Refugees Receive More Than Canadian Pensioners or I Saw It On The Net; Must Be True

This kind of stuff makes me lose my freaking mind. Deliberate ignorance and half-truths, designed to inflame racism and intolerance. I LOSE MY MIND with this crap. Here we have this incomparable tool for sharing actual information, the internet, and instead, we get this kind of bullshit.

The truth? Not as sensational, for sure:

Do government-assisted refugees get more income support and benefits than Canadian pensioners do?

No. Refugees do not get more financial help from the federal government than Canadian pensioners do. A widely circulated email makes this false claim. The email mistakenly includes the one-time start-up payment as part of the monthly payment. The amount of monthly financial support that government-assisted refugees get is based on provincial social assistance rates. It is the minimum amount needed to cover only the most basic food and shelter needs.

Many refugees selected for resettlement to Canada have been forced to flee their country because of extreme hardship. Some may have been living in refugee camps for many years. When they arrive in Canada, they must start their lives again in a country very different from their own.

In keeping with Canada’s proud humanitarian traditions, individuals and families get immediate and essential services and support to help them become established in Canada.”

But gods forbid that facts be checked before posting this kind of thing:

And easily verified, took me one try.

There is a difference between refugees and immigration. Immigrants CHOOSE this country and enter with assets, proof that they will not be a burden on our social/medical systems.

Refugees come here with less than nothing. They have lost their homes, their possessions and often, loved ones. They arrive grieving, in shock, terrified. They arrive, quite possibly, not understanding either official language, to a culture rooted in technology, strange judicial systems, mass transportation, a place where everything moves at the speed of light.

Imagining a walk, even a block, in their shoes is too much trouble for the self-righteous fear mongers out there. Picture watching friends, neighbours, worse…loved ones cut down by gun fire, blown apart by bombs, or hacked by machetes – helpless to stop it. Children kidnapped and forced into slavery; your sister, daughter or wife – gang raped.

And there are those among us who would begrudge help to these people based on lying meme?

These refugees will go on, obtain jobs and one day, will find themselves trying to survive on the Old Age pension as well.

Fostering racism in a country made up of refugees and immigrants, makes me physically ill. How very Judeo-Christian of these breast beating knuckle-draggers….who can trace their own families back, not so long ago, to immigrants and refugees.

How our government treats our war veterans and our elderly is bordering on the criminal but that’s where we come in. THAT’S where the protest should be; demanding our MP’s stop slopping at the trough and DO something.

Vilifying people who have been stomped upon and faced unimaginable horrors isn’t helping anyone. Shame. This is not being Canadian. This is more akin to being a member of those stalwarts of social justice, the KKK.

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