Do You Even Science, Dude??

And the current, burning, question that I pose to myself is; “Why, the hell, do you do this??” It will remain an eternal mystery, I guess…

I got into it…with a Neo-Pagan. I should mention that I used to be a card carrying, fire pit dancing member of that tribe, so I do know what I’m talking about.

You see…I had the temerity to comment that I thought it was all bullshit (which, for the record, it is). Neo-Paganism is simply a replacement for the religious dogma that was unable to keep up with mankind’s progress. It is no less fairy tale and “dress up” than organized religion. GODS DO NOT EXIST. Archetypes are just that – archetypes. Crowley was so intoxicated through drugs and booze that imagining invisible friends would have been the order of his day, not some special message from the beyond.

When I pointed out that one needs proof in order to make a definitive statement – I was told that I didn’t understand faith. Actually, yes – I do understand faith. I have faith that if I drive my car into a brick wall; I will, probably, die. That particular faith is born of an understanding of velocity + an inert body.

Faith is born of proof. However, religious faith is born of wishful thinking. Christians have faith that there was some dude named Jesus – no proof that he ever existed. Definitely no proof that he was the son of some invisible guy in the sky. What they have is not faith born of evidence but rather faith created by wishing. Or indoctrination (brain bleaching).

Then I heard that I was against a kinder, gentler born of the ancient pagan philosophies. Kinder…gentler…pagan times…

I’m sorry…WHAT? Kinder, gentler, pagan “times”. I see, like the Pagan time where enemies were thrown to lions. No? Ah, the Pagan times that practiced human sacrifice? No, again? Let’s see…ah – Pagan times, when a hunter sexually abused a prey animal in order to “capture” its essence? Drinking an enemy’s blood? No, once more? Oh then, I guess kinder, gentler Pagan times when your village had run out of resources and you then pillaged, burned, raped and possibly ate the neighbouring village?

This same Pagan has been known to mock Christians for their beliefs, berate them for past behaviours. How about a mirror – that Christian with their belief in fairy tales and the Pagan with their own special friends are, actually, one and the same. Except for the naked fire pit dancing part.

Look; everyone wants a better world. Making up and living by fairy tales is not going to accomplish this. Seeing the world as it is, finding actual solutions to world problems without the interference of invisible friends is the only way we have a chance for a future. You need a god? Adopt a scientist.

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