White Power? Ummm, no. Vitamin D.

Over the years, being online, from the days of the BBS to present day, I have run into my share of racist assholes – of all shapes, sizes and colours; each race claiming to be genetically superior to the “others”. Each race, creed, religion or colour claiming to be the “right” one.  http://news.sciencemag.org/archaeology/2015/04/how-europeans-evolved-white-skin

I’m sorry but I call “BULLSHIT!” I call “BULLSHIT” on every last one of them. We are who we are for reasons of prehistoric survival. One is not superior to another; it is all happenstance. Light eyes reflect the blinding light of sun on snow, better than dark. Prehistoric humans, wandering around, looking for food sources found their way north. For some reason, they liked it and decided to stick around. Nature make a few adjustments due to the environment and VOILA! Pale skin, better able to absorb what little Vitamin D could be extracted from the sun and light eyes, better able to reflect the blinding light from sun on snow. Their forbearers came from the Dark Continent, genetic mutation occurred. So, yes – we are all the same at the most base level of our beings.

To be gross here for a sec; cut off the skin, poke out the eyes and we are the same. Muscle, bone, ligaments and blood. Hearts, lungs, brains and organs – all the same. Skills adapted for environments – compatible food tolerance, ability to process milk sugars, all of them environmental.

To be anti-racist is to be the possessor of common sense. The root of us all, remains the same, whether covered in white, dark, olive, yellow or red skin – it is all skin. Skin that had been adapted for the climate and environment. The religious and cultural crap came much later and was/is the result of conscious stupidity. Apparently some brains have not adapted as well as others to changing realities.

And while we all begin life in exactly the same manner? We are well advised to remember that we all leave this life in the same manner…dead. It won’t matter where you worshipped, who you loved or how much $$ you have in the bank. You will still be dead. Your enemy will end up the same way. Those who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu…the Atheist and the Agnostic, the Neo-Pagan; all end up in the same way – ceasing to exist. Joined the choir invisible. The white man, the black woman, the Chinese person and the Arab – all dead, same thing – dead as that famous Monty Python parrot on a perch.

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