Spoiled Children – Montreal Student Protest

yeahThey just don’t get it.  THERE IS NO MONEY.  We’ve been living on bad credit for decades.  There is NO more money to pay tuition, social programs.  Tax the corporations they say…yeah, like that’ll work.

A little history lesson for the protesters; there was a political upheaval in the late 60’s and early to mid-70’s regarding language…Montreal used to be the financial, commercial hub of Canada – until the PQ took power and the FLQ started bombing innocents, killing and kidnapping…corporations picked up stakes and moved out of the city.  Montreal began its decline.

Place additional taxes on corporations and businesses?  What few are left, will pull up stakes and move.  Much easier now – the digital age and all.  Then what?  Who pays then kiddies and spoiled Boomers’ brats?  Middle class again?  Nope, middle class in Montreal can also pull up stakes and move across the border – to Ontario.  Fairly easy drive in for most.

Here’s a plan – the arts, humanities – disciplines with no actual contribution to the progress of society?  Pay full tuition.  Doctors, the sciences, engineering, dentists – completely subsidized tuition.  I would be more than happy to see my tax dollars head that way but to someone who wants to major in art history?  Full damn tuition.  The world has changed, we don’t have time for the arts.  Want to learn art history?  Buy a book.  Want to contribute to society and earn an actual living?  Sciences, maths.

Want kids?  Then look ahead to the cost of daycare, if you choose to work and procreate.  Why, in the name of all logic, should society pay for your personal decision to create another little spoiled version of yourself?  Pay your own damn daycare.  Having kids is a conscious choice.  You don’t ask society’s opinion but expect us to pay for it.  I would prefer to see that money, removed from my pay every week, go toward the care of the elderly – getting old is NOT a personal choice.

I’m sick of Quebec, I’m sick of the sense of entitlement in this province.  I’m sick of the likes of Kadir and France David.  They lie as badly as any other politician.  People, THERE IS NO MORE MONEY.  We are in debt.  We are a HAVE-NOT province.  We do not give more money to Canada than we receive.  How stupid do you have to be, to believe that we do?  We have nothing.  Look around.  Business is in Ontario, in Alberta, in B.C.  We have NOTHING to offer anyone.  We can’t afford to pay blue and white collar, in the public sector, the types of monies they were able to negotiate with crooked unions and the politicians in their pockets.  Those salaries and pensions are the proceeds of crime.  Your friends and neighbours in the private sector can’t foot your bill anymore.

I will grant that police and fire department members deserve every cent but a road repair crew?  No.  Determine how much this work is worth in the private sector and adjust accordingly.  If necessary, sub-contract – with restrictions.  No more Accurso deals.  No more yacht trips, hockey tickets and dinners.

I grew up with real protests.  When I first attended school?  We had nuclear bomb drills.  Real and present danger.  There were American children dying in a war thousands of miles away.  Instead of bitching about the cost of tuition and worrying about how it may impact your coffee purchases or iPhone options?  Use a news app and see what is happening to students in Kenya, children in Syria, Palestine…Eastern Europe where girls are routinely taken into slavery because they have no future.

Keep damaging business, smashing cars because you may have to pull your own weight.  More and more businesses and tax payers will simply take their money elsewhere.  And when it all falls down?  You will have nothing.  No job, no money – nothing but a broken down province relying on the charity of the rest of the country…oh wait, that’s already started, hasn’t it?

And you know..I just don’t care how they feel.  Their reasons for demonstrating, intimidating, injuring and destroying are pathetic and sad.  I remember when a protest meant something.

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