Okay, first – vaccinations do not cause the “autisms”; that has been proven over and over again, but let’s journey into the land of stupidity, just for the hell of it.

So, some kids do develop life threatening reactions to vaccines. They are in the, very, small minority. These kids would probably be allergic to egg protein and penicillin as well and if allergies are an issue in a family – even slight allergies, a test for the vaccine is easily accomplished. We’ve done it.

See the almonds in the pic? They and their brethren in the tree nut family will kill me. Not “perhaps”, not “possibly”, not even “high probability” – they WILL kill me. I am profoundly allergic. This means that there are a number of substances that will, in a nanosecond, throw me into anaphylactic shock.


I’m not alone – there are others like me out there. So, because I am THAT allergic to a number of substances, does that mean that all these items need to be removed from store shelves, bulk bins and commercially manufactured foods? No. Almonds and tree nuts are healthy foods and help to maintain the well-being of the general populace.

Here’s an example of how bad the tree nut thing is; hubby and I went to a local Bulk Barn – it was the holidays and so there were lots of nut bins being opened and closed. The dust or whatever it is from those bins threw me into an asthma attack and a rather nasty allergic reaction. Did I have the right to demand that the bins be removed? That some kind of special and expensive air filtering equipment be installed on every bin? No. The responsibility is on me. Don’t go to Bulk Barn during the holidays. It places me at risk; it does not place my neighbour at risk or anyone else without allergies.

Vaccines can prevent horrendous childhood illnesses; illnesses that can kill. There are ways to test if a vaccine will cause a reaction; instead of using woo science – talk to a doctor. Ask, and if necessary, demand an allergy test. Don’t take the word of uneducated idiots like Jenny McCarthy or Jim Carrey, neither of whom have ANY education of note.

So, because a very, very small minority of children have reactions to a vaccine because Mom, Dad and doctor didn’t bother to check – all children, according to these anti-vaxx morons should be put at risk. It is the same line of thinking as would be banning all substances that can cause anaphylactic shock and even more ridiculous because people DIE from polio, from diphtheria, measles – men can be rendered sterile from the mumps.

Use your freakin’ heads – if there are allergies in the family, educate yourself, talk to your doctor and determine risk factors for your little snowflake. You don’t have the right to put someone with allergies to vaccines, to someone with a suppressed immune system at risk simply because you are too lazy to actually parent and educate yourself.

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