Twisted Logic

 The interwebs were ablaze, recently, over the senseless killing of a male lion – Cecil – by a First World, over-privileged dentist.  People were outraged, rightly so, albeit some of them were way over the top in their anger and probably require professional  intervention….

 And then the devil’s advocates came out and the pro-hunting folks…oh and of course, your garden variety trolls.

 I was asked, a couple of times actually, how I can justify eating meat and still be against hunting. Let’s clarify something, shall we? I’m not averse to hunting for FOOD. I am averse to hunting for sport and I am adamant in my dislike (bordering on hatred) for exotic big game hunting.

If someone can’t see the difference between the two? Well, they are beyond help and aren’t worth engaging in debate on the topic.

My community does not permit the keeping of livestock. If it did – I would give the raising of animals for my own consumption, consideration. Vegans can swoon all they wish – I am omnivorous as my genetics dictate. I enjoy a good salad as well as a good steak, or some nice Ahi tuna.

Some areas require hunting to keep populations in check; let’s use deer as an example here – when deer lack adequate predators in an area, they go forth and multiply…like rabbits. They decimate their own feeding grounds by sheer number. The end result is that they starve to death, become diseased and die. The population check initiatives may seem cruel but I don’t believe that watching bucks, does and fawns die of starvation ranks as humanitarian either.

The human population does not allow for everyone to raise their own food stuffs. I love this urban gardening thing – it affords me a lot of bemusement. Sure, it is fun thing but viable in the long run? For very, very few. Take a look around your average city; an urban garden will only add a tiny fraction of the food required by all these people. A balcony garden will not sustain a family in the long run. Save a very few bucks? Sure but a very few. And so, we have farmers.

People eat meat and so we have folks who raise pigs, chickens, steer, buffalo and sheep for food.

Some folks are able to hunt in order to supplement their freezers and some are not. Simply because individuals cannot afford the equipment necessary or lack the skills required to hunt, doesn’t mean that they are less worthy of eating meat. If you hunt in order to maintain a population or if you hunt to supplement your food stores? Good on you. If you hunt and don’t utilize your prey? You’re an asshole.

Now – there are memes all over the web, asking why folks are so upset over a lion being killed while children starve or are abused.

Really? Are you that narrow minded? That stupid?

Humans have the capacity – sorry, let’s qualify this – MOST humans have the capacity to care, deeply, about more than one issue. We can be outraged by poverty, outraged by corruption, outraged by First World asshats killing animals for nothing more than sport and perhaps to mollify their penis envy for a short time…

I care what happens to children. I am also outraged when stories of abuse to animals destined for my food chain are exposed. Yes, they do die and no, I am sure they don’t want to die but I eat meat. I need meat as did my ancestors all the way down my line. I am extremely thankful for not having to hunt my food. I am thankful that others do this for me. It was not that long ago, 2 generations past, when my family did raise their own food. My family ate what they raised – fruit, vegetable, grain and meat. I am grateful to them for sustaining my grandparents.

Big game sport hunting is not ethical, it provides no service nor does it fulfil a human need to survive. It is immoral and disgusting. A hunter, hunting for food to feed him/herself and family, meets my measure of ethical. What is being done is being done to sustain life. Big game hunting of rhino, of giraffe of lions or grizzlies is disgusting. The practice provides no purpose, is senseless destruction to enhance ego.

While I condemn the dickless dentist, I also condemn those people in Russia who warehouse children with autism and Down’s Syndrome. I condemn those who abuse and torture fellow human beings because?? Well, I do have the ability to care about more than one issue at a time.

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