SOYLENT GREENDon’t know if you’ve heard (most people don’t even realize Canada HAS news…) but there was a rather important ruling by our Supreme Court on Friday; Canadians should soon be permitted to die with dignity when a mentally competent individual of legal age, is in unrelenting pain with no hope for recovery.   I live in Quebec where we were given this right last year, by government and judicial decree.  The religious nutbags are trying to fight it, summoning up images of old folks being knocked off by greedy relatives – the actual law notwithstanding and damned inconvenient to their hyperbole.

You see, “freedom of choice” is extremely relative to the religious.  Absolutely, freedom but as long as it conforms to their particular strain of the god myth.  Abortion is, of course, the most infamous example; the religious would have all women complete a pregnancy regardless of the risk to the mother or the child.  Oh they are all up in our vag’s and uteruses(?)…uteri(??) but they suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke when the baby arrives, perhaps needs specialized care or even when the child is healthy but inconveniently needs food/shelter and clothing…  Not their concern anymore.

An extreme example of stupidity in human form would be this turd in a small bowl…   Go ahead, read it…but be warned, a couple of Advil will be required due to the number of face palms generated by the article.

The idiocy of this man simply hurts the brain; rape can be beautiful if it produces a child…  One must ponder for a moment, would this moron’s opinion be the same if it were his wife, daughter or granddaughter?  Would he find a son/daughter born of rape a welcomed addition to his family?

So back to our Supreme Court decision; this ruling is common sense.  The right to die with dignity shouldn’t even be open for debate and definitely shouldn’t be the purview of any government.   I feel the same way about abortion; I’m funny like that – I figure people should have the right to determine what goes on with their own bodies as long as those decisions do not cause physical harm to anyone else.  Example; you want to be a lush?  Have a time but your right to be a lush ends as soon as you get behind the wheel of a vehicle and potentially cause harm to someone who does not choose to be a lush.  Drugs?  Again, feel free but if you leave those needles around, if your habit interferes with someone else’s health and happiness – your right ends…ABRUPTLY.  Vaccinations?  Fine, don’t vaccinate – listen to that notable scholar and expert in science – Jenny McCarthy and place your child at risk but don’t be outraged when schools, community organizations, sports associates tell you that your child is persona non grata.  Your decision puts others at risk and that is a right you simply do not have.

Freedom of choice; freedom over my body.  If I develop a terminal illness; I demand the right to not suffer, to not force my beloved group of family and friends to suffer due to my illness.  Who knows?  When put in that position, what our choice may be but make no mistake, it is OUR choice.  Not the doctors’ choice, not the local priest, rabbi, imam or reverend; the choice to die on our own terms is our own.  Not even our family can make the determination.

The ruling by our Supreme Court is very clear and very concise, regardless of the various Chicken Little lobby groups baa’ing and howling.  There will not be a wholesale slaughter of the elderly or the disabled.  The ruling states the individual must be of sound mind, they must be in unbearable pain and there must not be any chance of recovery/remission.  This means the elderly who suffer from Dementia/Alzheimer’s will not be euthanized.   This means that those in a coma and unable to respond will not have a plug pulled by some Death Committee.   This means that the intensely mentally challenged or mentally ill will not be put out of their misery.  The only people afforded the right to die with dignity will be those who have the mental/intellectual capacity to fully understand the process, the procedure and outcome.

Thank you to the Supreme Court for allowing a glimmer of hope for a future based on common sense as opposed to religious/lobby group hysteria.


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