Anti-Austerity Protesters Are WHY We Need Austerity Measures

What better proof, than this, is required to show that our education system, in Québec, is failing us?

These people are protesting government cuts to services. The cuts have been initiated because there is NO more money to fund these perks. Previous governments were elected based on promises that we could ill-afford but did entice, like a carrot to a donkey. The problem is, when there are enough donkeys munching on the carrot, it doesn’t take long before the carrot disappears. Our carrot disappeared decades ago.

Ask these mental midgets where the money can be found to re-fill the coffers and you get some real genius answers; take the rich, tax the corporations, tax these folks and those, but GOD FORBID you should ask them to, perhaps, scale back their expectations.

  1. Tax the rich. Righhht. You do that and the rich move out, along with whatever they pay toward to government trough. They don’t HAVE TO live here, not in an age of digital technology.
  2. Tax the corporations. Again, Righhht…see the above. Wave them good bye as you break another storefront window.

I have my own ideas:

  1. Get rid of the subsidized daycare for ANYONE other than those at the lowest economic rung. You chose to have the kids; you didn’t ask the government or the taxpayers…YOU pay for the kids.
  2. Re-open the public service contracts and allot the money according to their importance to society; police, nurses, firemen and other healthcare PROFESSIONALS, should, absolutely, be paid more. We learned via the Charbonneau commission the FTQ and CSN union contracts were awarded due to criminal conspiracies therefore, the money is the result of a crime; therefore, the contracts need to be re-assessed. Look into sub-contracting. Contracts awarded on expertise and merit – I know…I know…WHAT A THOUGHT!!
  3. Teachers, healthcare workers and other public service employees receive raises according to QUALIFICATIONS and PROFESSIONALISM as opposed to seniority. Give the authority to fire the inept back to the school boards, the hospitals and other boards of governance and out of the hands of self-serving, crooked, unions. Again…what a concept – fire the inept and reward the professional. What AM I thinking??? (I don’t know about you but I have had more than my share of horrendous educators and healthcare workers who should never be allowed near a human being much less in control of many.)
  4. Welfare. Re-vamp the whole damn system. On welfare? Work for the money. Subsidize courses and if the welfare recipient of sound mind and body doesn’t adhere to the demands for either work or school? Remove the cheques. I am in full support of welfare for the mentally ill and/or otherwise infirm but for a healthy adult? Up yours. And don’t try and tell me that there are few welfare abusers. I’ve known my fair share and then some. Talk to most people and they know their fair share as well. Do the math.
  5. Medical system; start charging for showing up at emergency with a cold. If you aren’t in an emergency situation? Pay up. There are clinics for that.
  6. Raise the damn tuition for degrees without potential for immediate employment. Lower tuition for degrees that can expect a reasonable return for the buck; medicine, dentistry, the various applied sciences. Use some economic sense. An art major is not going to be employable based on their degree. You want to study modern art? Do it on your own buck. It is a hobby, a past time, an interest – it doesn’t represent a viable economic return to society. Why should society fund it? Force those loans to be paid, no more claiming bankruptcy to get out of them.
  7. Raise the old age pension to a sustainable living level; subsidize the housing of our elderly. They have paid their dues. Unlike popping out kids, getting old isn’t a choice. They need the subsidization, not the students, not the parents popping out kids secure in the knowledge that society will be paying for a year off and then daycare.
  8. Cut back on bureaucratic perks; like those fact-finding missions. The digital age has done away with the necessity of expensive trips for government officials and their lackeys.
  9. No more subsidies for private schools; you want a private school? Pay for it. Why should the tax payer be responsible for your delusions of grandeur vis a vis living through your kids?
  10. Re-vamp the school system to teach the young how to live in a modern world. Get rid of Shakespeare and teach computer technology. Teach them how to live within their means and to understand the difference between entitled and deserved.

The time for government hand-outs is over. It has to be. We’ve all had a great time at the party but now it’s time to clean up the mess. We were ALL involved and if I have to see 1/3 of my salary go toward government, then I want to ensure that the money is used properly and not to pacify a bunch of morons who don’t have the slightest idea when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

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