Come On, Get Happy!

This blog is an answer to a question I’ve been asked, more than a few, times. “Why are you so angry?”

That question always makes me laugh.

I am not angry. Far, far from it. I am a very happy and content individual. I have a wonderful, eccentric family; I have 3 amazing men who call me “Ma/Mom/Blondie”, my husband is the personification of every person’s “Shining knight”. I am healthy, okay…weight is an issue but overall, I’m healthy. I have access to all the technology one could dream of – I have a good job with a great boss, co-workers are funny, quirky, by and large, a great bunch with whom to spend the day. Sure, I get stressed but that’s inherent in any job.

My opinions may sound angry but they are actually a disguise for great sadness. I am sad that there are so many people who will never know the blessing that is my life. I write my opinions in the hope that perhaps what I have to say will cause someone, somewhere to think. I do not expect to change anyone’s opinion but I do ask that people who read what I have to say, think about what I’m saying.

I’m not 20 something, I’m not 30 something…I’m not 40 something. I am at the ending of 50 something. I have not skated through my life on privileged wings, I just don’t choose to wallow in the past, or cloak myself in a pity blanket. I choose, instead, to truly appreciate what I have now. I have no control over what happened in my before-50 something experiences except to use them as a ladder toward learning.

I love my life and the people who grace it. It is simply my dearest wish that others could also share, if just a little, of what I have been given.

Yes, I do get angry when others attempt to subjugate or vilify people of race, creed or colour. I do get angry over greed, criminal behaviours and sleazy politicians. I don’t like class warfare – he who dies with the most toys, is still dead. I am no different from the rest of the silent majority with one exception – I’m not all that silent. I write. I like to write. Some folks like golf. Some like hockey. Some are artists, photographers and sculptors. I love words. I like to play with words. I like to mold words to express my creativity, my view of the world, at large.

Looking around at what goes on in this world and seeing, what I perceive, to be gross injustice, cruelty and general twat-wafflery, does not make me an angry person. It makes me an inquiring one. I want to understand why and if there is no logical explanation, then I write. I don’t feel that life is long enough to sit around and let the global situations flow around me. I want to be that twig that can, at times, separate the flow a bit. I just want people to think.


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5 responses to “Come On, Get Happy!

  1. I’ll try to keep this short……but……..

    There is no winning with this one. If I sound serious – EVEN IN JEST – I get told to chill/calm down/stop worrying.

    If I am anything other than serious, I get told that I am too frivolous, “don’t get it”, lack sensitivity, or that I’m just a silly woman.

    If I try to balance out the silly and the serious, I get told I’m wishy-washy, a fence-sitter, lack commitment, or my favourite “you confuse me”.

    In other words, no matter what I do, somebody will object to my attitude or approach to any given situation. Not only that, I can encounter two or more critics at once, and get opposing criticsms.

    Thankfully I clued into all this a long, long time ago, and I ignore quite a lot of feedback. I don’t think it’s wise to ignore all of it, and indeed, if it were unanimous then it’s worth considering.

    But as it is, it’s clear that these critics are merely projecting.

    For a start, when they read my words they read them in their own voice. In their own mood. So my humour isn’t always understood, and my meaning can be very skewed.

    But even in person, what I say and what they hear don’t always correlate due to pre-conceived ideas.

    I am an extrovert (well, strictly speaking, an ambivert, but let’s not get into such detail) and if asked questions, I give straight answers. People don’t always like that. They are used to more cagey conversation technique. I don’t play games. I try to be polite, and not hurt anyone, I also try to be honest and yet positive. And what you see is what you get.

    Over the years a few people have said I was intimidating. I never do it on purpose, I’m just outgoing, friendly, and confident. But some have said I scare them. That is not my problem. It’s their issue, they are the ones who need to seek help with a social anxiety problem.

    Because my priorities in life are things like creativity, kindness, ethics, honesty, fun, warmth, hospitality, and so on. If any of that terrifies you, then really…….it ain’t me.

    I don’t do anger. It just went away a long time ago. No idea where it went but it went. I get frustrated sometimes, but not angry, it’s not the same. But I do care, and I care deeply, and if THAT is a problem, it’s not mine.

    Instead of thinking “Hmm, why am I so intimidated by a person who behaves in X way?” they criticize us. They want our attitude to suit them. Sorry, that isn’t how it works.

    I’ll stop before this becomes a blog!

    • Just a few words to you, Melanie; if we make people think, outside of their own box and you know when you have because, as Kyle so eloquently puts it, “They lose their shit”, then we need to be happy, satisfied that we have made a small impact in a very large, troubled world. I don’t always agree with you and I may not change my own stance but I do think about what you have written. I weigh it – I put it in the ring to box it out with my own concepts. Sometimes my concepts get a beating and sometimes, yours will 😉 But the whole point is, we have done something, however minute to others – we have created a piece that causes people to stop, maybe piss them off, maybe cause them think “Right On!” Okay, so that is way 60’s/70’s but the point is we have taken society’s worst of all faults…apathy..and we’ve given it a swift kick in the arse.

  2. And having just told Fundie Ken I prefer a Chinese philosopher to Jesus, I think quite a nice little debate might ensue. Naturally, I’m going out soon……..

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