matter.

Eat well, because you are privileged enough to do so. Exercise, because it’s good for your body. Prevent making yourself ill or others and get vaccinated, when you can. Everything you do, do in moderation and you’ll be as healthy as you can be.

Remember, any idiot, including me, can post whatever they choose online. Just because you see it, on your monitor, doesn’t make it true, doesn’t make it valid and in fact, unless you carry a degree – consider it bullshit until you have done your own research – read an actual book – taken an actual class. If you have time to surf the net, if you have time to read bullshit? You have time to sign up for an actual, certified, class.

GMO your mind.


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2 responses to “Most Lethal GMO on the Planet!!

  1. I think you’re thinking of evolved organism. Here’s a definition of a GMO for you.
    A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process where genes from the DNA of one species are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal.

    • Depends on whether you are anti-science or not. A GMO is just that – a genetically modified organism. The initials are not “GMOLP” (genetically modified organism by laboratory process). The vast majority of the world’s scientists, you know – folks with actual education and experience, are not anti-GMO; however the internet is rife with those who attained their degrees from Google U. I take my cues from the people who have spent years in actual study and research. I want to see people avoid starvation; to see crops that are not destroyed by a fungus. If that means modifying a carrot or strain of rice? So be it.

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