F*** A** Job

cella the idiotSo apparently, one of our hopes for the future tweeted about a brand new job she had landed. Here’s the story, if you have not already heard about it:


Do give it a read.

There are, actually, some people who are damning her ex-potential employer. Invasion of her privacy!  Except that she tweeted her opinion of her job and by extension her employer.  I side with the employer – can her butt before she inflicts her attitude on customers.  Someone like this is, simply, not worth the risk. 

Truly, what was this little twit expecting? Perhaps a department head position? I’m thinking of referring to online stupidity as pulling a “Cella” from now on.

High paying jobs are hard to find and as the supply and demand principle teaches us; those high paying jobs are in demand, the supply is there and so, employers have their pick of candidates. If you want a high paying job, make sure that you have the qualifications, experience and attitude to deserve that job. And yes, the operative word is “deserve”. You don’t have a right to the position. If you want it, earn it.

Employers have all sorts of tools, at their disposal, to find that “perfect” person for a position. One of their most powerful tools is the internet. Key in a name and look at the results; this gives a pretty good indication of the type of person being considered. Pics of said individual posing semi-nude or nude with salacious intent says much about this person’s psychology; the need for attention, at all costs. No sense of boundaries. A lack of self-respect, common courtesy and common sense. Not someone I would want to consider for a position.

How about the ill-advised pictures of someone obviously in the grasp of too much alcohol or with a joint in hand, white residue around the nostrils…participating in some illegal or stupid activity? This type of thing will show up in a name search if the pic is posted online.

The internet is not a new thing; the awesome power is not a news flash. Heck, I’ve been “online” in a fashion since 1989; before “Cella the Brain Surgeon” was even born. Back then, with the BBS networking, we knew that anything we typed was no longer our own. It could be shared and shared and shared. Unethically perhaps, whatever we had to say could even be doctored. It was a risk back then and the risk has multiplied exponentially with the number of people using the internet. Let that worm its way into your brain, really think about it. When you are online, it is similar to being in a house with no walls – everyone has access to everything you own, every thought you put to “paper”, every single piece of information on your computer, on your IPad/tablet and your mobile phone.

The internet is forever. Upload that picture and you have lost all control over what happens to it. Whine, moan and whinny about “ITS NOT FAIR!!” and anyone within earshot will just muffle their giggles, at your expense.

Recently, Samsung gained some notoriety regarding their Smart T.V’s being a little TOO smart, in that the voice control could record private conversations for viewing by third parties. I thought it was hysterically funny and immediately imagined all sorts of nifty scenarios to be played out at the third party’s expense but my sense of the humour of this incident was not shared by the more sensitive among us. Invasion of privacy and all that. In all honesty and I do hate to break any bubbles of sanctuary – there is no privacy anymore. None. Even if you go “off the grid”, you can be found, you can be tracked and traced.

It has always been my opinion that if the government or any super-secret-black-hat type agency is interested in my doings? First, I’m flattered and second, have a time! I do hope, if they find anything exciting, they will share it with me.

Bottom line; use your heads. Don’t post stupid comments. Don’t upload explicit photos to your iCloud or Photo Bucket. Don’t video yourselves in the heat of passion with your cell phone. Unless, of course, you want your grandma, future employer or enemies to see it.

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  1. Remember the “telescreen” in George Orwell’s novel, “1984”. Samsung seems to have gotten pretty close to it.

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