You’re Going to Hell and so are you and so are you…

I’m an avid student of religions, from a sociological perspective, not as a believer. An observer. I find the concept of punishment fascinating. The various interpretations of punishment and the interpretations based on sects within a faith and even more diverse, individual belief on the concept.

I “eavesdropped” on a discussion regarding the precepts of kafir and takfir. There was much quoting of the Qu’ran and various lay interpretations as well as quotes from Islamic scholars. It was, with the exception of terminologies, the same discussion I’ve heard from Christians – who does and who does not get to go to paradise/heaven.

Judaism is less clear when it comes to Gae Eden and Gehinnom – there seems to be a rather open discussion on the topic. Hinduism has its own concept of a spot for bad people as well.

What is obvious to me, as an individual, free from worry about damnation of my soul, is that this “bad place” is an empty threat, used by religious leaders to terrify their flocks into staying with the herd. Execution and torture has been widely used as a tool to reinforce a fear of the unknowable.

Fascinating and rather disappointing to me, to observe how many people have been frightened into believing that only “they” will see a paradise after death. “They” being defined as adherents to a particular faith or sect.

Christian, Muslim and the Jewish religion all have their lunatic fringe built on a belief of righteousness based in bald terror of their own concept of hell.

Based on what? Not logic, not truth and definitely, not empirical fact but millions upon millions have died as a result of “belief” – not fact. Belief. The same belief that fuels the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Empty, without scientific basis, without proof absolute.

Religion points to atheists as immoral people. People without a holy book to instruct them in ethical and “right” behaviour. I disagree; atheists, by and large, are very moral people who live by doing what is right from a sociological and human perspective. None require some dark, dank or hot, sulphur and brimstone nightmare threat when they make their life choices. Atheists do not kill to enforce their points of view. They don’t torture, kidnap and beat those who choose a religious life. On that alone, I would conclude that atheists are far more moral than the religious.

So, I am a heretic, I am damned. I’m going to Hell/ Jahannam/Gehenna and with that in mind, I will continue to aid those in need, to live my life according to my own moral code. I won’t lie, steal or cause harm to others. I will eat, sleep and work; love my family and continue on, secure in the knowledge that regardless of what I do or believe, I will be going to someone’s interpretation of hell because I refuse to believe in the unproven, the unbelievable.

Sighh, c’est la vie.


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22 responses to “You’re Going to Hell and so are you and so are you…

  1. We’re all going together.

  2. Don’t blame religion for what some extremists do. You can still be moral and follow a religion. In fact the morals that you uphold have been taught through religion

    • No. My morals come from knowing right and wrong. From caring about my fellow man regardless of his/her beliefs, his or her colour or his/her sexuality. Religion is and has always been divisive. It is and will always be the cause of death, torture and subjugation.

      I don’t need religion to live a moral life and in fact, I believe those without religion are all the more moral and ethical for it.

      • You need to read religion rather than believing in what others say. No religion tells you to commit anything immoral. Most people have been misusing religion. Has happened for centuries. If you learn about religions on your own, you would understand. But for that, you need an open, unbiased mind

      • And which religion should I read? The Christian bible? The Talmud? The Qu’ran? Hindu shruti or smriti? Pagan text, Satanic literature? It is through reading religion that I have come to my conclusions. Through unbiased reading. Religion is a comfort blanket for some; justification for evil for others. I don’t require either. I don’t need to believe in some sort of mystical spirit, omnipresent or omnipotent. I certainly don’t require justification for the unjustifiable. I am avid reader and I understand the difference between fact and fiction. All religious tomes are fiction. None contain empirical fact. Without proof, you have nothing more than a theory or a story. Religions of the world are just that; stories. Works of fiction or theory, unproven; this allows me to take my unbiased stand. If there is proof – show me and I will, willingly, change my point of view but without it? Religion is relegated to the bookshelf in my mind, along with other works of fantasy, like Grimm’s or Lord of the Rings.

      • If you want to read something, read it with an open heart. If you read it thinking it is all gibberish you won’t be able to appreciate it. I am a Muslim so it is quite natural that I would ask you to read the Quran because I know for a fact that this religion does not promote hate and violence. And I am pretty sure no religion promotes hate and violence. It is mostly because the wrong people have come to represent different religions that we find people turning away from religion.
        Religion is not a comfort blanket. It asks you for great control over yourself. I was born a Muslim but never really practiced it. But as I grew old and loved to read, the religion strongly connected with me. I am still not a great example so I cannot push my views on others. And I would never push my views on anyone.

      • Ah but I did read with heart, at one time but again, without proof, it all rang very shallow. I have some wonderful Muslim friends, I have awesome Jewish friends, Xtian, and Pagan – their religion is something they require but it isn’t something that I need to live a happy and fulfilled life. I would ask you, with all respect and I do respect your choice, why do you feel you need religion? How does it make you – ayeshaumair – a better person?

      • Hi. I hope I am not being a pest. You asked me why I need religion. I wrote a small post I would like you to read:

      • And did you know that much of that is written in Quran has been scientifically proven. Even though Quran was revealed centuries before modern science prospered, verses in Quran show that sky is a protective layering, sun and moon are moving in orbits, n much more. Even from a social perspective, a lot of what Quran says makes sense.

