Now, M. Couillard

Now, with all the previous things said in the anti-austerity rant…

Dear M. Couillard:

As a tax payer in Québec, a middle class, employed, individual, I applaud your efforts to balance our budget in the province, I cheer your attempts to haul us out of debt, regardless of the kicking and screaming of the citizens with the undeserved sense of entitlement – unions, students and the Marxist morons.

However, I deeply resent the obvious omissions of fiscal accountability in your plans; Hydro Québec as an example, the Lottery Corporation as another. These corporations belong to the people of Québec. As public corporations, their profits should be funneled back into the province. They are not private concerns, they are public. You, me and my fellow tax payers need to see some accountability of the divesting of the profits. Loto- Québec WAS supposed to help fund our education and healthcare systems. What happened? Where has and is the money going? The same with Hydro Québec; why are they not held accountable as a public corporate entity and those profits – please note the following:

“Cold winter weather helped Hydro-Québec’s profits surge by 15 per cent to $3.38 billion in 2014, the utility said Thursday. Overall electricity sales grew 4.55 per cent to $13.1 billion while exports increased 30 per cent to $814 million“.

$3.38 billion in profit. A public corporation and yet, we are seeing budget cuts to sectors which provide necessary service. Where is the auditor? Why are these two entities allowed to operate above the law and with, seeming, impunity? Loto- Québec is claiming that they are losing money; prove it. Justify operating costs, show us the books because I don’t believe it. Not for a second. And if there is a loss? If this corporation is not making money hand over fist? There is something very rotten in Denmark. Let’s see some auditing and forensic accounting.

You make those cuts, M. Couillard. Balance our budget but make darn sure that you are not only targeting the service sector but those corporations as well. They ARE accountable to us, regardless of what their boards of directors may think. They are not above the law.

Good luck and best regards

A Tax Payer in Québec

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