Rock and a Hard Place

Eve AdamsTalking politics this morning; it is an election year in Canada and I find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I had tooled around with the idea of voting Liberal; I was hoping Justin Trudeau would be as great a statesman as was his father.  Nope.

There has been less than nothing from the Liberal camp leader addressing hard issues that face the Canadian government currently.  Not a peep out of him during the Paris massacre.  Nothing on Ukraine, a very real issue to Canadians from Ukraine and those with Ukrainian heritage.  There are a lot of us.  The situation with Aboriginal Canadians – nada.   Those are, basically, social issues, there is even less forthcoming when it comes to economics and how he plans to lead Canada forward.

All of the above concerned me.  Justin had disappeared from the news; nothing was said that would lead me, a voter, to believe the Liberals were prepared to actually lead the country.

Then they accepted Eve Adams.  Justin called her strong.  No, she’s egotistical and seems to be slightly sociopathic.  Strong is definitely not a word that should be used in the same sentence with the woman.  She doesn’t get her own way, she throws a tantrum.

She crossed the floor and joined the Liberals, with her fiancé in tow, Dimitri Soudas.  A man who then turned around with a smirk and inferred he would be tattling to the Liberals, what he knew of the Conservatives.  This is not someone I would want in my government.  This speaks of a monumental lack of ethics, morals and integrity.

This acceptance of a woman who abuses a gas station owner over a $6.00 car wash was the final straw.  The Liberals are showing a gross lack of judgment; mute on important issues impacting Canadians but grabbing a few headlines created by people who are actually aware of serious questions that need to be addressed.  Ripping off the inquiring minds of others.  Not acceptable.  This Eve Adams affair has sunk the Liberals for me.  Any party that can exhibit such a monumental disconnect from Canadians, any party that would accept someone with this kind of lack of conscience or integrity has no business telling Canadians what is right or good for them.  They have lost my support.  x

Then there is the NDP.  I don’t like Mulcair.  I don’t trust Mulcair; he seems very adept at finding ways to spend my tax dollars and that includes the current satellite office scandals.  Loves the camera , does Mulcair; loves to find ways to spend my tax dollars.  Not so great with the whole fiscal responsibility thing.  The NDP was never a party that had a chance with me.  They are steeped in a 70’s mentality and balancing a budget is not within their capabilities.  I believe they, with their social programs would run this country into the ground, economically.

Then there are the Conservatives.  I have to hand it to them; they did keep our collective heads above water or at least, allowed us to grab air once in a while, during the recent financial bottoming out of the world’s economy.  I must admit to a certain prejudice; I do not trust leaders with religion.  He is or appears to be a right wing Christian.  These people scare me.  I doubt the logical mind of individuals who believe in the god myth.   I worry that Harper will attempt to remove the choice of Canadians in the areas of right to choice in healthcare – primarily abortion and right to die.  His government’s treatment of Canadian veterans can actually nauseate me.  It is sickening.  Appalling.  His refusal to open up an inquiry into Native Affairs – the treatment of aboriginals under the current British/North America Act, his refusal to address the issues of the death and disappearance of Native women (Although, I believe any inquiry should also look at root cause – why are these women leaving their communities, why is there such a huge drug and alcohol problem in some communities but not in others?  Where is the money going – where is the responsible accounting of funds?)  I believe the Conservatives are in the back pocket of oil and mining companies.  I believe that they have no regard for the health and safety of Canadians.  Money is the only language they seem to understand.

I am at a loss; who wins my vote?  If an election were held tomorrow, I believe it would be a case of holding my nose, closing my eyes and checking off a mystery box because none of them represent my views, as a Canadian.


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