Carl Janzen & Jeremy H. Reitman; Gentlemen, please listen up. Your marketing/purchasing teams are leading you astray. Either they have become complacent in their jobs or are just plain lazy…the other option would be stupid but that’s not a nice thing to say, whether true or not.  You need to give them a good shake.  Wake them up.

You are losing market share. You are losing my portion of market share.

Truly? Have you really LOOKED at what is being flogged in your Pennington’s and Addition-Elle stores? I haven’t gone into a Reitman’s since..well, so long, I can’t remember.  I was in a Pennington’s store and eventually found items but it took a while.  Longer than I would have preferred.

I am a subscriber to online announcements and the Pennington’s web site. I received an e-mail alluding to exciting new summer fashions. A terrible, terrible lie.

The same old, same old. Animal print? Really?! Again?! You people haul out animal print so often, it is like going to Granby Zoo without the admission and screaming kids.

Animal prints are done. Over. Move on.

And please, WTH, is this? Someone’s idea of a joke? Was the model dressed in the dark?

How about something really exciting, clothing that reflects the woman of goddess proportions? Women who are, relatively, secure in themselves (Doesn’t matter what the dress size, most women have issues.), want a unique wardrobe. A fun wardrobe, an exciting wardrobe and what do you give us? Animal print. Capris that my grandmother could wear. Dresses that look like they were designed and put together by the monkeys on the animal print.

Is anyone tapped into the current cultural trends? That Game of Thrones thing? Take a look at, they make a mint off their designs. The bodice styled tops with long and ¾ sleeve. The dresses, the skirts are wonderful, more colours are required and I grant you the selection of pant styles are horrendous but by and large (no pun intended), the clothing is unique, incredibly comfortable and makes the wearer feel exciting – different. Attractive.

What are people watching? What trends are out there? You folks seem to be missing the boat. Steampunk is fun; again, the medieval take – the Game of Thrones themed items; Soho is versatile and comfortable. Stay away from the Walking Dead trends; I can’t think of too many women who would go with the shredded look.

Colours – give us some neon, give us bright and vibrant. Give us sexy without the over-the-top stuff that is available for lesser sizes. Give us flowing, ethereal…give us damsel and Dominatrix. Gypsy and CEO. Style, gentlemen. Give us style.

And another thing; we all work. How do you think we pay for our clothing? What about some business attire; suits – jackets with skirts, or pants? I would like to appear at the office, in meetings, dressed for the occasion, in a well styled suit that doesn’t require my re-mortgaging my house.

And for the love of all that is and is not holy? Will you PLEASE ditch those absurd animal prints!

Okay, I’m done. I’m off to order online – probably Holy Clothing.

Best regards

A Disgruntled Shopper


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2 responses to “Pennington’s…WTH???

  1. I bought my summer wardrobe here:

    Too many bad experiences with Holy Colthing, sadly.

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