      • Yes, a lot of what the Q’ran makes sense but by the same token, much of what is believed in Neo-Paganism makes sense; the Bible and the Talmud also makes sense but that doesn’t prove their basic premise(s) and that premise is this being that created, directs and punishes. The ancient Greeks, the Mayans and Inca all showed astronomical theories that have since been proven as fact.

        On a more lighthearted note, there are many tinfoil hatters out there who believe mankind was planted here by aliens. They can show you their interpretation of evidence until the rooster crows…

        It doesn’t mean it is true but it does give them some sort of comfort.

        Many people need to believe there is more than just this life, that there is something that will occur when this life ends. I simply don’t hold with the theory. I believe it is my responsibility, as a sentient being, to live a life of which I, personally, can be proud to have lived. A life that gives to others. A life where I make decisions not to, intentially, cause harm to anyone. I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed but I keep pushing forward, not because I believe I will be judged by a deity or for that matter, by man but I keep pushing forward on the basis of my duty as a human. The end will be the end. It is what I am doing now that matters.

    • Itsmine

      You are right, but its your(& also others from your religion) responsibility to completely stop those extremist those are from your own religions,as they(extremists) are insulting their own religion by doing so.And God will definitely appreciate you,if you stop them.

      • The problem is that we usually do not have the means to stop these extremists on a large scale. Even if we did, I imagine the repercussions would be negative for the rest of the world because extremist organizations like ISIS are not Islamic at all but they manipulate the Islamic ideology and they fight very unjustly and very unfairly so fighting with them is mostly out of question. What most of our religious scholars tell us to do is individual work. As Muslims, we should always give out a good image of Islam so that it negates the image that extremists have developed. What I am doing is exactly that and I hope you appreciate Islam for what it is and not believe mainstream media and extremists on their image of Islam. My only outlet is my blog and I am using it.

      • Itsmine

        If you are perfectly taught & guided,& you strongly believe in the “god” & “Heaven” then why are you scared of “Death” for directly fighting with them?.Scarifying yourself(good followers) can give better life to all,& God will also reward you in “Heaven”. The way of “peace”(same as you think you are following now) has been already followed by others people in better way,but it cant stop those issues.If you also cant overcome the fear of “death”,then what is difference?,if your religion believe in peace,then why all the kings from past history had battled &killed the thousands of people?& today also fighting for the piece of land?..individual work can never stop issues like this…

      • I am never afraid of death. It will come in its time and no one can stop it. However as a women, Allah does not ask me to fight for him physically. Women are to be protected. They are not sent to war. I would be very honored and happy if my husband or my son decides to fight these people. I would support them entirely but then I cannot force them to go and fight since Islam is not a religion of force.
        In Islam, Jihad or fight is only mandatory when some group or person directly attacks Islam or a Muslim. When honest Muslim leaders such as Omer fought battles, they fought to prevent Islam from being led to the wrong path. However, there have been many Muslim leaders who fought without the right direction and they were wrong to fight battles where they killed women or innocent people.
        Individual work can also bring a change in perspective even though it may not entirely stop issues. Even a battle does not guarantee that these issues stop entirely. For example, US with all its latest weapons and strategic planning has been unable to entirely evict terrorists. The world is moving in the wrong direction and positive perception of even a few people would be very helpful, I believe.

      • Itsmine

        Ohh,means you are just meant to watch the injustice as you are not allowed to fight,& you will take step only for your religion people,then where is humanity?.If you are too much concerned about that then why you would take the help of doctors from other religion,what if that doctors also say that we will help only our religion peoples & medicine knowledge had come from “Ayurveda”,& all these scientific & technological stuff was invented by peoples other than your religion,then why are you using that?.You can use that & take their advantages only because they were broad minded.If you considered you are superior than them based on birth then why you need their help.?

      • I am not superior to anyone. You are taking this to a different level. I do not hate other people for following their religion and this does not mean I would not help them when they need help. If I see someone in distress I help them out but getting into a war is a completely different thing

      • Itsmine

        But you had mentioned somewhere that peoples born in other religion go in hell,they cant go in heaven.So do you consider that all people are at same level?though they were born in other religion? & if not then you are definitely superior! & you mentioned that you will fight only if someone directly attacks your people.then what about the tragedy of other peoples?..i commented that 1 considering you had that opinion!!

  3. Itsmine

    ohhhhhhhhhhh dear!!!! you must have a look on my post..”Does God exists?”

  4. Itsmine

    I think,Real Atheist is a person,who is the only one,on the way for search of god.He try to argue with believers,in hope that they can introduce god to him,but most believers are blind believer,as the believers cant answer him/introduce god to him ,(as they have no knowledge,),they hate him.But if there is really a God,to whom we can meet afterlife,then 101% He will love only that Real atheist,rather than anyone else.

  5. Itsmine

    hey,my comment (time 11:11am) was in reply to ayeshumairs comment (3 may-2:47am)

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