Paris. Looking For Answers, Looking for Blame

It is safe to assume that the hearts and minds of the world go out to the citizens of Paris and in fact, the entire nation of France.

In the coming days, we will all be trying to find answers to these dispicable and cowardly acts.  The “Who”, the “Why” and the assigning of blame. The “Who” is, pretty much, known – the French security agencies report 7 attackers, all of whom are dead.  7 human beings so deluded by lies and hate that they felt justified in killing innocent men and women.

The “Why” would be a complex issue of hopelessness, fanatacism, hatred and indoctrination.

These people, I would hazard to guess, were led to believe that the acts they were to commit were sanctioned by their interpretation of god.  Acts justified by the death and destruction of their own families, their own villages, towns and cities by governments and “foreign” powers.

It is a very old method used by military organizations throughout the world, throughout history.  Whether right or wrong from our perspective, jihadists view themselves as soldiers.  They fight for the most horrendous of reasons – they justify themselves for that same reason; they are fighting for god.  We don’t have to give this credence but we do need to pay attention.  This type of fanaticism is, obviously, not governed by visible borders or front lines.  These fanatics come into our backyards to attempt to reke havoc and sow the seeds of fear.

What other things are born from the fruit of the tree of fear?  Bigotry, prejudice, hate and violence,

Already the interwebs are showing signs of these fruits begin harvested.  The Syrian refugees are being singled out and blamed by osmosis.  Stop.  Think, if only for a moment and use logic.  The Syrian refugees are not fleeing their country to commit terrorist acts in, what will be, their own, adopted, homelands.  They are fleeing the same thing that was visited on Paris, yesterday.  The same thing – the same criminals who bombed Beirut.  The same animals bombing innocents in Iraq, in Afghanistan.

They are coming to us, to seek peace, to seek security from fanatics.

Fanatics are everywhere, however, from the homegrown sort; Paul Rose, Denis Lortie, Timothy MacVeigh to the ones who infiltrate our collective borders – the World Trade Center bombing, Boston Marathon, Mumbai.  No country is immune from the criminal activities of fanatics.  Our global history shows us that we are always subject to the psychotic workings of the fanatical mind.

We, absolutely, must be on guard.  We absolutely must watch for signs of indoctrination in our family, friends and acquaintances.  We must speak out when confronted with bigotry, fanaticism of any sort.  We have to learn to fight the seeds of this kind of psychosis before they take root.

Being a follower of Islam is no more a sign of terrorism than being German is a sign of a Nazi.  These people, these criminals are not Muslim.  They are murderers.  Common murders.  They use Islam as a disguise, a ruse to justify their actions to the naive.

Do not turn your backs on the Syrian refugees because of these animals.  Don’t allow them to turn you into one of them; full of hate and pointless violence.  That is one of their objectives; to point to abuse of refugees and say to their followers, “These infidels are evil and must die.  Look how they treat our Muslim brothers and sisters!”

Fight back but use your heart. These refugees are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters – like all of us.  They are seeking a little peace, a chance to rebuild what fanatics and government has stolen from them.

They are not responsible for Paris; those responsible are dead and if I believed in hell?  I would hope they are roasting there.  Those criminals do not represent Islam or the people of the Middle East.  They are soulless killers, without a god or a comprehension of what it means to be faithful.

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