The Fab Four, In A Nutshell. Duceppe doesn’t count.


Is it over yet?  Gah, no.  Not until Oct. 19th.  We have been deep in the election derp since August 2nd and I sat down, this morning, to try and pull up, from my poor brain, exactly what I had managed to retain about the candidates.

Precious little, apparently.

Harper is a douche.  He has learned nothing about Canadians during his, far too lengthy, tenure as our PM.  He has no clue as to the values and important issues of the average Canadian voter.  His government is perceived to be impervious to public opinion – C51 as an example.  He comes off as a pale imitation of the Republican Privileged White Boy Club in the States.

Canadians want their right to privacy, their right to protest without fear of reprisal – C51 scares the thinking Canadian, as well it should.

He allows veterans to live below the poverty line; his cronies refused to acknowledge PTS syndrome.  Our seniors have to choose between food vs medication vs utility bills.

He has turned us from a peacekeeping country to a hanger-on of the American war machine.

His goverment, actively, stifles freedom of speech by Canadian scientists.

He and his mates are trying to sell our country across the Pacific…

His ads about Trudeau’s hair and youth are an insult to my intelligence.  His PR people should be fired.

The niqab thing is a smoke screen and I would hope most Canadians can see through Harper’s donning the flag as a cape of Super Canadian Man.

These are the things I have retained about Harper because I am too busy trying to keep our heads above the financial waters.

I will not be voting for him.


He’s young.  Not a heck of a lot of experience and I fear that the backroom boys will eat him alive.  His handlers seem to have a better grip on the pulse of Canadians than does Harper’s.

What have I retained?  He wants to legalize weed.  Smart move.  Potential megabucks to our federal coffers.  He wants to lessen the tax load on the middle class and bring in affordable daycare.  Legalizing weed and taxing the stuff would help out nicely.

He wants to see seniors living without worrying about where their next meal or prescription is coming from.

His potential budget is a little on the airy-fairy side and worries me.  Liberal governments have an annoying habit of putting us in debt.

He is a possible contender for my “X”.  Although the Liberal rep in my riding is not a man I trust nor like.  In fact, during the entire campaign, I have neither heard nor seen him.  Not a surprise – he doesn’t even try because he knows my riding always vote Liberal.


Can’t stand the man.  I think he is a two-faced as Harper but in a cheaper suit.  I was incensed by his comments about 51% being enough for Quebec to separate.  It was an obvious pander to separatists and is, legally, false.

He wants to tax corporations.

And that’s what I’ve retained from Mulcair…his PR people need a shake.

Elizabeth May

Who?  Oh, the woman that called Canadians “Stupid”.  I have only mentioned her as a political courtesy.  She is so far in left field, I couldn’t see her with binoculars.

Gilles Duceppe

Oh sure, I’ll vote for a party that supports subjugation of rights and the destruction of my province/country.

So there it is, what I have retained as Mrs. Average Working Canadian thus far.  This pre-election “blitz” by candidates has been a non-starter for over two months.  They all need a crash course in the mindset of the voters.

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One response to “The Fab Four, In A Nutshell. Duceppe doesn’t count.

  1. I love the way you express yourself 🙂

    I always kept any political opinion I might have to myself, but this election I am finding myself challenged in that regard. On one hand, I want to keep my composure; on the other, I want to scream like a banshee.

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