You Have No Birthright

A few Facebook posts and links set me on a bit of a tear this morning. Oh and by the way; I am not angry. I get frustrated by the irrational and by lack of logic, common sense and courtesy but angry? Pffffff, not by a long shot. I try not to blog when I’m angry. I become as irrational as the next person and that’s a personal no-no. I have a horrible temper and I don’t allow it to roam free anymore. Too much collateral damage.

Now on to the commentary…

All these groups and sects of people. All these culture and religions and ideologies? You are all full of horse puckies. You are deluded and dangerous.

The gender issues – get over yourselves. We all have gender identifiers; some of us have more than one and get to pick the one that best suits us. We are all human. We all wave our flags of total uniqueness or blend into a crowd. We are all human on an, increasingly, shrinking blue dot in the universe. The sun will not cease to rise because of us. The tides will not be stemmed because of us. We are but a lifeform on a blue dot full of life forms.

Borders and nationalism; screw you. Its land and land doesn’t care who lives on it. Land is not ours to take or to give. It is what it is. No country has the “right” to exist, no culture or race has a right to anything. The sooner we sort that out, the better off we’ll all be.

Governments are not in power to protect us. Governments are full of folks interested in taking and “taking” is the operative here…what they can from us and anyone else under their thumb. They too, are nothing in the face of the universe. Nothing, they don’t matter a single, solitary, damn.

Religion; please. Imaginary friends that, far too many, people believe to be real. Prophets and Messiahs. If these imaginary friends truly existed? Where have they been for the past 1.5 millennia (since the last big one)? Ask yourself what would happen if someone claimed to be the dream child of a ghost? If someone came along and told you that they moved a mountain, with the help of an unseen force? Or a man/woman approached you with a bunch of rules given to them by a burning bush… The guys in the white coats would be called, analysis done and meds prescribed. Why is it so hard to believe that this was also the case within the past 5 thousand years? Is it so hard to look at these examples and understand that mental illness or some sort of poisoning/hallucinogen was at work?

The position of stars do not and never have governed the personality or destiny of anyone. Drawing down the moon or the sun is an exercise in futility. It is self-hypnosis or group delusion based on wishful thinking – depending on the circumstances. There are no star children and Aleister Crowley, while brilliant, was a huckster. Not a very good one, either as he ended up dying in poverty.

It doesn’t matter if you are black, brown, caramel, olive, red, white or yellow; IT DOESN’T MATTER! It is simply a gene mutation based on migration and environmental factors. We don’t have the luxury of claiming superiority – we’re all mutations, on a very small planet that is quickly running out of room to accommodate us and our egos.

It doesn’t matter which or how many imaginary friends you have; they won’t stop a bullet, they won’t save your limbs from being blown off by a bomb and they certainly won’t stop famine, floods and quakes. Your imaginary friends will not un-poison the air, land or water.

That is up to us and the sooner we realize that countries, race, creeds and colour are of absolutely no consequence to the universe – the better our odds at survival. We don’t own this planet, we don’t own land, sea or air, any more so than any other creature living, breathing and trying to survive on this tiny blue dot. Grow, the fuck up, get an education. And stop identifying as some sort of unique sort of human on a dying planet. You are no better than am I or my neighbour or the person living on the street. You are simply human, a genetic mutation.

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