I Saw You

I saw you yesterday, at Uniprix, in the Pointe-Claire Shopping Centre. I was waiting at one cash and I could see you, hear you, clearly. You were with your mother. She had a walker. You were helping her pay for her items. It was very obvious that your mom has dementia or Alzheimer’s.

You spoke to her with such love, such patience, such kindness. She couldn’t remember what she bought and you explained it to her; you weren’t condescending or impatient. You spoke as if she had not already asked the same question. You treated her with dignity, helped her pay for her items. As you walked by me, I heard her ask you if she had paid and you assured her that she had. You let her walk on her own, with just a light touch on her arm. You made my heart sing. You put such a lovely glow on the day. Watching your devotion, seeing that love you have for her in your eyes.

I saw you again, sitting on a bench with your father, showing your mother’s purchases. She had forgotten what she had bought – you explained it to her with patience. I slowed my pace just so I could hear that loving tone to your voice.

You reminded me of how lucky I had been to care for my own mother in her last few years with us. You reminded me how much I loved her and how much I miss her. In a world with horror on every page, with articles of the forgotten elderly, of their abuse; I saw you and it made me happy to know that your parents will never be forgotten, will never be abused when you are at the switch.

Thank you and bless you.

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