And God Spoke…Quit Smoking!


“Fair enough. I have known you since you were a baby. You used to visit me and we’d talk…then, you grew up and you didn’t have time for me anymore. I am….

“I am Odin, I am Zeus, I am Shiva and Yahweh, I am Allah, I am the Almighty and Herne. I am that unrivaled party animal, Bacchus. I am Mars, I am Cernunnos. I am all the hopes, dreams, heartache and fear of trillions of sentient beings since the world began. I am the energy of all those thoughts, those cries, those pleas. I am the answer every living being has ever sought. I am the creator because I was created. I was created by gods. By goddesses. By demons. Since the dawn of fear, beings have poured their energy into finding answers. Thoughts are energy and I was created, by that energy. By the synapses in brains throughout time. Every electrical charge from every thought is what I am. I am logic and rationale. I am dreams and fantasy. I exist and I do not.

I am created by every creature on this planet and beyond. And I created. I answer prayers, I answer pleas but the answers are rarely what the querent wishes. I know all, I see all because that is what I have been created to be. I am, definitely, what I am.”

He turned and put his hands on my shoulders. I was rooted – something poured through me. The feeling is indescribable. There was peace, total peace and there was paralyzing fear. Pain and love. Hate and understanding. I felt death and life. I looked at his face and it was a kaleidoscope of colours and features. I never wanted to feel that again but hoped it would never end.

“I have one last thing to say to you and then I will take my leave. You can go home to your television, your dinner and your life.”

He took his hands from my shoulders. They were burning and ice cold. I was out of breath. I simply could not speak.

“You have seen life. You have seen death. You ask what the point is of this life, so many times a day. The point of your life is what you make it to be. Death, it isn’t an end. Look to your logic and rationale. It makes no sense; everything morphs into something else when their time here is done. Look around and remember, most of what you see and hear, won’t matter in the end. What will matter is the love, the laughter and the experiences your life, your choices, your decisions create for you. Your family, your friends are the riches in your life; your enemies, those who hate or mistrust you are not your worry. They have their own path no walk and when the end comes, they will have to leave here knowing the pain they have causes for others. Do your best, Karen. Live your life with honour and with truth. Let the chips, of others, fall where they may. This is what you have created me to be. I will always be here, as long as you have hope, as long as you question as long as you draw a breath. I am, what I am. To you.”

“I was not created to justify killing. Those are thoughts of the few. Those thoughts are not enough to create me in that image. Keep the energy flowing, the questioning, the love, the kindness. Never allow the evil of others to create me in any other way than I am now.”

He turned away and started to walk toward the street. I can’t tell you what I was feeling. I can’t tell you how I, eventually, made my way home. I am not the same. That odd man, in a public park, has changed me forever. Was he an outpatient? Was he suffering the effects of the ’60’s? Did I fall asleep and then not realize that I had done so? I don’t know. I don’t care. I am changed and I feel the change is for the better.

There was one other parting remark as he waved good-bye; “And for god’s sake, Karen; will you quit smoking?!”

Yeah, like that’s going to happen…

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